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5 Must-Have Parenting Apps

With more and more apps becoming available for all mobile devices, smartphones have become even smarter. Burned out parents can now be grateful for all this new tech that’s smart enough to make their lives that much easier.

Here are 5 of the best parenting apps for iOS/Android phones which target some common parenting problems and make the job slightly less overwhelming:

1. Cozi Family Organizer (iOS & Android, Free)

The Cozi app is the best family organizing app for sharing and simplifying family life. It keeps the whole family in the loop and is a great solution for all families looking to share each other’s activities and improve all-around access.

From family calendars to to-do lists, shopping reminders, recipe boxes and even share journals, this app has thought of everything to keep parents covered. For better organization, each person’s calendar can easily be color-coded in the organizer.

Why You Need It

Because as Cozi says, even super heroes could often use a hand. This parenting app has a web platform that makes it that much more convenient and is also available for smartwatches like the Apple Watch, to keep you connected on the move.

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2. ChoreMonster (iOS & Android, Free)

ChoreMonster helps you keep your kids excited about doing daily chores with this app that makes chores fun again.

With a reward incentive system, you can appreciate your kids’ efforts through the app by assigning any of the available rewards on completion of chores. These rewards range from extra video gaming/ television-watching hours, snacks or ice cream to weekend trips.

The app has an extra fun element for kids, where they can win monsters within the app’s Monster Carnival using the points received from task completion. ChoreMonster removes the stress-element from chores for parents and makes kids look forward to tasks they dislike.

Why You Need It

This app is a must-have for parents whose kids never see reason to get their chores done on time. It also has fun graphics and is easy-to-use.

3. HealthyOut (iOS& Android, Free)

For busy moms and dad, HealthyOut provides a quick means of finding healthy meals perfect for kids and the entire family. This parenting app has a nice catalogue of local restaurants, dishes and recommends what’s available near you based on your previous dining experiences.

HealthyOut matches parents to restaurants that match their input in the app for the families’ diet nutrition and preferences. which shows what each member has scheduled, planned, and posted about. Parents are also able to order the food straight from the app and have it delivered to their doorsteps at home or in the office. The mobile app is only available in the U.S currently but ranks very high on must-have parenting tools.

Why You Need It

Being able to skip preparing some meals to spend time away from the house with your kids and still not give up clean eating habits? Everybody wins.

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4. White Noise (iOS & Android, $0.99)

Crying and unsettled baby? One parent usually has to deal with that all the time, but this parenting app is here to help. The White Noise app is a sleep machine for baby and works to help calm both your nerves and that of your baby as the case may be. Most parents activate the extremely popular mobile app first and then place their smartphones on the dressers next to the baby’s crib so it works its magic with the in-built sounds that block extraneous noise.

Why You Need It

This $.099 app is available for both iPhone and Google Play and will get you the undisturbed rest you crave. White Noise helps calm babies by playing an assortment of relaxing sounds that match suitable environments for rest at night but also during the day. Help your baby sleep better with this useful parenting app.

5. Find My Kids – GPS Tracker (Android only, Free)

This useful parenting application is only available on Android, and will help track your child’s whereabouts at any time.

Find My Kids GPS Tracker is free for download on the Google Play store. The app works by using your kids phone to triangulate their location and keep track of them at all times.

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Why You Need It

Knowing your kids are safe helps you stay focused on other tasks throughout the day. This app is great for this, and it allows you set up personalized alerts to know the exact second they leave a certain location or neighborhood.

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