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5 Ways To Earn A Full-Time Living Working From Home

Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to ditch your job and somehow work from home? If so, you may have thought you would have to take a big pay cut to make it happen. Maybe cut back on some things to afford the lifestyle – like ditch cable TV and learn to love ramen noodles.

Good news – there are several jobs you can do from home that let you make a good money. It’s possible to start off small and scale things up to earn a comfortable six-figure income with any of these methods. Many people do it every year, and there’s no reason why you can’t be one of them. Here are some tips how to make money online:


Copywriting is just a fancy word for business writing. The copywriting field is very diverse and it can include such writing assignments as brochures, case studies, website content, blog posts, executive profiles, white papers, annual reports, and others.

One type of copywriting that you are probably already very family with is the sales letter. All of the advertisements you receive in the mail, for example, are great examples of copywriting. All of those sales letters were written by copywriters.

Copywriters enjoy lucrative incomes. Many earn six-figures each year. And, most importantly, many copywriters are self-employed individuals who work out their homes.

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Sell Products Through Amazon

Amazon is now the largest retail entity in the world. Its annual sales are vastly greater than most other major retailers. But did you know that Amazon also operates a program that lets anyone sell their products right on the company website? It’s true. It’s the equivalent of opening a shop on the busiest street in the world and having customers pour into your store. The program is known as Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

If you sell your products through the FBA system, Amazon stores all of your merchandise for you in its warehouses. When someone orders one of your products, Amazon takes care of the picking, packing, and shipping. The company also handles customer service issues and returns. Amazon charges a fee for all of this, of course, but it’s actually much more affordable than opening your own physical store and having to pay for a monthly lease, utilities, insurance, employees, and other expenses.

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Teach Online Courses Through Udemy

Udemy is a company that offers online courses that anyone can take to learn something new. Courses are offered in just about every field imaginable. And all of the courses offered on the platform were made by ordinary people. No credentials required!

The name Udemy is actually a contraction of You Academy. Udemy lets anyone create and sell their own courses. The company also does a lot of the marketing for you, advertising your courses on Facebook and in other places.

You don’t have to be an expert in anything in order to successfully create and market your own courses. You just have to know a little more about a particular subject than those taking your course. Examples of courses you could create include dog grooming, scrapbooking, e-commerce, nutrition, fitness, yoga, meditation, and so many others. The possibilities truly are endless.

The key to making a good living with this online job is to create as many courses as you can. You can supplement your income with one or two courses, but to really earn a full-time income, you will need to create at least a couple dozen.

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Sell Digital Products Through a Blog

Blogs are very common these days, but did you know they can be highly lucrative as well? It’s true. There are many bloggers who earn comfortable six-figure incomes. There are some bloggers who even earn over $1,000,000 a year.

The key to earning a lot of money with this method is to position yourself as an expert in some field and then sell digital how-to products, like e-books. The great thing about this type of product is that you don’t have to maintain any inventory. When someone orders an e-book from your site, for example, it is emailed directly to their in-box. Your blog will be a selling machine that works for you 24/7.

Sell Digital Designs Through Print-On-Demand Websites

There are many websites that operate on a print-on-demand basis. This simply means that a product is not created until an order is placed for it. And many of these websites allow anyone to sign up for an account, upload their unique designs, and sell them right on the company’s websites. With such an arrangement you can upload your design once and enjoy repeat sales essentially forever. A unique design could be sold on t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, laptop cases, mugs, and many other items.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is not a viable option for you if you are not a graphic designer. If you have an idea for a design you think will be popular, you can always hire a graphic designer to do the design work for you. Keep in mind that you only have to pay a designer once. A quality design could keep on making money for you for many years to come.

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Getting Started

There’s a treasure trove of information available if you are interested in getting started in any of these ventures. A simple internet search for “starting a copywriting business,” for example, turns up many detailed guides for getting your new business up and running. Many books have been written on these subjects as well.

Earning a good living for yourself working from home is definitely do-able. But it does take drive and determination to make it happen.

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