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6 Best Waterproof Shower Speakers

These days, if you want to listen to music in the shower, you can actually take your speaker INTO the shower with you. Paying out for a great quality speaker will give you fantastic sounds for your shower room, but if your Bluetooth speakers aren’t waterproof, small splashes could really put a dampener on your fun.

Today, the range of these speakers is astonishing, and telling the best from the rest isn’t always easy. Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof have become ‘smart’, they not only play your music, but they are also controlled by smartphone apps, and some even charge the battery on your devices too.

While I’m sure you have no interest at all in how these speakers do their magic, what you really care about is how they stack up against each other. Here’s our Top 6 Waterproof Shower Speaker favorites:

1. The UE Roll 2

6 Best Waterproof Shower Speakers 1Like it’s older sibling, the UE Boom 2, this compact waterproof speaker is as cool as a cucumber and high quality too. It comes in a range of catchy colors, is beautifully designed and is controlled from your smartphone. It’s not cheap, but you’re getting a phenomenal sound quality for such a small speaker. Turn your shower room into Madison Square Garden with this small but perfect shower speaker.Buy on Amazon1

2. UE Boom 2

6 Best Waterproof Shower Speakers 2You can’t mention the UE Roll 2, without mentioning its truly fantastic older sibling, the UE Boom 2. For our money, it’s one of the finest waterproof Bluetooth speakers that money can buy. You can drop this thing in your bathtub for up to 30 minutes, pull it out and it’ll still play like new. When this thing says that it’s a waterproof speaker – it really means it. The UE Boom 2 combines function and style – as well as being a robust speaker unit that looks like it could resist a bit of roughhousing. And when you add the 15 hours of battery life and 100 ft Bluetooth range, you can tell you’re in the presence of waterproof speaker royalty.Buy on Amazon1

3. Anker Soundcore Sport

6 Best Waterproof Shower Speakers 3While this waterproof speaker wouldn’t win any prizes for eye-catching design, it may be just the tough little Bluetooth speaker that you’re looking for. Hang this anyway in your bathroom and this shower speaker will ably accompany you as you belt out your favorite tunes in the privacy of your own shower.

You can also rely on this dynamic little speaker to give crisp, impressive sound quality with excellent bass from dual passive sub woofers.

Like the UE Boom 2, it’s got tremendous playtime, with over 15 hours – which means you’ll rarely have to charge it. And for those that just can’t ever get enough juice – you can even charge your phone from the built in charging port.

Plus, Anker offers an 18-month warranty and super-friendly customer service to back up its waterproof and shock resistance guarantee.Buy on Amazon1

4. Braven BRV-Pro

6 Best Waterproof Shower Speakers 4There are 3 main benefits you should think about when buying the Braven BRV-Pro as your choice of Waterproof Speaker. Firstly it’s very affordably priced. Second, this thing can take a beating. It’s designed like an army tank.

Lastly, it produces a huge amount of sound with its omnidirectional passive subwoofer, so no matter what music you enjoy listening to, it’ll sound like there’s a rock concert in your bathroom with this impressive shower speaker.

And if you happen to need to take a call while you are in the shower, you can even make hands-free calls through its built-in noise-canceling microphone.Buy on Amazon1

5. Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2

6 Best Waterproof Shower Speakers 5As far as Bluetooth Speakers go, the Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2 looks like a cross between a 1980s ghetto blaster and a construction you made with your Legos. But don’t let that fool you. This is one great waterproof speaker, equally good for pool parties (it’ll float in your swimming pool) or just as a great shower speaker.

And it’ll take a beating. It’s rugged with a washable rubberized skin. It’ll also give you the kind of sound you would expect from a much bigger speaker. But yet, in terms of size, it isn’t much bigger than a wallet.

Despite this, it’s got a truly impressive 40 hours of battery life, which means you might be late for work – because you’ll find yourself staying longer to listen to one more of your favorite tunes on this awesome shower speaker.Buy on Amazon1

6. KOHLER K-9245 Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

6 Best Waterproof Shower Speakers 6Want to listen to your favorite tunes in the shower, but not enough room for a larger shower speaker? The Kohler is going to knock your socks off. This Bluetooth speaker is built into a shower head, designed to seamlessly match your bathroom with a range of different colors. You won’t even know it’s there until you hear the music!

It will also sync with your other Bluetooth devices up to 32 feet away, so you can continue listening to that audiobook or favorite band from your laptop while you’re in the shower! The speaker unit pops out for easy recharging and the great battery lasts up to 7 hours.

Now regardless of whichever waterproof shower speaker you’re going to buy – look for a few of the following to ensure a great product: Big sound, long battery life, smart phone app control, and of course, if you want to take it outside – and not just keep it as a shower speaker – make sure it can take a few knocks too. Buy on Amazon1

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