6 Secrets to Live a More Efficient Life

6 Secrets to Live a More Efficient Life
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Life and work are busy and stressful for all of us at times – and that goes without saying. But do you know what the enemy of stress is? It’s efficiency.

Being efficient is all about using your time wisely in order to get the best results possible in a shorter and less demanding timeframe. That being said, it can be difficult if it doesn’t come naturally to you, and a lot of people actually confuse efficiency for laziness sometimes. This, however, simply isn’t the case. Being efficient in daily tasks is actually a far smarter way to live, because it loosens up your free time AND helps to eradicate the feeling of overbearing panic we get when we feel we have too much to do, in too little time. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with life right now, then here’s how you could lead a more efficient lifestyle.

1. Find the Easier Way

We’re going to start with one of the efficiency tools that has the most stigma in our society, which is finding the easy way to do things.

Say for example, you were selling a property and had a limited time frame to do it in. What would be the best option: going straight to your local estate agent, putting it on the market and playing the waiting game, OR researching top tips to sell your house fast, finding there are easier methods such as quick buying companies, reviewing them and choosing which is best? It’s presumable we all know what the less stressful, and more time-appropriate method would be.

Of course, that’s just what it is, an example, but the point stands strongly. It’s always advisable to fully research the easier methods of doing things, and ensuring that their result is going to be of the same quality as if you’d gone the long way round, but one things for certain – it’s not lazy, it’s efficient. It’s not cutting corners, and it’s not half doing tasks. It’s researching the best methods, reviewing and comparing them, and picking the most time efficient yet, most effective one. simple as that.

2. Focus on Priorities

When attempting efficiency, it’s crucial that you figure out what to prioritize, and this is different to every individual.

Generally speaking, it makes sense to prioritize bigger and more pressing tasks above others – that goes without saying. But sometimes, people prioritize their work so much that they don’t give themselves any down time. This is counter-productive, as these people will tend to feel more stressed, and therefore won’t complete their work to as high a standard, and it’ll likely take them more time to do so too. This is when it’s important to rethink your priorities and figure out what your priorities are, and make them of upmost importance. A work-life balance is crucial to the well-being of individuals, so get this cracked and you’ll become more efficient daily without even realizing it.

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3. Take Some Time off Social Media

Think about how many times you sit on your phone, aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram every day. Is it a lot? Well it might not seem it, but all of the times you do that soon add up.

A good rule to live by, is when you’re on social media ask yourself – is this stopping me from doing anything else? Whether that be an assignment you need to hand in, spending time with your family or washing last night’s dishes, don’t let it get in the way of real life!

If you put your phone down every time you realized this, you’ll find yourself having a lot more time to complete the tasks you need to through the day. Not only will this make you feel less stressed, but you’ll quickly become more efficient too.

4. Stop Multi-Tasking

Just about everyone thinks they’re good at multi-tasking. Not only do they think they are good at it, but they think it’s good for them too – yet this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Multi-tasking actually tends to be counter-productive. If you’re doing multiple things at once, then chances are you aren’t doing any of them to a particularly high standard. It’s also been proven that multi-tasking is actually bad for your brain, and can ultimately make you more stressed which results in you therefore being less efficient.

A far more productive use of your time would be to delegate specific amounts of time to each individual task. After all, if you aren’t going to do something well, you might as well not do it at all.

5. Take a Break

Even on the busiest of days when you feel as if you’ve got too much to do – remember to take a break.

Simply half an hour spent in the fresh air is good for both your mental and physical well-being – especially if the work you do is in an office. Taking a step away from what you’re so focused on allows the brain to rejuvenate itself, and when you come back to whatever it is you were doing, chances are you’ll be far more productive than if you’d kept at it without taking a break.

6. Be Kind to Yourself

Last of all, and possibly most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself!

Time management is a skill that takes time to perfect, and if you’re even attempting to do that, then you’re a step ahead of a lot of the rest of the world. Trying to be more efficient is enough, remember that. The practicalities of it will come in good time.

So, there we have it, some simple yet effective ways that you can be more efficient in your day to day life. Although some tips are practical which is useful, others are simply about remembering to take time out and not to overwhelm yourself. Leading an efficient life is all about lowering stress levels, and if you can do just that, you’ll lead an overall happier lifestyle – so give it a go! You never know what a difference it could end up making to your life.

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