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6 Tips for Using LED Lights in Your Home

Your home’s lighting has a significant impact on the overall style of your space. That is why interior designers look to find the perfect balance between ambient, accent, and task lighting. In particular, LED lighting has taken center stage in this lighting craze. Not only is it highly energy-efficient, but it also boasts dimmable features and even color variation. These, and more features, make it the top choice for any home. Let’ take a look at how you can position and use LED lighting in your home for the perfect balance.

Ceiling Lighting

A new kid-on-the block is recessed can lights. These gems are the center of attention thanks to their subtle nature. They fit right into the housing, and all you end up seeing is the trim that sits on the ceiling. While their appearance may be subtle, their impact is quite significant. These can lights, or downlights, can adequately light any space in your home. Moreover, LED light bulbs feature different color temperatures to align with the use of a room. Warmer temperatures highlight the relaxation level in living spaces and bedrooms. For kitchens, bathrooms, and other busy spaces, cooler tones make the most sense.

LED recessed lights are the perfect replacement for halogen bulbs and come in a range of finishes suited to any lighting purpose. Also, you can use recessed lighting on walls and floors. You may want to consider this when you next plan to upgrade your lighting fixtures.

Pendant Lighting

You can never go wrong with a bit of decorating in your home. Pendant lighting balances elegance and subtlety with a bit of flashiness. While they may not have the dramatic appearance of chandeliers, LED light bulbs certainly catch one’s eyes when strategically positioned in a room. The upside of pendant lighting is its ability not to take over a room too much. That way, you can have pendant lighting hanging over your kitchen island and still install recessed lighting in the adjacent space.

LED pendant lights shine light downward and are thus perfect for task lighting. Whether you are working at a bar or meal prepping in the kitchen, this type of light will ensure you can concentrate on what you are doing. Furthermore, they also serve ambient lighting by illuminating the space at large. Thus, you can save money on ambient lighting by having these installed and kill two birds with one stone.

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Table Lamps

Nowadays you can even get LED table lamps. Therefore, now you can replace all your home fixtures with more efficient lighting. LED lighting prices have fallen and are a fraction of what they once were. While you may think that this change will be costly, LED lights prices may shock you.

Often, people wonder if LED lights will be just as effective as their traditional options. The answer is a resounding yes. You may look at the wattage in a typical bulb and see that it is much more than an LED bulb. However, this only points to the power draw. In truth, LED and typical bulbs can produce the same light output (measured in lumens) but use different wattages. LED light bulbs , being the more energy-efficient option, will use less wattage. So, the difference is in the amount of electricity consumed, not in the amount of light produced.

If you are wondering how to choose table lamps, first, think about the use of the lamp. For example, warmer color temperatures in bedrooms and other quiet spaces help you achieve warm and soft glows. Most people generally use lamps as additional or ambient lighting and will thus go for this option. However, if you want to create a space to concentrate on a task, choose cooler tones.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are hardly ever noticeable, but they play an important look in the style of a home. They look pretty but sit subtly in the corner of any space, bathing the room in ambient lighting. The best part about them is that you can move them around based on where you need lighting. LED light bulbs bring in another interesting aspect – dimmable features. As the day progresses, your lighting needs change. Say, for example, you are reading a book in the living room. Bright light works in this case. Then when you decide to curl up on the sofa and catch a show you can dim the bulb, use less energy, and still enjoy the ambiance you need.

So, a tip on how you should choose your LED floor lamps is, if you want to use them in relaxed spaces, go with warmer tones. However, for busy spaces, go with cooler tones. For a balance between the two and the opportunity to change the lighting, work with dimmable lights.

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Cabinet Lighting

In the past, having shadows under cabinets was common. However, times have changed, and illuminating each part of the kitchen has become the norm. Not only does it brighten the kitchen, but it also makes the space safer. After all, you have knives and all sorts of cutlery that you need to use most of the time. Knowing what is where is important in safeguarding each person who walks through your kitchen doors.

Under-the-cabinet lighting is surprisingly easy to install. LED strips are the most common choice. But for a twist, you can go with tape lights. These are easier to install, and you can even get a custom fit for your space. While you are at it, you may want to consider lighting the drawers in your home. This lighting serves both decorative and functional purposes.

Closet Lighting

The kind of LED lighting that works best for a closet often depends on the size of the closet and the reason for the lighting. For example, if you have a large closet and want to illuminate certain pieces, you can rely on LED strip lights. They draw attention to what is around them, enabling you to zero in on your best items. On the other hand, you can choose to go with recessed lighting. LED strip lights illuminate space and make it easier to sort through your clothes and find what you need.

We hope these tips are a help as you move over to LED lighting for your home. You will be glad you did as you enjoy lighting that is more economical. In addition, you will be joining the growing number of people benefitting from this amazingly flexible alternative lighting.

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