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7 Beauty Benefits of CBD Oil that You Never Knew

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in hemp and other cannabis plants. It is one of a hundred different cannabinoids, each of which exerts a unique effect on the body through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning despite its connection with the cannabis plant, it does not cause the same effects as smoking marijuana.

CBD is valued for its medicinal effects, which range from skin care to pain relief and anxiety treatment. Its magic lies in the fact that it is able to generate a variety of physiological effects without upsetting homeostasis or introducing foreign chemicals. The human body generates its own cannabinoids, so once CBD is applied on to the skin, it works within the natural healing structure to correct damaged skin cells and prevent further damage and is something you should add to your list of beauty tips.

Beauty Tips & Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD contains tons of properties – most of which are being studied – that can reduce damage to your skin without presenting any dangers to your health. The best part is, you can apply CBD topically to enhance skin condition and still ingest it to get other health benefits. Let’s look at the main benefits to skin care:

1. CBD Oil for Acne

Research shows that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects that can be used to enhance the condition of the skin. The reason CBD works against acne has to do with the actual cause of the condition. In most people it is the result of overactive sebaceous glands, which are responsible for producing the protective oil that shields the skin from the elements. CBD restores normal sebum function through its antioxidant effect, which balances gland function. In addition, it also smooths the skin by reducing inflammation.

Use CBD regularly to prevent breakouts and to keep the skin’s pH at optimum levels.

2. CBD Oil for Sensitive Skin & Other Conditions

People who have sensitive skin often experience irritation or redness from the slightest brush with pollutants or UV rays. To avoid the obvious unpleasantness of having rashes or other kind of reaction from everyday interactions, you most likely need a natural product without any side effects that can soothe the skin immediately and reverse allergic reactions such as swelling. CBD oil effects include a soothing effect on the skin as well as the whole body and should be applied before going out in the sun or when coming into contact with known triggers.

3. Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation causes severe damage to the skin, and if left unaddressed, becomes difficult to treat even the most common skin condition. CBD oil has been studied by researchers to understand how it causes many of its effects. You can even use CBD oil for pain. It is understood that CBD influences the natural cannabinoids in the body and works within nerve receptors to reduce pain and inflammation, which are symptoms and side effects of many skin conditions.

Use CBD oil for pain on the skin directly and massage into the problem areas for a few minutes for maximum results. Whether the inflammation is caused by an injury, sunburn, or an existing skin condition, massaging CBD into the affected area will immediately reduce inflammation and promote blood flow

 4. Anti-Aging

As far as beauty tips go if you can slow down the aging process, then skin care is much easier to handle. But guess what? You can easily slow down the clock by supplying your body with antioxidants, balancing hormonal functions, and eating healthy food. We don’t always get enough antioxidants from the food we eat, which is why the skin might need an alternate supply of natural antioxidants combined with the healing effect of a wonder drug.

The hormones the body loses with age can be restored to some extent by using CBD oil or ingesting it to help balance the endocrine system, increase estrogen levels for women or, in the case of men, keep testosterone levels normal beyond what the biological clock allows. If your skin is looking dry, flaky, or just worn out, perhaps you need a rejuvenation that can only come from producing new healthy cells.

5. Anti-Oil

Did you know that millions of people, both men and women, suffer from oily skin? This often leads to clogged pores, breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, and a host of other more severe conditions that can be avoided. If oily skin is your biggest problem, apply CBD oil at least once a day after washing. Use warm water to open up the pores, and once you’ve cleaned your face or taken a hot shower, finish off with a bit of cold water to seal up the pores. This should reduce the clogging in the pores, which then reduces the pimples. Though it’s hard to say how fast this treatment works, a few weeks of regular application should result in the sebaceous glands being totally fixed, and oil production normal.

6. Nourishing and Moisturizing

CBD oil not only nourishes the skin, it also provides moisture and improves even the worst case of dry skin. Some of the ingredients you can expect to find in CBD include vitamins A, D, and E plus an additional supply of omega-6 and linoleic acid. These compounds are what the body needs to restore damage to your skin, but a good supply is hard to come by, especially if you’re getting them from store-bought food. CBD is a moisturizing, nourishing compound that should be used regularly to promote healing and to keep a beautiful complexion.

7. Pain and Itch Relief

Cannabidiol is a natural pain reliever and it soothes all kinds of pain, whether it’s from a recent injury or a lifelong condition. This matters to skin care because of the many conditions that result in itchiness, inflammation, and pain. We all know that scratching the skin is a mistake, but if there’s a constant itch then you may find that prolonged scratching leaves some damage. Apply CBD oil directly to the affected area twice a day, and avoid scratching. Using it will also reduce irritation against things like bug bites, sores, or other problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What CBD Products Can I Buy?

A: For the sake of skin care, we recommend using CBD oil or products that contain pure CBD oil for external application. That being said, you can still take CBD in different forms: oil, powder, tablets, etc. But in this case, we need a way of applying it so that it penetrates the skin where it’s needed. Look for CBD products that are catered for skin care; so that means lotions, oils, creams, and any such products as long as they don’t have dangerous additives.

Q: Is It Good for My Skin Type?

A: From what we know about CBD oil benefits, it does not react with people unless in very few cases where other factors like medications may be present. The fact that it works on dry skin as well as oily skin also means that it’s effective across the board and, therefore, may be used by anybody, even people with sensitive skin.

Q: Is It Legal in My State?

A: CBD oil is legal in the U.S.  However, there are many considerations and further inquiry is needed to learn what the laws are in your state before using the product. As far as cannabis goes, it is still illegal in most states, however CBD oil that has been extracted from hemp is legal in every state.

Q: Does it Make You High?

A: CBD contains no psychoactive properties. It causes the opposite effect as marijuana. So instead of making you high, it sharpens the mind and reduces effects of hallucinogens and stimulants. An individual who has smoked pot would benefit from taking CBD, because it fights the anxiety and paranoia that sometimes comes from using cannabis.

Q: What should I Look for when Buying CBD?

A: The CBD industry is fairly young, so there are a lot of companies selling the product who are new in the game. But even then, finding a trusted company with a bit of experience in the industry can save you the headache of purchasing low-quality CBD, which might not have the same skin nourishing effects. Use products that contain over 90% pure CBD oil – they cost more, but are totally worth it.

Q: What other Ways can I Use CBD?

A: Think of CBD oil benefits as an alternative treatment for conditions such as dry or thin hair, bad nails, dry skin, acne, psoriasis, inflammation, sensitivity, sunburn, and basically any other skin condition that you experience on a regular basis. It has all the healing properties that you can ever need from a skin care product, with the benefit of being more affordable and having no side effects. You can always learn more about CBD oil at CBDCentral.

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CBD oil can do wonders for your skin, especially if you can make it part of your daily skin care routine. Just make sure to follow on with the usual basics like exfoliating, moisturizing, and applying natural oils after a bath to restore the skin. CBD oil products that feature other healthy oils are very effective at providing moisture, keeping skin soft, and reducing signs of aging.

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