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7 Best Gift Wrapping Ideas and Hacks

Gifts hold a special meaning in our lives. You can use them to greet, congratulate, cheer, wish, celebrate, mourn, grieve, and for everything else along those lines. They are suitable for every occasion and can be anything, from a cheap rose to something expensive.

You are likely to be judged by what your present is but, that hardly is a good enough reason to appear without one, especially in some cases. Showing up with no gifts at a birthday or anniversary party can draw some substantial unwelcomed hostility towards you. So, make sure that you make it to the occasion with a present even if you have to “break a leg.”

As far as the price tag is concerned, remember that you can even turn something simple into a considerably flashy present. All you need to do is trust that the converse of big things comes in small packages is also true. You can cover up the size, or price of it, by putting in a little extra effort on the gift wrapping. It’s easy to find dozens of creative packing and wrapping hacks that can raise the standards of your present by several fold.

If you are a believer in the idea, then you should start with buying wrapping paper, a lot of it, because this is going to take some experimenting. A personal recommendation would be to buy bulk kraft papers online to get you started. They are sturdy, vibrant, and can help you get a good wrap. Some other things that you need are ribbons, glitters, scissors, glue, tape, and some stickers.

Once you have everything in order, then you can begin working on coming up with a uniquely wrapped gift. Here are some creative ideas to get the engine running for you and to introduce you to the possibilities. Try them out, and see if you end up liking one of them.

1. Dress It Up

You read that right. You can dress your gift just like you are dressing yourself up for an occasion. Get done with a standard wrap of any cube-shaped present, and work on improvising it.

Cut two straight pieces of paper. Paste one of them in the center, leaving some space at the top. Glue the outside ends of the other part to give it the triangular shape of a shirt’s collar. Place it at the end where you left some room. Glue some buttons matching the colors of your wrapping paper, and there you have it, a dolled-up gift.

You can try using multiple options to make it more attractive. Putting a bow tie made out of a foam sheet is a decent choice for this design.

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2. A Goody-Box Pack

Next on the list is a goody-box pack. Get a piece of 3×3 kraft paper and draw 9 square boxes on it. Get rid of all the ones in the corners and work with the shape that you have left. Place more support, like an extra layer of the same sheet, and paste a holding layer of paper on top of it. That should keep your gift item in place.

Start filling in the spaces with small items, like edibles or jewelry. You can place a mug or a jewelry box in the center to make it a complete package. Last, bring all the sides to the center and put a lid on it. You can design one yourself if you don’t already have it. Put it all together, cover it with the lid, and present it to the desk with a lovely gift card.

3. Color Me & Open Wrap

If you are presenting something to a beloved young one, keep it simple but make it a little extra special by giving it an interactive packaging. The best way to do it is by giving it away in a color-me-and-open wrap.

Go with a regular wrapping, paste an animated character that they love on top. Paste a paper holder to stack the crayons in it, and give it away with a smile. That way, he or she can enjoy two gifts at the cost of one, and you get to ditch the gift card.

4. Shiny Double-Sided Tape Cross

Another similar, simple yet elegant solution, is to put two layers of double-sided tape on your standard gift wrap. Place it, so they cross over each other with the crossing point somewhere close to one of the corners. Remove the casing and sprinkle lots of glitter on each layer. You can go with a single color, or choose different ones. Blow away the excess, and you have a shiny, beautiful looking give away from a standard gift wrapping idea. Adding a ribbon on the cross will make it even more charming.

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5. A Chips Bag Gift Wrap

If you are in a desperate situation and don’t have anything to wrap up a present, then this might be your only option, given that it isn’t too big of a gift. Empty a bag of chips, open it completely, and wipe the inside clean. Start packing your box up with that shiny silver wrapping paper and stick or tape the ends to cover up any traces of a chips bag. A bigger bag can help with a bigger box, but don’t be too optimistic about this choice.

6. An Eight-Figure Flower Bunch

This one is going to do wonders on top of a small gift box. Get a long colorful ribbon, and start wrapping it around your thumb and the index finger in the shape of an eight. Go ahead and get a good number of folds on it. Once done, make small incisions at the center and tie it with a piece of string or that same ribbon. Start separating the layers one by one till you have a complete flower-like bunch of it in your hands. Finally, stick it on top of your wrapped present to compliment your gift wrapping and give it an attractive look.

7. A Pyramid Case Wrap

It gets a little tricky here, so make sure that you are paying attention. Get a 3×3 paper sheet and draw nine boxes on it with a pencil. Cut off all the squares at the corners and grab a bowl to work on beautifying it. Place one edge of it on one end from the shape’s center and draw this semi-circle like pattern from all these points. Then, cut off everything outside the circular lines that you just drew.

Draw triangles on the four sides with one tip where the circular patterns meet, and the other two corners of the square from the center of the resulting shape. Fold the edges along the lines of the triangles and punch the tips on all four sides. Place your gift in the center, bring all the surfaces together, and put a ribbon through all the holes. There, you have a delightful looking pyramid wrap, with every side as a gift card in its own right.


These are some creative wrapping ideas and hacks which you can use to impress others. These are just a handful, so you can go ahead and explore several other options to pick one that suits you best. You can find all sorts of choices, be it envelopes, wraps and greeting cards so, search to your heart’s content.

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