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7 Easy Ways to Effectively Connect with a LinkedIn Recruiter

It is roughly over 57 million companies are listed on LinkedIn. Moreover, more than 95% of recruiters search on LinkedIn when they are looking to hire top-tier talent. Therefore, around 15+ million jobs are posted on LinkedIn. 

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is the best place to connect with recruiters and find your dream job. If you would like to connect with the top recruiters in your industry, this is the right place for you.  

LinkedIn Features that Can Help You Connect with Recruiters 

The LinkedIn team is very proactive. They are constantly adding new features to help recruiters and LinkedIn job seekers connect and help one another. However, out of the LinkedIn features, these four features are, undoubtedly, the best ones to connect with potential recruiters:

  • Profile Recommendations

One of the first things that recruiters check out on your LinkedIn profile are the recommendations given by your previous employers or clients. LinkedIn recommendations are the best way to social proof your profile and entice recruiters to connect with you. 

So, if you haven’t requested recommendations from your ex-employers yet, start requesting them now. Using the LinkedIn recommendation feature, you can easily send requests for review to anyone. 

  • Profile Updates

Did you know LinkedIn users make over 3 billion updates every month? All these updates are related to accomplishments, professional aspirations, LinkedIn career moves, and so on. 

Here you should leverage this “Update Me” feature to notify recruiters when you achieve a significant milestone in your career. For example, you can change your profile headline, highlight a new honor received, education, or skill. By frequently updating your profile, you can popup in recruiters’ notifications often and, who knows? someday you will get noticed by the right person. 

  • InMail Recipient Insights

Today, social media is the primary place to connect with recruiters. But LinkedIn is the best one because it has very specific features like InMail. Since companies prefer to communicate through emails rather than chats, this built-in LinkedIn email feature lets you connect with recruiters with ease. 

When a recruiter sends you an email via LinkedIn, you will instantly receive a notification in your inbox. This way, you can quickly connect with recruiters in real-time. Additionally, this feature allows recruiters to connect with the right candidates based on common connections, employees, or other filters. 

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  • Publish Posts and Articles 

Your work isn’t done after finding or connecting with the best recruiters. To get LinkedIn job leads, you have to first communicate with recruiters and keep on regularly popping up in their feeds. To do so, LinkedIn offers two features: posts and articles. 

You can publish a short, engaging post of 3,000 characters to start a meaningful conversation. Or, if you have conducted research or have something specific to discuss, you can publish an article on your LinkedIn profile. Both of these features help engage with recruiters and demonstrate your knowledge to them. 

7 Ways to Connect With LinkedIn Recruiters

Now you know which LinkedIn features can help you reach recruiters, so the next step is to figure out the right approach to connect with recruiters and understand the recruitment process. 

  • Connect with the Right People 

Before you start looking for recruiters on LinkedIn, think about who might be the right recruiter for you. Don’t just connect with any person simply because their profile says they are recruiters — this will do you no good. 

In fact, you should look for recruiters specifically working in your industry. For that, in the LinkedIn search bar, type your industry and the word “recruiters.” For example, “HR recruiters,” “marketing recruiters,” or “SEO recruiters.” 

Further narrow down your search results by region, companies, jobs, posts, and other available filters. But most importantly, make sure to connect with the right recruiters who are still active and haven’t moved to different occupations. 

  • Send Personalized Connection Requests

Recruiters receive hundreds of connection requests on a daily basis, and they don’t have time to check every person’s profile. So, if you don’t want your profile to get ignored by recruiters, send them a personalized connection request. 

LinkedIn allows you to compile a small message while sending connection requests. You can use this message to introduce yourself and highlight your skills. Since personalized emails have a better open rate, try to compile attractive personalized connection requests for recruiters. 

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  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile 

LinkedIn is a search engine in a way. So, if you wish to appear on the top search results and impress recruiters with your profile, start the optimization process asap. To optimize your LinkedIn profile, focus on the following things:

  1. Select the right profile and banner picture for LinkedIn 
  2. Write a catchy and informative headline 
  3. Use the summary to tell your story and embed some keywords 
  4. Add relevant skills and experience 
  5. Take skill assessment tests 
  6. Share your past projects and collaborations, etc. 
  • Target a Job Niche and Role

Be very clear about what type of job you are targeting. If you are sure about your LinkedIn career, it helps recruiters connect you with the right profiles or companies. 

For instance, if you want a job in the digital marketing industry, you have to specify what role you are looking for, such as content curator, SEO, SMO, etc. 

Moreover, if you have a particular company or department in your mind, you should also specify it to recruiters. 

  • Send your Resume to Recruiters

Once a LinkedIn recruiter has accepted your request, forward your resume via email or LinkedIn message without wasting any time. You can find a recruiter’s email address on his or her profile under “Contact Info”. 

Remember to send a well-crafted cover letter with your resume. Through a cover letter, you can motivate recruiters to click open your resume to make it informative and interesting.

  • Work With Recruiters 

This is a very interesting way to connect with recruiters. You can help recruiters with their work, and in return, they can find you a LinkedIn job. This approach has two benefits:

  1. First, you can learn more about how the recruitment industry works from the recruiters themselves
  2. Second, you can build your own network that can help you in the long run 

Thus, you should approach recruiters for internship or volunteer work and slowly build relationships with them to receive better LinkedIn career opportunities. 

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  • Be Reachable 

You can hear back from the recruiters anytime soon after establishing an open communication line. So you should often check your LinkedIn messages and never keep your recruiters waiting. 

Some job openings come with a time limit. If you don’t apply for these jobs within the given time, you can lose a good job. Therefore, if you are using LinkedIn to connect with recruiters, be active and easily reachable on the platform so you can respond to potential job leads on time. 

  • Parting Thoughts

For job seekers, contacting professional LinkedIn recruiters might seem a bit daunting, but if you adopt the right approach, you can definitely build a relationship with recruiters. The simplest formula to connect with good recruiters on LinkedIn is: 

Find > Reach > Connect > Communicate > Grow

Yes, it’s that easy to find your dream job on LinkedIn with help of recruiters. So, what are you waiting for? Go connect with the recruiters now!

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