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7 Sightseeing Places in Abu Dhabi for Free

Among the many freebies in life are places to visit without spending a cent. Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE (United Arab Emirates) – among the 7 Emirates, Abu Dhabi has the richest reserved of oil in the country and tourists flock to this place. Like any other places in the world, Abu Dhabi offers a variety of activities in town that you can experience for free. I am sharing 7 sites of Abu Dhabi that requires no cost.  It’s free!

1. Corniche Beach

7 Sightseeing Places in Abu Dhabi for Free11For beach lovers like me, a stroll along the long coastline of the Corniche beach brings a relaxing moment you can share with family & friends. The amazing view of the gulf, sunrise and sunset, and the beautiful architecture of heights and forms of the different towers in the skyline will surely take your breath away. It has a 2-kilometer public beach where you can enjoy swimming and other beach activities. Public benches and some food outlet are also nearby to cater your beach picnic needs.

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2. Heritage Village

7 Sightseeing Places in Abu Dhabi for Free22 A travel back in time is what the village offers. Peek into the historical Abu Dhabi when you visit Heritage Village. Located in the Breakwaters at the end of Corniche beach, the village is composed of different stalls of crafts, spices, and shawl shops. That along with the museum plus a wandering camel or two completes the experience that makes you feel the desert life way back when. It is also a popular site for wedding photos. In fact, we did ours there!

3. Emirates Palace Grounds

7 Sightseeing Places in Abu Dhabi for Free3See how an Emirati palace looks like by getting a glance of this amazing 100 hectares lawn of this 7-star hotel, the Emirates Palace. Lush green lawns and gardens will welcome you as you enter the grounds. Just opposite of Corniche Beach, you can make this your 3rd stop. The architecture from the outside is already a rewarding sight. This hotel features crystal chandeliers and interiors made of marble, pearl, and gold. If you want to see the rooms and all other exclusive areas – a complete tour is offered by the hotel at around 100-150 dirhams per head.

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4. Grand Mosque

7 Sightseeing Places in Abu Dhabi for Free4Whatever religion you are, this sacred place is a must-visit. This is the third biggest mosque in the world. Open to the public daily, except for some specific prayer times, be amazed with its over 80 domes and 1000 columns that cost 2.5 billion dirhams to build. Make sure you wear a proper clothing when you visit. Shorts are not allowed for men while women can wear an abaya (women’s robe) offered for free on site. This is also the resting place of UAE’s founding president, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

5. Qasr Al Hosn Fort

7 Sightseeing Places in Abu Dhabi for Free5Built in 1773, Qasr Al Hosn Fort is the oldest structure in Abu Dhabi. The government is currently restoring it to the original condition. Its pearly white watchtower and the natural history museum are terrific for photography. There’s also a lineup of different clothes stalls plus a pearl shop where you can take the pearl fresh from the shell!

6. Mina Carpet (Souq) Market

7 Sightseeing Places in Abu Dhabi for Free6Fancy seeing your home with colorful carpets? Mina Carpet Souq is the place to be! It is also known as the Afghan Souq where shops sells prayer rugs and humongous and beautifully designed carpets for majlis!

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7. The Space at TwoFour54

7 Sightseeing Places in Abu Dhabi for Free77On the ground floor of the TwoFour54 building, it is Abu Dhabi’s media and entertainment hub. The Space offers free movies! Thinking of doing something on weeknights, visit The Space as they regularly hold free movie nights and you might get to see a short Emirati film and other flims for free.

There are more that Abu Dhabi could offer, it’s long list of malls and cinemas and parks are not a far from each one. You will surely enjoy it here.

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