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7 Things to Avoid after a Full Meal

Some things are a big no-no after eating a heavy meal. This is to keep your body healthy. It protects you from a number of disorders and diseases. Usually, after a full meal, the body channels maximum blood circulation to your gastrointestinal tract. This insures a proper digestion process. However, there are things that you are doing after a full meal that can interfere or disrupt digestion.  Here are some of the things to avoid doing after a full meal:

  • Avoid vigorous exercise to prevent cardiovascular complications

Engaging in intense physical activities may starve your heart of optimum blood circulation. Intense exercise will also inhibit the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract. However, light activities such as a short walk for about 10-20 minutes is good. Experts indicate that this is healthy since it helps burn energy before the food absorption process.

  • Avoid sleeping immediately on a full stomach

Taking a nap is not advisable. Medical findings show that blood sugar surges after a full meal. To normalize this, you’ll need to stay awake for the next few hours. Sleeping after meals increases the insulin dependence to normalize blood sugar. This may precipitate insulin resistance.

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  • Eating fruits? Not the best idea!

Note this one carefully since it is common to hear many people say that you should eat fruits after a full meal. Fruits should be taken before meals since they are much easier to digest. This can be done an hour or two before a meal. Fruits will not undergo complete digestion when taken after meals.

  • Do not drink tea because it is acidic

Tea leaves are acidic and will hinder digestion and proper absorption. Drinking hot tea immediately after a full meal will affect absorption of proteins. Tannin, a substance found in tea, is responsible for this. Iron absorption is also greatly inhibited by some elements found in tea. As you may be aware, iron deficiency causes anemia.

  • Cold water freezes food fat

Drinking cold water after diving into a sumptuous meal is not good. It freezes food fat causing a build-up in the digestive tract. This narrows the digestive ducts causing obesity. Do you really need that extra unhealthy weight? Ice cold water prevents proper digestion. It causes food clumping. Hot water can help in better absorption of nutrients.

  • Avoid additional sugar intake

Adding more sugar to your system after a full meal is simply catastrophic. So, avoid any sugary foodstuff and high-sugar beverages. These will prevent stabilization of the blood sugar level.

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  • No bathing after meals

Bathing after meals expose us to a risk of getting dyspepsia. When we bathe, blood flow increases to our limbs (hands and feet). This results in less blood flow around the stomach and intestines hence inhibiting proper digestion.

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