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7 Tips for a Safe Trip

Who doesn’t enjoy going to an exotic paradise to live an adventure for a few days? It can be ideal and wonderful if we just put some work into planning our trip to make sure everything goes smoothly and that you return stay safe and sound from the very beginning.

1. Do your research before you travel

This is something some people would consider basic, but not everyone does it. Things you really need to know to avoid any surprises:

  • Vaccines: Nowadays only some countries require vaccination, but not getting in the country or getting sick as a consequence of not doing it it’s not worth it, is it?
  • The same goes for visas, you wouldn’t be the first person not being allowed to travel for this reason.
  • Know which areas you should avoid is always helpful so you know which way to go for example if you decide to take a walk back to your hotel.

2. Get a good travel insurance and learn how to benefit from it in case you need it

Accidents happen and when you are away from your home, this can be even more upsetting and scarier, if you at least know which place to go and what coverage you have, these will make things easier.

3. Don’t be a tourist

Or at least try not to dress like one. Casual clothes, simple or no jewellery at all, don’t show off your camera or phone. These are rules to follow in almost every destination you go to. Try blending with locals, as much as possible, to avoid risk of being targeted by thieves.

4. There are some things you should always have on your hand luggage

Your personal documents and most valuable possessions such as laptops, cameras or your money should always go with you. It would be a good idea to also add a few clothes just in case the luggage you checked-in gets lost, that way you can get changed if you need to. Don’t forget to place tags on all your suitcases for this purpose, so the identification will be much easier and faster. If they lose your luggage, contact your airline company and double check if you are entitled to any kind of compensation for the inconvenience this may cause you.

5. Hotels are mostly safe and you can usually trust everyone in their staff team

Although is always a good practice leaving your documents and pricey things in the safe and your bigger items like your suitcase hidden inside the wardrobe. You can always get a printed photocopy of your docs with you, in case you need them so you don’t risk getting them stolen and also a file with all your papers scanned in your email inbox in case you need them.

6. It’s better to share locations on your social media after you have left

Better safe than sorry. When you check-in in a place on Facebook for example, you are sharing that information with every single person who is visiting that business’ page and that information can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

7. Contact your embassy

If your destination can be considered unsafe or you are going to be in places where communication might be tricky, make sure to contact your embassy to let them know your travelling route.

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