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7 Underrated Travel Destinations in Australia

Australia is considered to be among some of the most beautiful countries in the world, consequently it has a lot of tourist destinations to explore. It is among the best countries that people usually dream of visiting once in their life.

With its many exotic destinations to visit, Australia attracts millions of visitors from various parts of the world every year and Australia visa travel ranks in the top of travel lists. It is also expected that this year will show a significant increase in the number of Australia visas to travelers visiting the country.

The city of Sydney has a lot to see and experience so we covered Sydney here. Apart from Sydney, here are some of the other best places to visit in Australia and make your journey worth the money that you are investing:

  1. Adelaide

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Adelaide is one of the best picturesque cities in Australia. Here you can experience a mild and comfortable climate throughout the year in some of the best Australia weather. There are a lot of things that you can do in Adelaide to make your trip enjoyable.

There are some beautiful and exotic beaches where you can spend an evening with your loved ones. If you can get in touch with a local guide, then he or she might be able to take you to some of the best beach areas.

Adelaide is also known for its exciting outdoor events and activities, entertainment venues, and culture. If you are someone who likes to live in the outdoors, then you must visit Adelaide’s beautifully established parks, especially the renowned botanical gardens.

If you are a panda lover, then you must visit the Adelaide Zoo, which is the home for several giant pandas. 

  1. Darwin

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Darwin is a quiet city located on the Timor Sea in the sparsely populated Territories of the Northern part of Australia.

You will witness beautiful orange sunsets that will give you goosebumps. Apart from this, the tropical breezes and the beauty of nature just add to the memorable experience that you will get to enjoy by visiting this place.

Mindil Beach, located in this region, has beautiful open-air shops and markets that feature greatly designed crafts, potteries, and delicious foods.

The market is organized by the people who hail from different parts of the world, who promote their culture in Australia.

If you are a shopping fanatic, then you will love the options that are available at cheap prices. For sightseeing, it is the best place for you to explore if you are a nature lover and adventurous.

If you are planning to visit Darwin from America, then don’t miss the opportunity to book flight tickets on American Airlines.

American Airlines flights offer incredible services to all travelers, and ensure you can make the most out of your journey by making their air travel comfortable and enjoyable.

  1. Broome

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Broome, which is situated in the Kimberly area of Western Australia, is considered to be a quiet and peaceful place, with people maintaining a friendly atmosphere within the city.

The city is not a popular place amongst travelers, apart from people who love backpacking and want to experience a laid-back atmosphere and incredible scenery, such as the Horizontal Falls where tidal currents force the water to fall horizontally.

Also, there are places such as Cable beach boasting precious white sand.

Additionally there is a beach town that you can visit which is famous for its staircases that apparently lead to the moon and is also famous for dinosaur prints that are about 130 million years old.

In this beautiful city of Broome, you will be able to purchase rare pink diamond products and pearls, that are not readily available anywhere else in the world.

  1. Tasmania

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The amazing unspoiled landscapes in the state of Tasmania are definitely worth a visit. Lake St. Clair National Park is also a house to Cradle Mountain, which is among the most beautiful places in Australia.

It’s a region where natural landscapes and beautiful mountain ranges have existed since the Ice Age.

You will be able to walk around the beautiful Dove Lake, where you can’t miss seeing some spectacular waterfalls and enjoying a selection of delicious foods.

If you are into real sports and adventures, then you will love visiting this place and joining a six-day guided tour. The six-day trip includes delicious meals, best quality wines, and well-equipped accommodations.

Tasmania is a well-known destination amongst travelers who appreciate the real beauty of nature. If you are visiting Australia once in your life, do visit this place as part of your Australia travel.

  1. Kangaroo Island

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This island is located in the southern part of Australia. It takes a couple of hours for you to reach this place if you are starting your journey from Cape Jervis or taking a flight from Adelaide city.

This island is surrounded by natural landscapes and tropical flora and fauna, as well as home to some of the best-untouched bushlands.

The natural wildlife sanctuary in this place attracts lots of birds from across the globe every single year. Kangaroo Island is surrounded by several water bodies and is an excellent place if you want to explore your fishing skills.

Apart from this, the island also attracts large whales and is home to kangaroos, koalas, and other wildlife creatures some of which can shock you by their behavior; however, it keeps you entertained most of the time.

The relaxing atmosphere and the incredible wildlife just enhance the beauty of your trip.

  1. Phillip Island

7 Underrated Travel Destinations in Australia-6

This place is located in the state of Victoria, which is about two hours from the south-eastern region of Melbourne.

This island offers an incredible look at the natural beauty present in Australia. Rocky cliffs, amazing terrain, sandy beaches, and beautiful roads attract a lot of visitors from various parts of the world.

There are also some other areas in this region where you can visit and experience the wetlands, flats of mangroves forests, and undisturbed bushlands.

  1. Cairns

7 Underrated Travel Destinations in Australia-7

Almost all frequent travelers across the globe know this place for its beauty and adventure.

It is also known for the Great Barrier Reef, top-ranking for Australia tourism, and there are various other things that you can explore within the city. It has a mild and pleasant climate, ranking among the best in Australia weather which will allow you to relax and enjoy your holidays.

You can also enjoy sports such as swimming, trekking, diving, sailing, and snorkeling.

There are some incredible restaurants, pubs, world-class boutiques, specialty shops, Daintree National Park, and other prominent places where you can visit and make your trip memorable.

Final Words

If you are planning a trip to Australia, you need to do proper research and know about all the best destinations you can travel to because Australia has some of the most incredible places to visit across the globe. If you plan strategically, then you will not miss out on visiting some of these incredible places. Try to explore as many of these places to make your trip enjoyable and memorable.

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