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8 Actionable Tips and Tricks to Run Your Facebook Store

Many businesses operate an online store but do not seek out ways of operating through social media, especially if they have a dedicated website. However, social media can be a significant driving agent to get to a larger span of the audience. Many online stores will find a community audience on platforms like Facebook that can give a massive boost to its earnings.

Facebook has just the right answer for this called Facebook Store – a dedicated store tab where you can showcase your products to reach an expansive customer base. It is an easy and effective way to boost your sales. Newcomers should not get confused between Facebook Store and Facebook Shop. Both are exactly the same thing, just with different preferable names by their users.

The most obvious question here arises which is, why you should create a Facebook store when an eCommerce store would do just fine with some successful marketing campaigns. Well, some facts and figures prove that you should reconsider this because you are clearly underestimating the audience’s power on Facebook.

According to recent Facebook statistics for the first quarter of 2020, the platform is ranking an estimated 2.60 billion monthly active users. It is safe to say that Facebook has hit such a massive audience that it has become impossible for marketers and shop owners to deny its capacity to benefit them. Over the 15 years since its inception, Facebook has achieved more than just an identity of being a social media platform. And Facebook Shops is another one of its significant expansions.

Now, if you are convinced that there are not many potential customers, you will be turning away if you didn’t take Facebook seriously. Here are some cool tips and tricks to leverage Facebook Shops as a new way of earning money.

1. Link Your Ecommerce Website & Blogs To Your Facebook Store

This step requires a little technical know-how but easily helps you expand your business in the long run. Although there is an undeniably great number of potential audiences on Facebook, not everybody wants to make their purchases through it.

Therefore, using an eCommerce website builder to create an online store and then linking it to your Facebook Store page gives you the best of both worlds and even more exposure. It is simple to set up and manage, and you it doesn’t even require a third-party chatbot. You can use Facebook messenger to keep up with customer queries and also link your blogs to your Facebook page for maximum exposure.

2. Set Up A Dedicated Store Tab On Your Page

The best part about building your brand with Facebook is that you don’t need to have any technical knowledge, in particular, to set up a page and start selling. And Facebook has seamlessly integrated the same format when it comes to Facebook Shops.

You can quickly, and without any hurdles, create your very own Facebook shop section based on the products you are already selling. Any updates, once you have set up, will automatically sync with the Facebook shop.

Facebook even allows you to edit your dedicated store tab. You can use the feature to rename and use a custom name or call to action phrases like “You don’t want to miss our merch” to encourage buying behavior.

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3. Use Promotional Posts Within The Platform & Outside Of It

Facebook, like any other growing social media platform, has a lot of competition. Hence, any business owner will eventually feel their organic reach beginning to slow down. Over time it will only decrease and cause your business more harm. Therefore, it is only understandable that to tackle this issue, you utilize promotional posts and pay Facebook to help increase your business reach.

After you spend money to reach your audience, the promoted posts will be shown to your target audience who previously liked and engaged with your page and extend the reach to friends of friends as well.

4. Leverage Facebook Ads, FB Pixels & Ad Analytics

Similar to Facebook Shops being a new feature, Facebook Ads is also a relatively new feature. The main function of the feature is to allow the store owner to show ads to people who have recently visited their webpage. This works by installing a particular tracking pixel on your website called the FB Pixel.

It is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the successful deployment of your advertisements and measure its effectiveness by analyzing the actions of people taken on your website. The idea behind this concept is that people have already taken an interest in your products so they will be more drawn to the advert. You may want to give Facebook ads a try.

5. Utilize Facebook Groups To Market Your Shop

Facebook groups offer a huge advantage for shop owners. It is like a market place where you can find all of your potential customers in one place. Promotional posts, link sharing, blog sharing, and encouraging reviews can greatly impact your sales on Facebook.

As people on groups usually follow similar interests and back the same opinions, so it is highly likely that promoting your shop or, posting a good review of a product through a Facebook Live video, will send potential buyers your way immediately because it is all happening on the same platform.

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6. Schedule Your Facebook Content

Scheduling social media content in advance is worth it. As a business owner, if you consider this, a social media post has a limited life cycle. Scheduling your content around a trend when it is relevant is the best way to put it out there for your customers to engage with.

Every real-time and relevant post that is sent out at a peak time lures in enough customers to help you drive the entire strategy. Also, scheduling enables you to create your own timeline. For instance, a research paper writing service puts out research hacks every weekend at 5 pm. Customers will wait and want to engage with the content in real-time before it turns stale.

7. Add Call to Action Posts & Encourage Sharing Reviews

Do not forget that, first and foremost, Facebook is a social media platform. Keep in mind that the more you utilize its features, the more beneficial it will be for your business. Hence, the best way to do it is to maximize your engagement and do it by leveraging call to action posts and positive feedback.

The more you share positive and genuine feedback on your Facebook store, the more it will validate and guarantee a good product market for you as customers will be convinced to buy from you. Call to action posts, like limited time offer, what are you waiting for and grab your product now will lure customers into clicking.

8. Convert Your Customers Into Email Subscribers

Every store owner knows that no matter how much the number of your social media audience increases, in order to have long term customers, you need to convert them into email subscribers. Customers who engage with your content and are loyal to buying their stuff from you will readily subscribe to newsletter offers to know more about your business.

Therefore, converting your fans and customers to newsletter subscribers is one of the best business decisions you can make in the long term. The advantage here is that you can easily link your Facebook store, among other options, for your buyers in the newsletter.

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Bottom Line

Facebook has grown and not gotten old. It is a very dedicated social space that is still doing well in the social media industry. It is a comprehensive platform that consistently grows and employs upgraded tactics to help its users create a community.

Facebook has had its mantra of making a platform for people to come together since day one, and they have left no holds barred to achieve it. Setting up your Facebook store will allow you to become a part of this ever expanding community of online businesses and reap great benefits in return.

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