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8 Best Chocolate Life Hacks and Ideas

The amount of people who love chocolate in this world is almost impossible to count. Even ancient civilizations revered cocoa beans and treasured it like it was gold. The rich taste of a piece of dark chocolate melting in your mouth compares to very few things in life. But what if we told you that a chocolate bar does much more than just taste good? Keep reading to find out some of the best chocolate life hacks and ideas to improve your health, your appearance and your life while you enjoy a snack.

1. Homemade Fake Tan

The tannins found in dark chocolate are responsible for giving it its luscious deep brown color. One of the best life hacks that involve chocolate has something to do with pale-skinned people and their desire to look more attractive. If you want to take advantage of the properties of dark chocolate, grind perfectly a small amount of dark chocolate and mix it with your favorite moisturizer. The darker the

chocolate you add to the mix, the darker your skin will get. The tannins will give you a fake tan that glows naturally and much healthier than if you did it with a machine.

2. Perfect Moisturizer

The rich antioxidants found in dark chocolate make it the perfect ingredient to eat if you want to deeply hydrate and renew your facial skin. This mouthwatering type of chocolate can actually also help your skin detox and get rid of pimples and blemishes (WARNING: as opposed to dark chocolate, a milk chocolate bar can actually have the contrary effect, so be careful with what you eat). You can make the perfect chocolate mask by mixing it with honey or coconut oil and applying two times a week. Create a thick paste and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes on your skin and then rinse off with plenty of water. You’ll be left with hydrated and glowing skin thanks to this natural moisturizer.

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3. Softens Wrinkles

We can’t stress this enough: dark chocolate has amazing amounts of antioxidants that are essential in the skin’s renewal process. The flavanols in dark chocolate can fight free radicals and plump skin, keeping it young-looking for longer. Dark chocolate also avoids excessive water retention in skin, which eventually prevents early wrinkles and puffy skin. Eat a small amount of dark chocolate every day or start using cocoa face masks a few times a week in order to rock a plump and firm face. Again, be sure to eat dark chocolate or as pure as it can be; milk chocolate won’t help a lot.

4. Naturally Darkens Hair

The sulfur found in dark chocolate is one of the best components when it comes to hair care. Consuming cocoa powder can make your mane soft and shiny like it’s never looked before. But did you know it can also help darken the tone of your hair and cover up unwanted gray hairs? Making hair care rinses or hair masks using cocoa powder as the main ingredient will slowly darken your hair naturally and help cover the signs of age. Another great use for cocoa in powder is as an emergency dry shampoo when you don’t have any store-bought at home!

5. Anti-Cellulite Treatment

We just had to mention one of the best life hacks in this list. Dark chocolate has the ability to fight off cellulite in any part of your body. The texture of cocoa powder mixed with coffee grounds are perfect to make a body scrub for your hips and any trouble area, making it the best cellulite treatment. Theobromine in dark chocolate can drain fatty cells and remove excess fluids in the body, leaving you with clear, tight and glowing skin. To prepare this mix, ground well the cocoa bits with the coffee beans, let it soak and then drain it completely until a grainy paste is formed. Apply with circular motions on your trouble area such as thighs, hips, buttocks and lower abdomen and then rinse with lukewarm water.

6. Energy Produced from Chocolate

We all strive to make this world a sustainable place, and this includes searching for alternative energy sources. But did you ever think a chocolate bar could produce energy? Studies made at Birmingham University (UK) consisted of scientists feeding caramel and chocolate nougat to a batch of Escherichia Coli bacteria. These bacteria produced a waste of hydrogen gas that was capable of fueling an energy cell to power a small fan. Who would’ve thought chocolate could actually save the world someday?

7. Aphrodisiac

Ever since ancient times, Aztecs found out about the link between cacao seeds and sexual drive. In fact, Emperor Moctezuma used to consume big amounts of chocolate to please his lovers. Nowadays, science can explain the aphrodisiac effects of dark chocolate because of the presence of Tryptophan – a building block of serotonin involved in sexual arousal -, and Phenylethylamine – a stimulant linked to amphetamines -. So, if you’re looking to have an unforgettable night with your partner, just indulge in a few bits of aphrodisiac dark chocolate and get the party started!

8. Feed your Plants and Flowers

Your flowers and houseplants can also enjoy the delicious benefits of chocolate. If you want to nourish your plants and make them bloom in a matter of weeks, just prep some cocoa mulch along with coffee grounds (if you have any laying around) and put it in the soil of your pots and garden. Cocoa mulch is a nitrogen-rich fertilizer that will make your flowers look beautiful and grow strong, while it also fights off slugs and snails, protects plants from extreme temperatures and retains more water. Have the weed-free garden you’ve always wanted by sharing a little bit of your precious chocolate with your houseplants.

A word of advice, though. We recommend you use cocoa as fertilizer only on indoor plants or gardens without dogs. The scent can attract them and make them dig the mix out, putting them at risk of poisoning by the theobromine.

There you go! We bet you weren’t aware of just how beneficial dark chocolate was. Whether it’s to help you ace your math test, help you do better in your annual doctor’s exam or even helping you get that much desired fake tan; dark chocolate has got you covered.

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