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8 Effective Negotiation Tactics and Get a Successful Business Deal

In any business deal, there are two main parties, the seller and the buyer. Usually, each of these parties aims at getting a win. That’s where negotiation comes in. It enables both parties to arrive at a win-win situation. 

The art of negotiation is something that anyone can master as long as you employ the proper techniques and negotiation tactics. Here are some effective ones that will ensure you close any business deal.

1. Know Your Product

Knowing all you can about your product, services, or company is advisable. Find out what makes your products and services unique and capitalize on them. A salesperson with in-depth knowledge about what they are selling instills confidence and trust in the customer, who will most likely buy.

2. Understand Your Customer’s Need

People are likely to buy what they feel will fulfill a certain need or want in their lives. Therefore, before buying your product, they will check out the value it will add to their lives. 

You must listen to their needs and ask related questions to understand what they are looking for. This will enable you to highlight the features in your product that are most likely to appeal to them. When a customer feels understood, they are most likely to purchase the given product as they tend to feel like you have their best interests at heart.

3. Know Your Competitor

You are probably not the only one offering that particular product for sale. What will make a customer buy from you instead of the competitor? To outshine your competitors, it is essential that you know all they have to offer. This way, you can add a unique twist to your products and services.

4. Keep It Professional and Courteous

Mind your attitude. No one wants to deal with a rude and disrespectful salesperson. Even when you don’t agree with the customer’s view or opinion, you must make them feel respected at all times. 

A professional and positive tone is more likely to result in a positive end. Also, it will encourage the customer to come back in case they need the same product in the future. What’s more, they are likely to leave positive reviews and recommend you to their friends and family.

5. Create the First Meeting and Version of the Agreement

One of your negotiation tactics is knowing that you need to draft the first version of the agreement and call for the first meeting as this gives you an upper hand. This way, you can create terms and conditions that work as the standard. Even if the other party calls for a second meeting requiring adjustments, it won’t be far off from your terms, thus a win for you. Nevertheless, the terms need to be fair such that the other party will not find them one-sided.

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6. Create a Sense of Urgency

Time is money. The longer it takes to close the deal, the more likely something will derail it. In addition, time and resources are wasted on your end. To avoid that, another of your negotiation tactics is to create a sense of urgency by urging your customer to make a decision soon. You can do that by asking questions such as asking them when you can expect their decision. However, be careful not to appear pushy or desperate as it may put them off. Instead, adopt a softer but urgent tone.

7. Know when to Walk Away

Before anything else, you must come up with a target price and a walk-away price. If you are faced with terms and a price that goes below what you are comfortable with, walk away.

8. What to Avoid

  • Taking Things Personally

Keep your emotions out of the way when negotiating. Don’t take criticism personally; instead, take it as feedback.

  • Discussing Negatives about the Product

Even if the customer points out a negative, for example, its high price, never agree. Instead, emphasize why the product is worth it.

  • Making Assumptions

Ask as many questions as you want to understand your customer’s needs. This way, you can meet them and close the deal much quicker.

  • Underestimating Your Customer

Most successful business people confess that the customers who end up buying do not always look like what you envision. You should, therefore, never underestimate any of your customers.

  • Accepting a Lousy Deal

Do not settle for anything that will inconvenience you. Zero profit is better than a loss.

  • Failing to Follow up

If you don’t close the deal during the first meeting, follow up. Even if they will not end up buying, they can give you feedback that will enable you to close your next business deal.

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With the above negotiation tactics and tips, you will be in a much better position to close a business deal quickly and efficiently. 

Remember not to over-negotiate but instead focus on building a positive relationship with your customer. This will create a way for them to return and hopefully refer others.

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