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8 Industrial Living Room Ideas You are Going to Love

What is your dream living room? Do you enjoy playing with color, texture, and pattern? Whatever your preference, the décor of your living room compliments the décor of the rest of the house. To add to your décor repertoire, get to understand the industrial style and how it can beautify your living room. The easiest way to give your living room an industrial look is to go for mechanical ingenuity and raw and unfinished interiors. If you’ve been admiring those urban lofts and barn conversions in your interior decorating magazine, look at these eight ways to transform your living room with these industrial style details.

1. Bring an artistic flair to your interiors with expressive artwork

8 Industrial Living Room Ideas You are Going to Love-1The best way to make your living room livelier is by adding abstract and creative pieces of artwork. For wall art, you should use abstract paintings with bold colors and dark lines. For art pieces, choose modern, metallic sculptures to give your living room an instant industrial accent. You can also get innovative with your own ideas using raw materials to distinguish your décor from others. 

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2. Industrial wall finishes

Industrial Living Room Ideas You are Going to Love-2An important part of the industrial décor relies on the walls of your space. To get the best industrial look, keep your walls raw with exposed bricks or cement and without adding any paint. The unfinished wall look is perfect for your industrial living room décor. If it’s not possible to get the raw wall look, you can try wallpaper with an exposed brick look.

3. Go for industrial style accessories

8 Industrial Living Room Ideas You are Going to Love-3Find architectural focal points in your living room and punctuate those focal points with industrial style furnishings. You can utilize a fireplace or a wall as your focal point and decorate using mid-century industrial décor infused with metal accessories to create a rustic look.

4. Industrial sofas for your living room

8 Industrial Living Room Ideas You are Going to Love-4When it comes to furniture choices, it’s all about playing with leather and patterned fabrics complimented with high quality exposed wood or metal with clean lines and curved angles. Frames made of steel and ultra-sleek designs give a graceful finish that will complement the rest of your décor. Throw some emoji pillows on them to add the element of warmth and to liven up the ambiance of your living room. The good thing about the industrial sofas is that their design is never out of date.

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5. Lighting tips & ideas

Industrial Living Room Ideas You are Going to Love-5Lighting plays a vital role in any type of décor as they are responsible for enhancing the look, mood, and visibility of your décor. It’s better to opt for lighting fixtures that represent mid-century design. For example, floor and table lamps made from a combination of metal and wood depict the industrial style. Or a vintage chandelier can be a perfect add-on for an industrial style living room.

6. Look for handmade or soft wool rugs

8 Industrial Living Room Ideas You are Going to Love-6Instead of going for carpet, find some elegant homemade wool rugs that softens the image of an all industrial living room to make your room warmer and more inviting. Wool rugs are soft for your feet and gives you an island of respite from your hardwood or cement floors in other areas of the house.

7. Pick the right colors

To achieve the best industrial look for your living room, be careful of the colors you choose. Always go with a light-colored theme, for example, beige or gray. Same goes for the rugs that you choose. Pick plain rugs in darker shades and avoid all the floral or even geometric prints. Look for modern industrial furniture in lighter shades to complement these colors. To complete the look, you can add a pop of color via accessories like a vibrant vase.

8. Don’t forget to add mirrors

8 Industrial Living Room Ideas You are Going to Love-8

Lastly, don’t forget to add mirrors. Mirrors, with a metal or riveted frame, can make your living room look more expensive than it really is. Also, if your living room is small, mirrors help your living room appear larger as they reflect light.

All the ideas mentioned above are super amazing. I hope this article helps you appreciate the industrial style and makes your living room more beautiful.

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