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8 No-Equipment at Home Workouts that You’ll Love

Are you stuck at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown? Don’t worry, you can still stay fit and lose weight with these at-home workouts. The coronavirus has hit the whole world badly. Schools have been closed;many companies have been shut down and the government has urged people to observe the six-foot social distancing directive to tame the rapid spread of the unseen monster. That means there are no open gyms anymore.

The good news is that you can still get the results you want with just your bodyweight. Yes, right at home and without using any equipment. You don’t need kettlebells, dumbbells, or any gym equipment. With just your bodyweight, you can keep up with your fitness routine. And the best part is that anyone can try these workout routines.

It’s easy to review wellness websites like 1AND1, Self, or others to compile a list of at-home exercises to keep yourself fit and lose weight at the same time.

Here are some of the best at-home exercises to keep you fit and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. A 20-Minute HIIT Workout to Work Your Joints

Because most at-home workouts don’t require any equipment, most people think that lots of jumping can help.

Well, this type of workout is great for some people but if you have joint problems, you may want to do HIIT workouts that target your joints.

This workout was created by Colleen Conlon, a fitness expert, and works specifically on your joints, unlike most HIIT workouts you are aware of out there.

Generally, this workout involves lower-impact moves with side-kicks and crab toe touches.

This workout also involves higher impact moves with skater hops though so, it’s important to consult with your fitness coach or physical therapist before you start.

2. A Complete-Body Cardio Challenge

Undeniably, you can run, cycle, walk, and still enjoy cardio benefits; however, a complete body cardio challenge with a combination of moves can help to work your cardiovascular system and build a resilient body.

This is one of the best at-home workouts that leave no part of your body untouched. The exercise is created by Eisinger. In this workout, you’re going to go through a circuit that cycles through 5 moves that work your legs, core, and shoulders.

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3. A 4-Move 30-Minute Cardio Workout

This is also another full-body workout created by Eisinger and involves three moves from froggers to bird-dog crunches to three-point toe touch. You are required to go through all these moves as fast as you can.

You don’t have to run but you will get sweaty within a few minutes of starting this workout.

It’s one of the best at-home workouts for beginners as you can choose when to rest.

4. A Plank-Based Workout to Light Up Your Core

As mentioned above, most of these workouts require just your bodyweight.

Now, this workout routine involves doing variations of the plank putting to work your shoulders and triceps.

This workout is created by Lita Lewis; a certified fitness trainer and involves starting with skaters to improve your blood pumping, then doing three plank-based moves on the floor, followed by push-ups, shoulder trap, and plank forearm reach.

Once done, you get into the second circuit of the workout regime that involves variations on the plank, with the plank jack and forearm plank.

Remember that as you do these moves, you will be holding the plank, so you may consider dropping to your knees if you find it hard.

You’ll be tasked with holding the plank for a good chunk of time with these moves (since they’re back-to-back-to-back), so if it’s too hard to maintain with good form, drop to your knees to make it a bit easier.

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5. An 8-Minute Abs Workout

As you already know, most abs workouts are easily done at home as they don’t require any equipment.

Given that abs workouts are hard; this 8-minute abs workout can be a great option for people who workout at home.

And by the way, this workout regime is created by Amy MarturanaWinderl and involves five separate exercises (dead bug, forearm plank rock, plank up-down) each exercise you’re required to do in 30 seconds.  There is no taking rests between the moves until you complete all the 5 workouts.

6. A Plank Exercise That Works Your Core and More (5 Continuous Minutes)

Typically, plank workouts help to work your abs; however, you can challenge your legs, shoulders, and butt as well with a 5-minute plan workout challenge.

The workout regime is created by MarturanaWinderl; and involves five varying planks- plank jacks for complete cardio and plank up-downs for working your triceps and shoulders.

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7. The 4-Plan Body Exercise To Work Your Butt

Undeniably, there is a wealth of workout equipment that can work your butt effectively; however, for at-home exercises, you just need your bodyweight and a few minutes of easy-to-do exercises.

The 4-plan body workout is authored by Cori Lefkowith who is a NASM-accredited personal trainer. Cori is also the founder of Redefining Strength that’s based in Costa Mesa in California.

The 4-move body workout plan involves exercises such as frog bridges and straight-leg fire hydrant to help work your butt effectively.

8. A Beginners 3-Move Cardio Workout

Eisinger has yet another amazing at-home workout but this 3-move cardio workout is suitable for beginner workout-ers. In this workout plan, you just do three beginner-friendly moves – the skater, then touch your toes three times, and flutter kick.

As a beginner, make sure you do 30 seconds for each move and 30 seconds resting then increase the workout time as you get comfortable with the workout plan.

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If you’re stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, you have a ton of exercises to do without any equipment. You just need the time and your bodyweight. Another important thing is to start small and advance as you become comfortable with your preferred at-home workout.

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