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8 Proven Google Ads Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Many people think that Google Ads are expensive. If you have plans to use Google Ads for your business, you need to optimize your financial plan so as to maximize conversions. Some experts believe that Google Ads can be monitored and executed only by experts. But this is simply not true. Any person or business owner can enhance Google Ad Conversions. It can be performed quickly without any technical knowledge.

What are Google Ads?

Google provides advertisements that appear in the first part of the search engine results page. The advertisements are displayed through Google AdSense. There are two kinds of funded Google Ads.  The ads appearing above the results are organic, or natural links, and ads appearing on the bottom-line of the search engine results page are called Advertisements.

Understanding Google Ads is not a challenging or complicated task. If you sign up with Google AdSense, you will get step by step guidance and instructions to run the Ads.

Exclusive and Free Google Advertising Tips for Increased Conversions.

1. Increase your CTAs (call-to-action)

8 Proven Google Ads Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate - CTA

CTA (call-to-action) helps in driving clicks to your blog or business website. Without CTA, you will find it hard to get conversions. If you are thinking about how a CTA should look, take a look at some of the ads of top brands.  Several studies have proved that top brands use words like shop, buy and get in their ads.

2. Leverage Social Proof

When it comes to online marketing, social proof plays a vital role. It is known to all people but for some reason, it is not well utilized by all. The majority of customers use Google for reading reviews about businesses and products. It is important to put social proof of your business in your Ads so as to make them click your advertisement and convert them to customers.

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3. Focus on Improving Your CTR (click-through-rate)

8 Proven Google Ads Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate - CTR

If your advertisements get several clicks, then you have a high chance to turn your clicks into conversions. Google Ads is the best option to drive customers to the website and convert those clicks. Here are some some simple tips to enhance your CTR.

  • Clear your ad groups
  • Address searcher intent
  • Enhance ad copy, and make it more enticing and emotional
  • Utilize ad extensions to improve the size
  • Use branded keywords
  • Use a soft conversion such as get a quote
  • Instead of display ads, use search ads

These are some of the proven methods that help in getting more clicks. Ensure to utilize these methods correctly in order to get more conversions through the clicks.

4. Capitalize the Title

It is necessary to check whether each word in your ad starts with a capital letter. It should be in Title Case. People are interested in clicking advertisement copies with capitalized titles.

5. Use Exact Matching Keywords

When you try different keywords with matching types, you will receive more people clicking on your ads. It is recommended to use the exact phrase and exact match keywords. This way, your ads will be placed in the top position. If you are using broad match keywords, you will be able to reach more people but receive few clicks through rates. It is because the value of the ads will remain generic in nature. It means that more people utilize broad match keywords.

For instance, if you are providing HR services and placing Google Ads for your business, you should be able to obtain quality leads. Some people will be searching on Google for HR services for educational purposes or other needs. So, it is necessary to use the right keywords for quality leads.

6. Utilize Negative Keywords

It means keywords for which your advertisements are not shown. For instance, if there are no current openings for civil engineers in your company, you have to include civil engineers under the negative keyword section. When a person searches by typing civil engineer jobs or job opening of civil engineers, your company ad will not appear. In simple words, your advertisement will not appear when certain phrases or keywords are used.

There are two benefits to this. Firstly, users will not come across your ad. This way, there will not be any unnecessary clicks on the PPC ads section. Secondly, it also helps in consuming the user’s time as they do not have to unnecessarily click the ad, enter the website and exit the website in a few seconds. This helps in reducing the bounce rate and thus the quality score of your ad will not be affected.

Here is a list of negative keywords that should be excluded in your PPC campaigns and ads. The negative keywords include torrent, porno, eBay, Craiglist, sex, YouTube, torrents, free, etc.  (When businesses approach you for the recruitment process, you would not do it for free of cost.) It is best to utilize negative keywords in the PPC ads so as to avoid showing ads to irrelevant users.

7. Improve Your Landing Page

When it comes to receiving conversions through Google Ads, you should not only take steps to optimize your ads but also optimize your landing page. You have to optimize everything that is associated with Google Ads. When a potential customer clicks your ad, he/she will be redirected to your landing page. So, you need to give special importance to this page.

This helps in reducing your CPC (cost-per-click) and enhance your quality score significantly. It means cheaper ads and more conversions. Therefore, it is highly recommended to enhance your landing page. By utilizing this kind of application, you can see more sales than your competitors. You can also add video in the landing page for better conversion. Ensure to do an A/B test for your landing page. If you are finding it hard, make use of a service that assists you in tracking, running and assessing A/B tests. It is the only way to ensure whether you are running the best version of the landing page. It offers astronomical benefits.

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8 Proven Google Ads Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate - AB Test

8. Utilize Retargeting or Remarketing

Retargeting, or remarketing, is another excellent strategy which marketers utilize to get in touch with users who have stopped at a website but did not translate into clients. For every business, obtaining new business clients remains very important. It is not an easy thing to get new clients just by visiting your website. If you miss transforming your prospects, you can attempt again with remarketing. By remarketing, the same ads will appear to the same people for some time. This way, you can get these visitors back to your site. This increases your chances to convert the clients. It is necessary to use remarketing on a regular basis to draw your long-time visitors back to your site.

By utilizing this strategy, you will not be losing anything. If you miss trying, you will never serve your lost visitors. By remarketing, you can see great improvements in your conversion rate. Remember, acquiring new clients is not a simple task. If you have a chance to get new clients again, you have to make excellent use of the opportunity.  It is not restricted only to Google Ads; Email marketing, social media marketing, etc. also utilize remarketing to get access to cold leads.


Certain tactics may work out for one brand but not for others. It does not mean you should not try for new conversions. Ensure to utilize all the ideas mentioned in this post to get immediate results. Though managing a PPC ad campaign requires a lot of time, it helps in a great way for the success of your business.

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