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8 Simple Ways to Get Healthy Teeth and Good Smile

Crooked, broken, missing or stained teeth can be unsightly and have a huge impact on someone’s confidence and self-esteem. Whether it is chatting with friends at a local bar or delivering a presentation for work, if someone is conscious about their teeth, then it can cause them to mumble, dip their head, and not put on a good smile because they are worried what people will think. Something as simple as a damaged smile can hinder communication, relationships and job prospects. But these days there are so many options that could transform someone’s smile and, for many, it can transform their lives. From porcelain veneers to teeth whitening and snap-on smiles – there are lots of possibilities.

1. Get a Crown

No, not the ones you put on your head, though that would certainly make you smile. Dental crowns are what dentists use to cover up broken, damaged or decayed teeth and bring your smile back to life. They come in different materials like porcelain, ceramic or even gold (that would match your crown nicely). The dentist will take a mold of the tooth and send it off to a lab to create the perfectly fitting crown. If the tooth is damaged, then the dentist may use a filling to give it shape before the crown is fitted. It would typically take two or three visits to the dentist to have a crown fitted.

2. Fill the Gap

When people want to improve the look of their bodies then they might opt for breast or buttock implants. When it comes to your teeth, similarly you can get tooth implants. Losing a tooth can be down to age, disease, or injury, and it can be very obvious. Losing a tooth can have a serious impact on your smile, your confidence, and self-esteem, but, on a more basic level, it can also impact the daily function of your teeth like chewing food. Implants are an expensive procedure, but they are more economical than dentures in the long term as they are unlikely to need replacing like dentures would.

3. Creating a Snow White Smile

Whitening is one of the most common and affordable ways for people to improve their smile and overall appearance. Teeth are porous so foods like coffee, tea, soda, and tar from cigarettes can stain your teeth.  It makes otherwise healthy teeth look unhealthy and brown and stained teeth is not the definition of a good smile. Teeth whitening can brighten up discolored teeth in just one visit to the dentist. Did you know that dentists can whiten teeth from two to nine different shades through their clinical techniques? It usually costs around $800 for teeth whitening procedures.

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4. Anyone for Bridge?

OK, so we are not talking about the card game. A bridge is a structure using a false tooth or teeth that fills in the gap left by missing teeth. For example, if there are two teeth either side of the gap, then the bridge will have caps that will sit over the two teeth and a false tooth in the middle. These are semi-permanent fixtures and can only be removed by a dentist and look perfectly natural and in keeping with the rest of your teeth.

5. Snap on a Smile

I know this might be hard to get your head around, but it is exactly what it says. This is a relatively new concept that is sweeping the globe and helping people to create a celebrity- style smile but without the high cost of major dental procedures. They are removable dentures, but not like the dentures you associate with getting older. A dentist will create the original mold for your teeth with a special strong dental resin and this literally fits over your teeth. Every time you put them on, you just heat up the mold and apply them to your teeth. As they cool down, they fit perfectly to your teeth creating a brand new smile. There is no need for any injections, expensive surgery, or other dental work.

6. How about Creating a Porcelain Masterpiece?

Porcelain veneers help people to create a natural smile that is really easy to maintain and only requires three trips to the dental clinic. The first appointment is a consultation to determine exactly what you want to achieve by having the veneers and the best veneers to use. The second appointment is when the dentist will create a mold of your teeth. They then use this mold to create a custom set of veneers that fit over your own teeth perfectly. On the third visit your new veneers are fitted to your teeth using a special dental glue that is perfectly safe to use on teeth and doesn’t damage your natural teeth. Volia! A new smile! Veneers are really easy to maintain as you just brush and floss regularly like you would your normal teeth. Then it is advised to have a professional cleaning by your dentist twice a year.

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7. Try an Invisible Cloak

Traditional braces can be unsightly and uncomfortable. The modern-day version is invisible braces using Invisalign where there are no wires or bands. It is a clear tray that is customized to your own teeth that is worn 22 hours a day and helps to straighten and align them.  They require far less maintenance than traditional braces, but you will need to be refitted every two weeks to ensure proper alignment and adjust as necessary.

8. Back to Basics

Firstly, to maintain health teeth and have a good smile, you need to be brushing and flossing regularly at home. This might sound obvious, but too many people are not even doing the basics to keep their smile bright and shining. Regular dental visits and teeth cleaning involves your dentist scraping away accumulated plaque buildup and checking for gum disease and tooth decay before it gets too bad. Spending money to maintain healthy teeth can save you a lot of money and pain (literally!) in the long run on more serious procedures.

Your smile is a prominent part of making a great impression and is one of the most noticeable if your smile has flaws. Now you know your options for having healthy teeth and a bright, perfect smile, it is highly recommended that you book an appointment with your cosmetic dentist to find the best options for a smile makeover.

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