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8 Things to Do during Self-Quarantine

Covid-19 has created havoc in the entire world. Major sports events like the Olympics are postponed, and many tourist destinations are shut down. Governments have asked people to stay at home and maintain social distancing. Situations like these can make a person anxious, worrying about the future, and financial conditions. The global pandemic has set a new wave of emotional and mental wellbeing in everyone’s lifestyle. Companies have asked people to work from home and limit their traveling to visit friends and families. Unfortunately, until there is any development in the coronavirus vaccine, life might continue like this.

However, we have to stay optimistic and try to make the best use of self-quarantine days during the pandemic.

1. Follow an Online Yoga or Exercise Program

Self-quarantine can make a person lazy and a couch potato. From binge-watching movies on Netflix to sleeping late and waking up late; these routines can negatively affect your health. Since gyms are also shut down due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have no other option but to self-motivate and workout using online mediums. Many online platforms have started streaming free exercise routines and yoga classes to help you stay fit.

Many youtube fitness and yoga gurus make easy-to-follow exercise routines. Research and find an online trainer that you like to follow and workout with. Starting your day with a good set of exercises will make the entire day productive and keep you healthy.

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2. Get Creative

Everyone has a hobby that is left behind due to our day to day responsibilities. Starting a blog, learning an instrument, or learning a new language can keep you occupied and productive. Think of something that you would love to do and have been wanting to do all this while. You can try your hand at pottery by ordering clay online and playing around with it while learning from youtube videos. The creative work you choose should be something that you are passionate about and should not be forced. Take your time to create something that is just for you. Planning your next trip is also creative. You can research different places, plan the itinerary, and tell your friends about it.

3. Wash Your Vehicle

As we are all stuck at home due to the coronavirus, it is the perfect time to declutter the garage and clean your vehicle. After every grocery shopping trip out or even going out just for a drive, you must disinfect the car interior and exterior without causing any damage. Use disinfectant wipes or pure soap water to clean the steering wheel, leather seats, armrests, cup holders, and vents. If you have a roof rack installed on your vehicle, make sure to wash it thoroughly to prevent any virus spread. The exterior of the car and the door handles should also be properly sanitized.

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4. Cooking

Cooking is not everyone’s strong suite, but one must know basic cooking to survive during challenging times. There are numerous online youtube channels to help you with cooking simple dishes to fancy items. Order the ingredients online, or make a list, and shop for them offline. Prepare yourself a healthy homemade meal that can last for a minimum of two days.

5. Board Games and Card Games

Self-quarantine is the best time to take out all the board games that have been gathering dust because of your busy lifestyle. Now that you have all this extra time, it is best to spend some fun with your family or roommates. Monopoly, UNO, game of life, and many such games can keep everyone hooked for hours. If you are a word Nazi, then show your word power by playing scrabble. People who are staying alone and away from families can play online games with their families. There are online platforms that allow multiple people to play ludo, UNO, and other games. They come with easy to follow instructions that help your elderly family members also to join a fun game.

6. Deep-Clean Your House or Apartment

This is something that everyone procrastinates because of their busy work-life. But now, during this self-quarantine time, deep cleaning your house and closet can be therapeutic and make you feel optimistic. Put some good music on or listen to a podcast while you clean and organize your home. Preparing a calendar for different cleaning tasks will make the chores less daunting. Remember to take before and after pictures to motivate yourself and send them to your loved ones for added appreciation.

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7. Arts and Crafts

Art and crafts are a good way of adding various home decor items around the home. Mandala arts, punch needles, and painting are excellent ways of adding color to your home. The illustrations don’t have to be very detailed. Simple elementary-school-inspired art forms look beautiful and make your home colorful. You can also take inspiration for your artwork from the various places you have traveled to.

8. Read

Everyone has read books throughout their childhood and college days. But reading for pleasure is rarely possible because of the lack of time. This coronavirus self-quarantine time is an excellent time to indulge in reading a good book with a warm drink like coffee or chocolate. There are many popular audiobooks also available that are a boon in these times of distress. Some popular books that you can start reading are “Sapiens: A Brief History of HumanKind” by Yuval Noah Harari, “The Beekeeper of Aleppo” by Christy Lefteri, and “Educated” by Tara Westover.


So, these are nine things that everyone can do to pass their time during self-quarantine. Keeping oneself occupied and motivated will keep you sane. Start by taking small steps every day, and you will be amazed at the progress by the end of this Covid-19 pandemic. An effective way to keep track of your mental and physical well-being is by maintaining a timetable and sticking to it.

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