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8 Tips to Build the Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategies

Consistency is the most important personal factor in social media marketing. With personal dedication and commitment, it becomes easier to decide when and where to make moves, and more crucially, how to make them. Don’t confuse having a strategy with having a plan – strategies are a specific layout of where you want your social media marketing to take your enterprise. On the other hand, your plan will be how you get there.

These are 8 tips that may seem daunting at first however, sticking to them is guaranteed to produce results. 

1. Identify Your Overall Marketing Goals

Have specific points in your social media strategies that are easy to follow. The more specifically your strategy reflects the business goals of your enterprise, the easier they will be to achieve. The strategy will be a window into exactly what you should include and exclude from your strategy.

Maintain your attention to your goals – try not to pile more on your plate than you can deal with at once, unless you have a larger social media marketing team that will be able to divide the workload. Goals that you should definitely have are the following:

  • Increasing brand awareness will increase your customer success by making your enterprise more relevant.
  • Increasing communication with customers through responding to reviews and complaints, as well as having real time online chat features will improve your public relations.
  • Identifying and contacting suitable brand advocates will help product growth.

2. Use a Quiz Maker for Creating Content before Releasing to Your Target Audience

Content is the tool; social media is the platform; your brand is the performer. Engage both potential and actual customers with relevant quizzes. These could relate to aspects about both them and your brand, facilitating personalized results. These will be enjoyed and shared, attracting more traffic to your page.

“Alternatively, create specific audience personas and create a “which one are you” quiz. People love labelling themselves within consumerism. To do this, first learn about your customers and categorize what they like and do. Eight to ten personas are enough,” says Arthur Boutin.

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3. Analyse Reports from Competitors

Competitive analysis can lead to well-crafted and intuitive strategizing. Through studying reports from your competitors, you can read into the mechanics behind their successes. What platforms do they use most, how and when do they share content, what do they do to maintain public relations…

Keep the types of competitors you look at broad. This will be best for grouping what information you are looking at, including costs, content, communication etc. Also, focus on key words and phrases that you see repeating in different competitor reports.

4. Constructive Learning

When trying to decide which direction to move in, it is often most effective to turn around and see which direction you were walking in the first place. Scroll back to older content before you had much direction with social media marketing. When examining these posts, see which content generated the most engagement, which had the most developing effect on your following demographic and which can inspire you to move forward with developing new strategies.

5. Be Selective with Platforms and Accounts

Different platforms are best for different goals. Text communication, including lengthier multi-media posts are best suited to Facebook. Simple media, such as images and short videos are most suited to Snapchat and Instagram. Brand connections are most suited to LinkedIn.

“Depending on what audience you are trying to reach, different platforms will be better to spend your effort on. Examine the type of content you are going to publicize and make a decision on the target audience, then think about platform,” says Willis Lowe.

Also, posting content on multiple platforms in a synchronized fashion is highly effective at increasing reach. Take the time to adapt each piece to specific platforms though.

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6. Learn from Successful Strategies

There are great success stories from brands that have been using social media for a very long time. These brands don’t necessarily need to be that similar to your own brand, as they will always have something that you can relate to. Look at dedicated success pages for the social media giants: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Examine goals, KPIs, platforms, timing, communication efforts and social media marketing teams including how they collaborated. This will increase your understanding of how to achieve customer success through social media.

7. Creating a Social Media Calendar to Plan all of Your Content

The importance of this becomes apparent when noticing that posting content at different times affects traffic and engagement. Avoid posting impulsively, as this is misguided. Within your social media marketing team, assign certain tasks to certain pairs of hands. One of these should be giving times and dates to posts. Another should be creating content that suitably addresses laid-out goals. Another should be checking how content balances on different platforms, and maintaining the consistency of content production.

Also schedule time to interact with customers, as well as ensuring the diversity of your content with a social media calendar.

8. Watch Your Efforts Progress

Create graphs and tables to track changes in customer interaction, KPIs and collaborative efforts. This will lead your brand to expansion opportunities on a regular basis and will create new contacts with customers and competitor brands simply through the natural flow of data.

Monitor how many leads are generated from specific content in order to keep crafting it well.

Creating a well-crafted and directed approach to social media marketing requires dedication and commitment. See it as an ongoing project and assign a team to take care of it. The team will deal with what you plan to do and how to do it, all through social media. Everything should be meaningful – every post and engagement with customers. Increasing your specificity will aim your efforts at your goals more accurately.

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