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8 Trusty Ways to Get Lucky

Some people are born lucky. People say they came into the world with a real gift and they seem to go through life succeeding at everything. But for most of us, luck doesn’t come as easy. Supposedly, luck is a success (or failure) that comes naturally or happens by mere chance. While some people think luck just comes and goes and we don’t have a say, there are many others who believe that you can make your own luck. 

We feel like there are many ways in which you can “get lucky”. There are several ingredients you can control to make luck come your way. If you’re looking for trusted ways to get lucky, check out the tips below. 

1. Engage in Optimistic Superstitions 

There’s nothing wrong or harmful following superstitions to attract good luck. While being overly superstitious and leaving some decisions to fate is considered naive and unstable, we recommend relying on small rituals that you believe will help you get lucky in life. 

They say lucky people believe in positive superstitions more than negative ones. In fact, some studies have shown that people who have superstitions are more likely to perform better in sports, mental skills, and in their professional careers. Whether it’s having a “lucky” item to accompany you or a small ritual before an important event, stick to it to get lucky. 

2. Do Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy in which a person can attract or repel luck according to the way they harmonize with their surroundings. Plenty of items can be used as decorations in Feng Shui to bring good luck and fortune to your life.

Some popular Feng Shui items for luck are bamboo sticks, Feng Shui tortoise, three-legged frog to attract abundance, the laughing Buda figurine, crystal lotus to attract good luck placed strategically on the southwest corner of your bedroom, and an abacus for prosperity.

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3. Maximize Your Luck, Never Stop Trying 

This is a crucial piece of advice. This is where we prove that luck doesn’t happen by chance but by your efforts. To get lucky, you need to pay close attention to opportunities. Keep trying to create your own and be prepared for the right moment. 

Don’t get paralyzed by fear or just sit around for things to happen to you when you could be trying new things such as playing RTG casinos (Realtime Gaming), thinking outside the box, and step out of your comfort zone. This can make you more experienced and open several doors your way which increases your chances of “getting lucky”. 

4. Always Follow Your Intuition

If you want to get lucky in life, you need to trust your gut. That is, follow your intuition. Intuition is that feeling when your heart and your mind are detecting something unusual. Whether it’s positive or negative, intuition lets your body know if you should or shouldn’t do something. Intuition is so important, it plays a key factor in people’s relationships and career moves. 

While intuition is not magic, it is a great survival trait of humans. It’s some sort of a radar telling us if we should do something or if we should stay away from something. So next time your heart is telling you something, listen to it! 

5. See the Bright Side of Everything, Turn Negatives into Positives

Sometimes it’s not that lucky people have only good things come their way but the way they take and handle negative things is very different from the rest of us. You must look at the bright side of things even when things aren’t going exactly your way. You need to believe it will all turn around soon. Stay calm and don’t feel unfortunate because there’s always a silver lining to any situation. If you’re going through a rough patch, keep your head up and be optimistic because you don’t know if this bad situation will eventually connect you to the best thing to happen in your life. 

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6. Act to Prevent Negative Things from Happening Again

As we said, nobody is exempt from bad things from happening to them. After all, we’re all only human. But just because something negative happened doesn’t mean it broke your good luck streak. It just means this is the perfect opportunity to learn from your situation and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Lucky people are also prepared people who take matters into their own hands and make the most out of every negative situation, no matter how small. 

7. Expect Good Luck to Come Your Way 

This advice is basically having good old optimism. If you go through life believing everything will be fine and any pending situation will resolve in your favor, it’s quite possible it will. Have a firm conviction that you’ll succeed in everything you set your mind on. 

A positive state of mind can attract good luck and help you keep your options open and your mind ready for new situations. By contrast, negative people are most likely to attract negative events and problems. 

8. Perform Self-Hypnosis 

A strong and controlled mindset is a very important aspect of being lucky in life. If you want to attract good luck and great opportunities you might want to try self-hypnosis. Practicing self-hypnosis on a daily basis can help you regain control of your life and your personal traits, planting self-confidence seeds in your mind, and giving you the power to achieve all you want. 

Good luck can be achieved with a solid combination of following small superstitions, wishing or anticipating good luck, being confident, creating opportunities, and increase your motivation and performance to prevent yourself from negative events in your life. Feeling lucky yet?

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