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8 Unique Ways to Light up Your Living Room

Good lighting in the living room creates the right ambiance, feel, and accent. These features will help highlight various areas of the living room. While designing the type of lighting you want in the living room, you’ll have the opportunity to get creative with your lighting choices. So here are 10 unique ways to light up your living room and make your home warm and cozy.

1. Adopt an assortment of lighting methods

Mix different types of lighting. You can have table lamps, floor lamps, hanging lights, and pot lights to adorn the room. This will help highlight the different parts of the living room. For instance, you can place a floor lamp in a corner of the living room to emphasize a reading area. The way you mix these lighting fixtures is a direct portrayal of your creativity. For proper lighting, you should place the lights in different parts of the living room but be sure that you blend them with the rest of the room’s decor.

2. Use soft lighting

When you want to create a romantic setting, consider incorporating non-electric light sources for a softer feel.  Candles are a great example of soft lighting. They not only will create a warm atmosphere in the living room but is also pleasing to the eye. To adjust the brightness or to enhance the ambiance, use multiple candles and disperse them all around the room. This is one of the unique ways to create natural lighting in your living room.

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3. Use track lights

Hanging track lights are a magnificent way to brighten your living room while highlighting various areas. This is mostly applicable if you have a large living room and the other lightings are recessed. You can do this by hanging multiple fixtures in the living room area. When doing this, you need to know that the hanging fixtures need to be of a simple design for balance and silhouettes. Consider hanging these fixtures on a grid instead of picking random spots on the ceiling.

4. Incorporate floor lamps

If you are looking to illuminate your living room while creating a beautiful space, you should go for floor lamps. Floor lamps provide great lighting while cuddling on your couch or reading under the lamps. The lamps help improve the decor in your living room since you can choose attractive designs for the lamp stands. This will not only enhance the ambience of the living room but also create an inviting space for you and your guests.

5. Use chandeliers

While chandeliers are typical for foyers or dining rooms, it is an unique choice to put a chandelier in the living room. This is makes an elegant design statement for your guests. Chandeliers can come in different sizes, shapes, designs, color, and styles. You could also add different bulb colors to the chandelier to throw off different colors or different shades. Choose an extraordinary design for your chandelier so that you can show off your classic taste in the living room.

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6. Use sculptural sconces

This is yet another creative way to light up your living room where you use sculptural light fixtures! Modern sconces can be customized to fit your desires as well as the style of your living room. This means that you can adjust the direction of the light and where it focuses as well as change the shape of the sconce depending on your taste. This is actually a fascinating choice of lighting when it comes to lighting up your living room.

7. Use an arc lights

Ceiling lights are commonly used in a living room but if you find them plain and boring, then  you could go for an arc light. Arc lights are floor lamps that towers over and bends over an area. When using arcs, however, you should use high arcs that are comfortable for your guests and yourself by avoiding bumping your heads on them. Arcs are considered modern lighting fixtures, implying that they best fit for contemporary style living rooms.

8. Rely on your instincts

The most important fact about lighting for your living room is to stick with and trusting your own instincts. Sometimes all it takes to create a unique style is to try to connect the living room to the rest of the house. You should have fun while creating the stylistic atmosphere in your home. Your aim is to create a living room area that portrays an amazing sense of style while still being functional and comfortable. Believe in your ideas and find a way to make them look interesting.

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