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8 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Single

When you are single, you may not have the motivation or drive to get into the celebrative mood for Valentine’s day. However, you can always celebrate by yourself or with friends and create long-lasting memories to be cherished upon later on in life. Here are 8 ways to help you celebrate Valentine’s day and make the most out of this special day despite being single.

1. Decorate your home or office with Valentine’s Day crafts


One easy way to get yourself in the Valentine’s Day mood is to decorate your home or office with various crafts or store-bought decorations. Thankfully, Valentine’s Day is one of the easiest holidays to decorate for; as you can easily and quickly craft decorations with red and pink construction and tissue paper.

When decorating your office space for Valentine’s day, you will want to keep your decorations subtle and mature to fit a professional atmosphere. Heart rocks are an inexpensive and subtle decoration to put color on your desk and take only a few minutes to create.

To make this craft, you will need a smooth decorative rock or pebble that fits in the palm of your hand and colored glitter glue. Once you have your rock, lightly map out a picture of a heart on the face of the stone and use the glitter glue to fill in the picture.

While red and pink are the main colors of Valentine’s day, you can choose any color of glue you desire. Make sure, though, that the color you choose does not match the color of the rock, you want the heart to visually stand out from the rock. After making your heart, wait a few hours to let the glue dry and you are done.

If you aren’t in the crafting mood, you can always decorate with store-bought crafts like red or pink streamers, plastic heart wreaths, or Valentine’s Day stickers, to name a few examples.

2. Make valentine cards for your friends and coworkers

Making Valentine’s Day cards for your friends and coworkers are an easy way to show your appreciation and gratitude for those you enjoy in your life or office. Valentine’s day cards are extremely easy to make and take little time and effort. All you need is pink, red, or purple colored construction paper, scissors, markers, and treats such as candy, chocolate, or suckers.

You can also forego hand-making your Valentine’s day cards and opt in to buying a box of cards from the local store, which will save you time and effort.

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3. Treat yourself to a nice meal

Being single doesn’t mean you can’t go out to a nice restaurant and treat yourself on Valentine’s Day. Make sure to make reservations at your restaurant of choice well before the special day because it will be extremely busy on Valentine’s Day with long wait times and large crowds.

One perk of being single is that you don’t have to wait until dinner (when couples are off work) for a nice meal. You can avoid waiting and dealing with large crowds by celebrating Valentine’s Day early with a lavish lunch, giving you a perfect break in the middle of the day for relaxation.

4. Throw a singles only party

Embrace your single lifestyle by throwing a party for the single members of your family and/or friend group. Decorate your space with basic Valentine’s Day decorations, like streamers and red accents, and invite all of your single friends.

Stock your party with Valentine’s Day goodies like candy hearts, chocolate fondue and fruit, raspberry cocktails, and plenty of snack foods. Make a playlist of your favorite dance tracks celebrate by dancing the night away with your closest friends.

5. Try a new cooking recipe

Take inspiration from the love surrounding the holiday by trying a Valentine’s Day inspired multiple course dinner recipe. For example, you can try this elegant Lobster Colorado recipe that uses top ingredients like lobster tails, filet mignon, and bacon to create a dinner to die for. You can follow it up with a rich  White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake for dessert.

6. Celebrate with your animals

Your pets are a large part of your life, show them your love and gratitude this Valentine’s Day by making them special treats. Like these dog-friendly treats that resemble the extremely popular Valentine’s day candy — conversation hearts. These simple dog treats use oat flour, all-purpose flour, coconut oil, and unsweetened applesauce to make dedicant treats for your furry friends. These hearts take about 60 minutes to make and can be decorated with messages written by dog-safe food pens.

You can also buy matching cute Valentine’s Day bows, shirts, and even hats, for you and your pets to create a perfect holiday card or picture in celebration for the holiday.

7. Have a spa day

When you are single on Valentine’s Day, you have more money to splurge on yourself instead of on gifts and dinners for another person. Take advantage of the situation and make reservations at a nice spa for Valentine’s Day. Show appreciation to yourself with a stress-free day of relaxation and pampering, allowing you to get the rest you deserve.

8. Catch up on your favorite TV shows or have a movie marathon

Celebrate the end of Valentine’s Day by binge-watching your favorite show or starting a new series that you have been wanting to watch. If you don’t want to commit to starting a new show, you can also celebrate by having a movie marathon. Grab a glass of wine and put on your favorite romantic comedy to make a great end to your single Valentine’s Day celebration.

You don’t have to miss out on Valentine’s Day celebrations because you are single – there are a large variety of activities that you can do to get in the holiday mood without a significant other. The ways described in this list should be seen as inspiration for you to create the best Valentine’s Day celebration possible, regardless of your relationship status.

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