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8 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Fresh and Clean

The physical activity in cleaning and the factors brought by cleanliness improves the physical and mental health of the occupants. In fact, according to a study, people who viewed their living spaces as cluttered were more depressed, fatigued, and have higher levels of stress hormone compared to people with restful and clean homes.

That being said, it’s essential to keep your home clean to ensure healthy living and work efficiency. There are easy ways to live in a healthier home despite your busy schedule at work or in school.

In this article, you’ll get to know some techniques on making your home feel fresh and clean.

1. Invest in an Air Filter

One way to protect your family from air pollutants in your house is by investing in an air filter. These filters are created to improve the air quality by eliminating pollutants, like dust, pet dander, allergens, formaldehyde from paints, smoke, and other air contaminants. To ensure that you’ll get your money’s worth, look for the best air purifiers that’ll ensure the safety of your family’s health.

By having an air filter, you’ll definitely have a cleaner and fresher home that’s fit for living.

2. Declutter

Doing general cleaning may be difficult for you but a quick decluttering may help make your house clean. The technique involves taking an instant trip through all areas of your home as you collect trash and throw it away. The aim is to clear the surface from clutter and not to clean everything.

To gradually remove the clutter in your home, do this regularly, which usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. With less effort and a certain degree of order, you’ll have a spacious and cleaner home.

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3. Make Your Bed

It may be small but making the bed can start your day right because you’ve just accomplished the first task of the day. Also, the activity will give you a sense of pride and encourages you to do another task. Hence, little things, such as making your bed, allows you to be more productive.

Once you get the habit of making your bed, you’ll be inspired to improve the bedroom’s appearance in many ways. Here are some tips when making a bed:

  • Make a Ritual out of it: Doing an act more often will make you faster and eventually make it a habit.
  • Wash Your Linens and Supplies: Wash the sheets, mattress pads, and pillowcases once or twice a month.
  • Use a Mattress Pad: The pad is easier to clean than the mattress. If possible, choose a pad that’s comfortable and prevents the mattress spoiling from sweat and other stains.

4. Keep Your Kitchen Sink Clean and Empty

A dirty kitchen can make your home more chaotic and stressful. So, it’s better to keep the sink clean and empty.

Here are some tips for the best ways to send stains and germs down the drain:

  • Get Rid of Gunk: Wash the dishes and remove the dirt and stains in the sink. To get rid of the mess, you can use an eraser-type sponge and an all-purpose cleaner or bleach.
  • Sanitize Wisely: To sanitize the sink, plug the drain and fill to the brim with warm water and a tablespoon of bleach. Scrub with a sponge and let sit for five minutes. After it’s done, rinse and dry.
  • Make it Easier Next Time: Since it’s an oxidizing agent, you can use baking soda to fight kitchen stains. Just sprinkle on stained spots and let it set. Then, wipe and rinse, allowing you to easily clean your kitchen sink.

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5. Wipe Down the Counter

Wiping food and water stains on kitchen counters can make your home look fresh. To clean tabletops and counters, you can use a clean cloth with bleach or a natural stone cleaner. The work is usually done after a drive-by-decluttering session.

When you’re feeling motivated, you can take extra minutes wiping down other flat surfaces. Removing the extra layer of dust will be easy and worth it.

6. Make it Smell Nice

Most of us associate pleasant fragrancies with cleanliness; even the messiest place may seem clean if it smells good. Improving the home’s sensory atmosphere will provide an overall feeling of freshness, order, and cleanliness.

Here are the best ways to make your house smell nice all the time:

  • Clean the garbage disposal.
  • Refresh carpets and rugs.
  • Spruce up the trash bins by cleaning and sanitizing them.
  • Simmer herbs, like lavender, peppermint, and slices of citrus fruits, on the stove.
  • To fill the room with the desired aroma, scatter candles throughout the house but don’t light them.
  • To help purify the air, place indoor plants.
  • Freshen up the vents.
  • To have a fresh-out-of-the-laundry-scent, place a few dryer sheets in dressers or closets.

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7. Vacuum

Another way to make your home cleaner and fresher is by using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the surface, carpets, and mats. You can do a quick glide in open and high-traffic areas where people walk the most. Eventually, it’ll transform your house to have a much better appearance. For hard-surface flooring, use a rag to spot-clean the floors.

Set a schedule for deep cleaning stuff, including vacuuming the curtains, under the couch, and air vents. The focus of this job is to instantly remove mess from open areas of the house to clear and clean the space.

8. Introduce Live Plants

A bunch of fresh flowers and indoor plants can instantly make your house feel cleaner and fresher. In fact, some real estate agents use this as a staging trick to make homes feel cozier.

With the additional floral scent, the fresh flowers will make the room more polished and appealing, giving your home a wonderful aroma.

Some of the indoor plants that purify the air include:

  • Purple Waffle Plant
  • English Ivy
  • Wax Plant
  • Asparagus Fern
  • Purple Spiderwort
  • Nerve Plant
  • Weeping Fig

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The mentioned tips above can help you improve the home’s overall appeal and sense of comfortability. Some of the tips involved quick and easy steps that can be made into a habit if done persistently. Others involve a one-time investment, like buying air filters that will minimize the health risk among your family.

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