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8 Ways to Make Your Yoga More Enjoyable

Yoga is one of the most relaxing and mystic practices that can also help you tone your body like you wouldn’t believe! But let’s face it, some people just can’t find a way to enjoy this practice and do it only because it was instructed by a professional or, because it’s the only physical activity they can perform. But yoga doesn’t have to be an annoying practice, so keep reading to find out how to make your yoga more enjoyable.

1. Practice Yoga With a Friend

One of the ultimate ways to make your yoga classes more enjoyable is to do it with someone you care about and love. Pick out a friend, or a relative, and ask them if they want to participate in a yoga class with you. If you know someone who you know is going through tough times and could use some distraction, inviting them over for yoga can cheer them up. Make sure you both concentrate on your class so you don’t distract each other and get the movements right, and once you’re done you can go grab a coffee and chat for hours about how much you enjoyed your session.

2. Find Yoga Poses for Your Specific Conditions

Any yoga class can be a very bad experience if you’re trying too hard to strike poses that are difficult and even painful for you. A great way to make yoga more enjoyable for you and help you keep on practicing it, is to find yoga poses that adjust to your level of expertise and your health conditions. If you do yoga for an instructor, ask them to adjust and correct your aligning poses, and ask them if they could please let you know of some poses to correct pains and lesions. Soon enough you’ll find that yoga is just what you needed to align your spine or get rid of that bad hip!

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3. Listen to Relaxing Music

Practically everything in life is ten times better with music. If you want to create the perfect ambiance so you enjoy your yoga time even more, play some relaxing music for yoga sessions. These tunes include soothing sounds, calming vibes and even come with small meditation mantras you can listen to intently while you’re in your yoga positions. A good soundtrack from your relaxing music collection selected for your yoga class will make you feel relaxed, concentrated and even in tune with your whole body and emotions, making the vibe of your session a very profound and spiritual one.

4. Use Aromatherapy During Yoga Classes

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic natural plant extracts and essential oils in order to improve a person’s mental and emotional state. Aromatherapy can greatly improve your yoga experience by helping you reach deeper levels of relaxation and concentration. If you have a modern diffuser you can pour in a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and if you don’t have one just boil an aromatic plant like mint leaves or lavender and place it near the area where you lay your yoga mat. When you’re performing your yoga poses, try to inhale even deeper than you usually do to really take in the benefits of the scents.

5. Practice Yoga Outdoors Instead of Somewhere Closed

Nature and fresh air are always the perfect setting to practice yoga. So next time, instead of doing your poses in your living room, take your mat outside into the garden and soak up

the sun and the sounds of birds. Being outside instantly makes you feel happier because sunlight has a calming and energizing effect on people. As a plus, practicing yoga under the sun can make you break a sweat and burn down more calories. If you’re not a fan of feeling hot while doing yoga, there’s also something magical about striking yoga poses beneath the moonlight.

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6. Wear Bright-Colored Clothes

Even though there’s no scientific link between the color of your clothing and how you perform on your yoga class, most people say that picking a nice and colorful outfit instantly motivates them to exercise. It is said that bright colors stimulate something in your brain that perks you up or gets your spirits high, which is exactly what you need to get up and take out your yoga mat. Many yoga clothing items come in cheerful colors, so pick the one you like best and you’ll be eager to show your new outfit at the next yoga class.

7. Mix Up Yoga Styles in One Session

For experienced and newbies alike, it’s not a secret that there are several yoga styles out there. While you can find almost any type of yoga by looking for an instructor, not all of them offer “mixed style” classes. Trying a blend of techniques can be a great idea to enjoy your classes more, because it’s a way of picking the best and most useful poses from each style and bringing them together in one session. If you want to try this out yourself, just make sure that the movements have continuity and that you’ll be able to do them without getting hurt. Some popular yoga styles to try out are Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Kundalini.

8. Meditate for a Few Minutes Right After Yoga Class

Meditation is a practice that can go hand in hand with yoga. In fact, in its classic form, yoga involves a mindful state where the person needs to clear their mind and only focus on their breathing and movements. If meditation is something you’re not familiar with, the best way to start is by laying down on your mat right after you finish your yoga class, closing your eyes and just letting the ambiance surround you. Focus on taking deep breaths and clearing your mind, making it the best and most peaceful way to end your practice.

These might be very tiny actions, but we assure you they’ll have very strong effects on your body and mind. Follow our recommendations and you’ll enjoy your yoga classes so much that you’ll be eager to get back to your mat the moment you stand up from it.

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