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9 Easy Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation

Traveling and holidays provide a welcome break from the daily grind of work and responsibilities. However, that doesn’t mean that travelers have to give up their workouts and fitness goals. There are plenty of ways that sports and fitness can be incorporated into a fun holiday:

1. Pack Some Snacks

If you’re stuck traveling a lot during your holidays, the only food you would have access to in an airport or ferry will be from fast food restaurants and vending machines. By packing some snacks of your own, you’ll be able to ensure that you have guaranteed access to something healthy and delicious during your holiday so you can avoid fast food and junk food.

Be sure to comply with relevant airline restrictions, and make sure the snacks you choose can’t easily be crushed in your luggage, and ensure that the snacks are something that will provide long-lasting energy. You don’t need to spend days before the holiday planning each meal or baking a huge batch of energy balls – simply buy your favorite cereal bars or protein bars as they are perfect for situations like this.

2. Travel-Sized Workout Equipment

Having some workout tools on hand is an easy way to fill those spare few minutes with some exercise. Smaller items like jumping ropes and resistance bands are very portable and won’t add much extra weight to your baggage. Having some workout equipment available is a great workout motivator, especially if there aren’t many fitness options available.

Visualize yourself carrying out a workout once you get there. Are you planning on doing a morning workout in your hotel room? A jumping rope wouldn’t be the best option if you end up in a small, upstairs room, but would work well in a hotel’s gardens, or your destination’s local park.

Also consider testing out your travel workout routine a few times before you set off. This will ensure that what you’ve planned will work when you get there and will give you no excuse not to do your workout at your destination.

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3. Walk the Town

The best way to get a feel of a new city or town is to explore it on foot. Refrain from jumping in taxis between points of interest and instead take the scenic route. While walking around, you’re guaranteed to stumble upon more interesting sights to see, find delicious looking restaurants and experience some authentic culture. Spending sunny days hiking and seeing sights on foot is a great way to stay fit and keep up your step count when the gym isn’t an option.

Some destinations are even a great place to book a cycling tour, or you might discover breath-taking hiking spots that let you look at the surrounding landmarks from a different perspective. Perhaps your chosen destination even has many beaches, where games of beach volleyball take place all day long.

4. Hotel Gym

Plenty of hotels offer access to fitness equipment with some even having an entire gym, pool and spa facilities. If you’d rather not leave the gym at home, try and look for hotels that include fitness equipment when booking. If your hotel or hostel doesn’t have a gym attached, it’s worth visiting hotels that do and asking about day or weekly pass options.

5. Workout in the Pool

Most people who go on vacation plan to sunbathe by the pool. Who doesn’t visit a pool at least once during their holiday? But surprisingly few people actually ever get in to the pool on their vacation. If you will be lounging beside a pool at your destination, try getting in to the pool every half hour or so for some brisk, low-impact pool walking. This seemingly easy workout hasn’t got much of a learning curve, but can be thoroughly exhausting, even if you only do it for ten minutes or so. 

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6. Join a Class

Find local fitness classes in the area you’re staying and work them into your travel itinerary. To combine fitness with culture, you could work out what sports are popular in the area and learn something new; for example, tourists can participate in a Muai Thai boxing class in Thailand. Taking a yoga class in Bali, Indonesia, is a great way to connect with the local energy of the city and is an absolute must-do for travelers.


HIIT training has exploded in popularity in recent years but nowhere is it more applicable than when traveling. HIIT takes limited amounts of time, so travelers can get back to sightseeing while the high intensity aspect ensures they are getting a proper workout.

8. Intermittent Fasting

Being on vacation means having the freedom to treat yourself and enjoy the finer things in life such as, all the wonderful cuisine the world has to offer. If you’re concerned about how all that indulgence could affect your fitness, we recommend intermittent fasting throughout your holiday. This way, travelers can sample whatever food they like within a limited time period while staying on top of their fitness plans.

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9. Hiking

Another great way to explore a holiday destination and stay fit is to check out the surrounding wildlife and embark on hikes and treks through the wilderness. Nothing beats hiking and reaching the top of a mountain and looking down on the city you’re staying in.  Some destinations are absolutely made for hiking.

For larger hikes, there will undoubtedly be group excursions that travelers can join with some designed to reach the peak at sunrise and watch the dawn fall over the town below. These hikes are a lot of fun, and will leave you with great memories to take home with you.

In an unfamiliar place, stick to approved, known, regulated and recognized hiking spots. Don’t deviate from any marked routes too much. Also, be sure to bring along a working cellphone and other locally-recommended safety gear.


Staying active for the duration of your travels doesn’t have to be difficult. There is so much of the world to see and experience that even if travelers can’t get to the gym every day, exploring somewhere new goes hand in hand with fitness and activity.

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