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9 Epic Man Cave Décor Ideas to Feel at Home in Your Space

Sometimes you need a time-out from your family and the hustle and bustle in your house, and the best thing to do in that situation is to spend time in your safe place. Your safe space can be a room which is solely yours, and you get to decide what to put in it and how to put it. In men’s case, this separate room is called man cave. However, if you do have a man cave in your house, it needs to look presentable and be a reflection of YOU! Remember, it should look good not because people will see it, but because you need to feel good in your room.

If you are having trouble with man cave ideas or figuring out how to use man cave décor, there are a few things you can try. The trick with decorating is to make yourself feel at home. So you must ask yourself, what is your idea of home? You can be as creative as you desire , you can take risks, and you do not have to be afraid about it because it is your space, after all.

The first thing you need to decide on is the theme. The theme is dependent on your interests as a whole and what you are passionate about . Are you interested in video games? Do you love movies? Is there a specific genre of movie that you are passionate about? Are you interested in science? Maybe love music. The point is, you can decorate your room according to your preferences and not anyone else’s .

Look up some cool man cave signs and put them on your wall. You can buy posters, paint your walls in that color, and buy decoration pieces. Some people use replicas of airplanes and submarines to show off their interest in action films or the armed forces. If you want, you can make your own man cave bar! A man cave bar can have all your favorite drinks for when you want to freshen up a bit and can be decorated with customized man cave signs to make the space yours . Make sure that every piece of man cave décor resonates with your man cave ideas and theme.

Now that you have a clear idea on what you want your room to look like, take a look at some of these items that you must have in your man cave décor.

  • Art

You can decorate your man cave by hanging up customized man cave signs or various pieces of art that are related to the theme that you have chosen for your room. For example, if your room is decorated with the souvenirs of your favorite band, you can put up their concert or album posters and pictures. If you love a particular film, you can put up its poster or find art with quotes taken from the movie’s script. If you cannot find any quotes worth of using, you can always print them for yourself and then get them framed in cute designs.

  • Beanbag

If you expect to feel comfortable in your man cave, then it needs to be furnished with comfort in mind. Pieces of Man cave furniture should look classy while being practical. You do not want your room to have little or no man cave furniture or worse, uncomfortable seating arrangements. Bean bag chairs are always a good idea when it comes to comfortable seating. They are soft, huge and you will definitely not have any back problems from sitting on it.

  • Dartboard

If you are into games and want something entertaining in the room, you can add a pool table, poker table, or dart board to your man cave. That way, when you get tired of looking at your computer screen, you can relieve built-up tension by playing some board games, shooting pool, and even indulging in a little physical exercise. You can even put up a man cave sign above the dartboard or pool table to make it look more stylish.

  • Bookshelf

No room is complete without a bookshelf, and you do not want your man cave to look empty and underwhelming. Give your belongings a manlier home and get an industrial bookshelf where you can store your books, DVDs and just about anything. A bookshelf adds an air of sophistication to your space and will help keep the room tidy,  because you will not have to put things on the floor. Once you figure out the perfect spot for your bookshelf, you should lay out the way how you want your shelf to look like when it is adjusted on the wall.

  • Denim Ottoman

What is better than an ottoman? A denim ottoman! A denim ottoman is great for putting any unwanted clutter out of sight. You can use it as a storage compartment to put your gaming tools or store anything that you want to that can fit within its manly interior.

  • Manly Candles For Decor

You want your man cave to smell nice, right ? Give it a touch of warmth and comfort by choosing candles with a manly scent, such as whiskey scented candles, to keep your space smelling clean and fresh! Homes always have these certain areas that men prefer, and they should not only look nice but smell nice as well. Scented man candles are the perfect solution for this dilemma! You can put these candles in your man cave and relax.

  • Rustic Look

You can skip wall painting altogether and incorporate a rustic look in the room instead. You can add exposed brick walls to  invokea feeling of warmth in your newly rustic environment. You can decide to make a single wall rustic in your man cave, or you can choose to do all of them, it is truly up to you. If you do go for brick walls, however, make sure to choose your man cave furniture accordingly . So, if your wall gives off a brown or gray color, you should look for wooden furniture that compliments the whole vibe of your space. But, make sure that wooden or not, there is a comfortable place to sit where you can relax and even lay down for a bit if needed. The harmony between wood and brick will draw your focus to any sunlight illuminating your room from the windows.

  • Chandelier

Add a little aesthetic to your space with the help of a classy chandelier. A chandelier is an excellent way to make the space feel cozy and sophisticated, at the same time. It will not only help in the décor, but it will also help make the room brighter. The gentle light added from a chandelier can make a room feel warmer too. Try to match your chandelier with the theme of your room, so it does not stand out for the wrong reasons.

  • Man Cave Bar

You can never go wrong with adding a bar to your epic man cave ideas list. The man cave bar can be the focal point of your space and can serve as the main theme for your room. One cool idea that comes with adding a bar to your man cave, is the possibility of customizing your own epic arsenal of man cave signs to be hung in and around your bar and man cave.

By now you should have plenty of man cave ideas on how to do an epic man cave décor! Start by exploring what you want your personal space to look like and make sure to have fun decorating it.

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