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9 Expert Tips to Add Longevity to Your Wooden Floors

Home renovations can be super exciting and stressful. You can opt for new kitchen cabinets, get new furniture, or give a fresh coat of paint to the walls. However, if you want to enhance the home’s look, replacing the floors could be the best decision.  After all, the flooring is the best starting point to create a beautiful house. 

Wooden flooring offers a fascinating appearance with a luxurious touch, giving your home a full-fledged makeover. Besides its impeccable visual appeal, it is one the oldest and most durable floors. If you don’t have much knowledge about wooden floors and their durability here we are unfolding 9 expert tips to add longevity to your wooden floors. 

1. Invest in Quality

With rising competition in the wood markets, you will come across many companies offering wooden flooring at the cheapest rates. Indeed, such offers can be irresistible, but think again, because quality comes with a price. While the best wood suppliers won’t be inexpensive, you will get to save money further down the line. After all, quality wooden floorings don’t need replacement for much longer than cheap wooden ones. 

If you are residing in Georgia, looking up for the best Atlanta flooring company can help you get your hands on the best oak and offers a flawless installation, eliminating the frustration of loose panels and uneven floors.

2. Choose Chemical-Free Cleaning Products 

Chemicals can damage and tarnish wooden floors in no time. Likewise, the shining sprays and floor polish contains waxes and oil will ruin the floor’s texture. Therefore, opt for organic cleaning products that are safe for wooden floors and don’t leave any residue.

3. Avoid Moisture & Liquid Damage 

Do you notice any hazy appearance or milky coating on the surface? These are signs of damage from excessive moisture. It ruins the wood’s color while impacting its durability. Since spilling food and water are typical in homes, consider protecting your floors with rugs or mats. Otherwise, you can get a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air. It draws air over cold coils to condense out moisture from the room, improving the floor’s durability. 

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4. Organize Toys & Shoes 

The debris and dirt on the shoe’s sole act as abrasives, damaging the wooden floors’ upper coat. Likewise, high heels exert additional pressure per inch, leading to dents in the planks. So, keep a shoe organizer next to the entrance and take off your shoes before entering the house. 

Moreover, if you have children at home, organize their toys. Legos, blocks, and wheeled toys bring in abrasive material that can damage the floors. You also have to keep your pets’ nails in check and clip them often to prevent your floors, furniture, and doors from scratching. 

5. Limit Sun Exposure 

Sunlight might seem harmless for wooden flooring, but UV rays can cause discoloration. Most homeowners don’t notice this until they lift the rugs and see a massive difference. If you don’t want this to happen, invest in solar shades for your window treatments. In addition to protecting floors from damaging sun rays, it will improve your wooden floors’ longevity. Also, you won’t have to rearrange the furniture to hide all the discoloration. 

6. Reseal to Protect

Experts suggest resealing the floors every three to five years for optimal protection. You can think of it as a maintenance coat where you have to apply a thin layer of polyurethane to save the wood from damage. Similarly, you can also sand-finish the floors every 15-20 years to keep the shine and beauty intact. However, make sure the wood finish dries up and smoothens quickly to avoid stickiness. It will prevent the floors from accidental damage, making your wooden floorings last a lifetime. 

7. Vacuum Floors Every Week 

All the food crumbs, grime, and dust can make wood lose its shine quickly. Therefore, no matter how frantic your schedule is, spare some time for cleaning the floors. You can use a good quality broom with soft bristles or a dust mop to remove small particles from the edges. Believe it or not, cleaning is one of the most effective ways of increasing the floor’s durability. 

8. Place Rugs & Mats 

Although wooden floors have a thick texture and excellent resistance, use rugs around high traffic areas in the house. You can place a medium-sized rug around the sink and dishwasher to prevent potential damage from water or traffic. Similarly, place floor mats at the entrance and exit of each room. It will accumulate corrosive substances such as dust, soil, lubricant, and gravel, saving your floors from all the mess. 

9. Stop Dragging the Furniture!

You might not notice, but every time to push a chair or drag a table from one corner to another, floors get damaged. In addition to spoiling their texture, it leads to scratches across the wood. Thus, avoid dragging furniture and place protective pads and gliders underneath to prevent wear and tear. 

Final Words 

The elegance, beauty, and longevity of floors depend on how you maintain them. You can take care of the floors by regularly cleaning and preventing them from getting scratched. Likewise, use rugs and mats in high traffic areas to limit the chances of deterioration, improving the floor’s durability. 

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