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9 Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom Design

Bathroom renovation is always a good idea. Beautiful ceramics, new modern vanity, and plenty of decorations are a pleasure to shop for. Apart from that, you can’t underestimate the role of lighting. It helps to create ambiance and place a focus on particular objects – for example, architecture or exclusive marble bath.

Don’t rush looking for electrical contractors. First of all, you should look through bathroom renovation ideas and choose which one to implement. We present 9 bathroom remodelling ideas 2020 that are going to inspire you. Here they are.

  • Lots of Natural Light

9 Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom Design- Lots of Natural Light

Lots of natural light has become a trend for bathroom renovation in recent years. Many people are eager to install huge windows from ceiling to floor. Although this can hardly be called a cheap solution, the result is definitely worth it.

Such a design is going to make your bathroom visually bigger. Therefore, it’s one of the best small bathroom lighting ideas. If you can’t install a huge window, you can go for a skylight. It doesn’t only bring more natural light but also is considered to be an energy-efficient option.

  • Indirect Lighting for Ambiance

9 Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom Design- Indirect Lighting for Ambiance

Indirect lighting is responsible for creating ambiance. It will be one of the most successful bathroom lighting ideas for those who are looking for a soft-glow retreat. Dreamy tunes are guaranteed. You wouldn’t like to leave a bathroom for any reason.

Ambient light is a good solution practically for any interior design. However, we must admit that it matches best with bathrooms in darker shades. A wall light, for example, is going to magnify you. You can also place indirect lighting under the shaving cabinet. Besides ambiance, it will visually enhance the space.

  • Additional Light above Your Vanity

9 Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom Design- Additional Light Above Your Vanity

Frankly speaking, additional light above the vanity isn’t only an amazing design solution. It’s also one of the most useful modern bathroom lighting ideas. Why so? People are spending a lot of time at the vanity in front of a mirror. And it’s only logical that we want to have a really bright light there.

How can you implement it? You can install lighting above the mirror with a frosted diffuser. Other bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors involve buying a mirror with a pre-installed light or establishing task lighting by using pendants.

  • Numerous Antique Chandeliers

9 Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom Design- Numerous Antique Chandeliers

Chandeliers are often guests when it comes to lighting ideas. Their ultimate advantage is that they match basically with any style. You can spice up a minimalistic home design with golden lamps, as well as go for antique themes. The latter will add a final touch to your antique-themed bathroom so that it becomes a teleport to ancient times.

The lamps can be grouped. You can install many of them along the wall. This will make the path to the vanity a mysterious journey. Alternatively, a single chandelier near a mirror is also a good idea.

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  • Play with Wall Sconces

9 Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom Design- Play with Wall Sconces

Wall sconces can be attributed to the same group of lighting ideas as chandeliers. They serve the same purpose. The only difference is style. Wall sconces are ideal for minimalistic bathrooms. One of the most successful ideas is to install white wall sconces in a white bathroom. You can make accents by using metal objects – copper or golden.

As for the lighting, if you aim to avoid conventional ideas, install wall sconces on the mirror itself. Just buy a huge mirror and place the light in the middle on the upper part.

  • Backlight Behind Mirrors

9 Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom Design- Backlight Behind Mirrors

If you are looking for bathroom remodelling ideas on a budget, this one is for you. The backlight is easy-to-install. You can even do it on your own. You can buy some tiny LED bulbs and install them behind the mirror. However, you can’t mount your mirror on the wall in such a case.

In general, backlighting is an amazing idea for a bathroom design. It hardly provides enough light yet creates a vibrant atmosphere. It perfectly fits Scandi-style homes. It will become a subtle touch that will shape the look of a bathroom.

  • Use Task Lighting

9 Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom Design- Use Task Lighting

Bathrooms are similar to kitchens because both require task lighting. While in the kitchen, we prioritize a food preparation zone; in the bathroom, we pay special attention to vanity and bath. Therefore, these two zones require the appropriate amount of light. Task lighting is what guarantees this.

You can install pendants above your bath. If you want a more vibrant bathroom design, set up layers. The same idea can be implemented in the vanity zone. However, pendants may not be enough. Therefore, you may need some light on the sides of a mirror.

  • Create a Cluster

9 Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom Design- Create a Cluster
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We have already discussed pendants. What about creating a cluster? It’s really simple. You just group several pendants together, and voila – modern bathroom lighting is right here. It’s an interesting solution that will provide enough light and will add ambiance to your bathroom at the same time.

If you have high ceilings, you can install pendants over a bath on different levels. Keep in mind: this idea works only for spacious bathrooms. Otherwise, you may visually limit the space.

  • Zone with Color

9 Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom Design- Zone with Color

Why not use modern lighting technologies in your bathroom? They will amaze all your guests. You can zone your bathroom with colors. For example, install a blue light in the shower zone and white in the main zone. All in all, you can play with colors as you like. Modern smart color-changing bulbs don’t limit your imagination. They offer all the possible shades.

Another benefit of smart LED lighting is cost-efficiency. Implementing light bulbs in a smart way can save up to 35% off your lighting bills.

These 9 ideas are just a starting point for your bathroom renovation. You can implement just one or combine several. Apart from these great ideas, here are more guides for lighting you should consider before adding lighting to your lovely home.

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