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9 Natural Remedies to Treat Cold and Flu

Common cold, it attacks when you least expected. The amount of sufferings and frustrations that can be caused by a common cold or flu cannot be underestimated. It can bring your life to a standstill. Some of the common symptoms of common cold and flu include coughing, running nose, chest pain and breathing difficulties.

Though you can dash to a nearby drug store to buy cold syrup or pills, there are many home remedies available that you can easily prepare. Let’s look some of the most effective home remedies for the cold and flu.

1. Ginger

Ginger has been known as one of the best cures for colds and various other respiration diseases. The good thing about ginger is that it can work alone, without needing to add other ingredients. One way taking ginger is by dicing or crushing into tiny pieces then infusing it in a boiling water. Drink this water while it is still warm. Drinking a cup of warm ginger water three times a day is enough to get rid of a cold. You can also opt to take this ginger in its natural, raw form by chewing it.

2. Garlic

Another natural effective remedy for your cold is garlic. Garlic has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. These two properties deal with the most stubborn agents of a cold by eliminating them from your body. You can take garlic by using it as an ingredient in your meal or you can prepare a garlic and honey solution by crushing the garlic into honey and a sore throat will be a thing of the past.

3. Turmeric

Are you suffering from dry cough or do you experience pain while coughing? Consider using turmeric. It is one of the best home remedies for the common cold and flu. Turmeric, as a spice, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which inhibit the symptoms of the flu. All you need is to add a spoonful of turmeric powder into a cup full of hot water and honey or cinnamon to make it tastier.

4. Lemon

Lemon is rich in vitamin C. This ingredient makes it hard for flu-causing bacteria to reside in the body. Lemon also has cooling properties which help to reduce inflammation in the chest. Preparing lemon syrup is quite simple. Just mix at least three tablespoons of lemon and one tablespoon of honey.

5. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup won’t fail to awaken your taste buds. A bowl of hot, tasty chicken soup can help mucus move through your nose which improves the body’s ability to fight off disease-causing germs by limiting the time germs are in contact with the body.  Chicken soup improves congestion which can help respiratory infections, especially the infections that affect the nose and throat.

6. Honey

Honey may be sweet to you but it tastes bitter to the bacteria that causes cold and flu. They can’t stand the taste of honey thanks to its antibacterial property. Honey helps to reduce the frequency of coughing so that you can have a well-rested night’s sleep. Honey can be added into various drinks or a cup of tea for better results.

7. Onion

An onion can make flu bacteria shed tears and cry out in pain. A strong onion syrup can be prepared by blending onions with tea. You can opt to add one teaspoon of honey for better taste. Drink this twice a day till the signs of flu disappear.

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8. Carrots

Apart from being rich in essential nutrients, carrots can also play a medicinal role. Carrot juice is a natural remedy for cold, cough and flu. Prepare carrot juice from at least seven carrots and sweeten the juice with some honey. Drinking carrot juice at least three times a day will help to eliminate coughing.

9. Salt Water

Just a cup of hot, salty water can do the trick. Salt water helps to clear the respiratory tract making it easier to breathe.  Add salt to a cup of boiling water and drink it while it is still hot.

Do not be put down by flu and cold. With these home remedies, your life can go back to normal and you would have saved some good money and time. Another benefit of natural home remedies is that they don’t have any side effects.

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