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9 Public Places to Have Sex Without Getting Caught

Sex is a thrill enjoyed and appreciated by most adults. For maximum pleasure, a rush of adrenaline is needed. The best way to get a rush of adrenaline is by having sex where there is a slight risk of getting caught. However, many people don’t know the best public places to have sex or how to have sex in such places. This post is aimed at helping couples find the perfect public places to have sex and provide some tips on how to make love in those places.

1. Park Benches

Public parks would be the ideal spot to have sex in public for couples that are after extra fun. Parks are ideal for public sex because there usually aren’t too many people and the risk of getting caught is minimal. Parks are also beautiful and the beauty of nature helps the indulging couple get in the mood quickly.

2. Movie Theater

Movie theaters are dimly lit and this often turns couples on. Since it is dimly lit, it would also be difficult for anyone around to notice what’s happening if the lovers make minimal noise during love making.

3. Parked Car

This is a very ideal public sex spot since very few people are bound to take notice so the risk of getting caught is minimal. There would be also more room for sex as cars are spacious and tinted windows can offer a little privacy.

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4. Library

A library is a nice place for public sex. All the book shelves help to conceal sexual activity so the risk of anyone seeing you is minimal.

5. Beaches

Couples already go to the beach with little clothes on so sex would be easy on the beach. Couples could easily hide their love making under the cover of waves and the surf in case other people are nearby.

6. Public Restrooms

Public restrooms is another place where couples can engage in public sex. Restroom stalls provide a little privacy while still maintaining the feeling of being in a public place.

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7. Roof Decks

Roof decks on top of tall buildings are great because not only can couples enjoy outdoor sex, they can also get a great view of the city. Depending on how high the building is, sex at the top offers some amount of privacy if there are no taller buildings nearby. Also, roof decks have walls and HVAC units that can provide cover from the waist down.

8. Nightclubs

Nightclubs are generally noisy and dimly lit so finding a nice sofa in a corner spot for sex would be ideal. If you are daring, you can try having sex on the dance floor if it’s crowded enough so that it’s not too conspicuous. Plus, most people are dancing and drinking and not paying attention to what you may be doing.

9. Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms in malls can also be a good public sex spot so long as noise is kept to the minimum. You and your partner may need to go into the dressing room one-at-a-time to avoid suspicion as some stores have video cameras outside of dressing rooms as part of loss prevention.

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