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All You Need to Know About Car Accidents

There are a number of reasons that can cause accidents and for more fearful drivers it seems like the minute they sit behind the wheel they are just a turn away from the emergency room. Although the factors and causes of road accidents can be endless, car accident lawyers say still it is absolutely crucial to find out the reason for the accident especially from a policeman’s or the insurance company’s perspective because they are responsible for finding out and dealing with whoever is at fault.

Here are some of the most common causes of car accidents

  • Human error

The first and foremost cause of any accident is human error. The inability of a human to judge and make decisions in time is usually the most common cause of everyday car accident injuries. Moreover, even if you can drive well, and are in full control of your car, you still can’t be sure of how to deal with the shortcomings of other drivers on the road. If you were injured in a car accident, a professional lawyer could help you with your personal injury claim

  • Driving with distractions

The use of technology is on the rise, and with each passing day we are becoming more and more absorbed in digital screens. Cell phones, Navigation screens, and other gadgets are a sure distraction. In addition to these gadgets children can also be a distraction for the driver, especially loud and rowdy ones. Furthermore, eating while you are driving or talking to other passengers can certainly decrease your concentration on the road and lead to accidents.

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  • DUI (Driving under Influence)

While DUI should come under the category of human error but just because it happens so often, it has a category all of its own. Regardless if it is the influence of alcohol or other drugs, DUI is against the law and a policeman is authorized to check any driver at any time if he has the slightest doubt that the driver might be driving under an influence.

  • Maintenance and other vehicle failures

Failure to keep up with your routine car servicing and maintenance can lead to vehicle failures like bad tires, broken tire rods, failed brakes etc. Other than these, sometimes a new car just might have a fault but, that rarely happens.

  • Defective traffic lights; or confusing traffic signs

Sometimes traffic lights might not be in sync with the traffic, or not work properly; this can result in confusion especially for drivers that are unfamiliar with the area. Other causes of accidents can be inappropriate traffic signs or, at times, an unprofessional traffic policeman can confuse drivers as well.

  • Unfavorable or harsh weather conditions

Harsh weather conditions like; dense fog, heavy rains, hailstorms, etc. can be a cause of concern for most drivers. However, even though accidents are caused because of unfavorable weather conditions, the driver might be still held responsible. So be careful next time you decide to take a risk and go out driving in bad weather.

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What to do after a car accident?

Let us assume you took all the necessary precautions and were completely in control while driving and under no circumstances were you under the influence of any drugs or distracted; yet you still ended up in a car accident. So, what to do after a car accident?

  • Stop

If you ever get involved in an accident regardless of the intensity, do not panic and flee the scene. Instead, it is vital that you talk to the other party involved and the police as well.

  • Try to stay calm

If you are sure that you had nothing to do with the accident and it was entirely the other drivers fault; it is prudent that you remain calm and try to deal with the situation with a cool and level head. Try to talk peacefully even if the other party is being irrational, better still, wait for the authorities to arrive and sort it out instead of dealing with it on your own.

  • Seek medical assistance

If you, or anyone involved in the car accident, seems to be hurt and suffering from car accident injuries it is absolutely crucial that you seek and call for medical assistance. Car injury doctors are always on call and will rush to your assistance in no time. Unless there is someone present on the scene that is specially certified to provide first aid, don’t try to help the injured people yourself but, rather wait for the concerned authorities to arrive.

  • Contact the police

While you may think that you can exchange insurance details and be done with the whole thing, think again! Sometimes it is important to involve a policeman who will help put things into perspective and filing a car accident report might also be a wise option.

  • If possible document the accident

If it is possible at the time, try to take pictures of the damage done to both parties concerned. Try to include as many details as possible; the crash site, traffic signs, road conditions etc. This is vital for legal reasons, especially if the police have made a car accident report, and you will be thankful for the firsthand evidence if the accident is turned into a case, and that case makes it to court.

However, if you feel like you or others involved are hurt or injured in any way then it is crucial that you consult car injury doctors before you do anything else.

  • Never admit fault

Regardless of the severity of the accident, it is wise not to talk to anyone, except the police, regarding the details and specifics of the accident. Be polite to the other parties concerned but never admit fault even if you know it might be because of your shortcomings.

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How to prepare yourself for an accident?

Accidents can happen to anyone. In order to be prepared for such events it is essential to keep the following documents or items with you

  • Your insurance company’s ID card
  • Your vehicle registration or other documents
  • Your important medical details like blood group, allergy to specific medications etc.
  • A medical emergency kit
  • Basic tool kit

So, next time you go out for a drive, keep yourself and your loved ones in your thoughts and always keep your focus on the road. Remember that life is always worth living.

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