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Awesome Tips for Hosting a Halloween Party

With Halloween right around the corner, I am sure plenty of you are looking for tips to help you plan the most epic Halloween party ever. However, as some of you have probably figured out, planning a great Halloween party is much easier said than done. There are so many aspects to take into account, such as themes, Halloween costumes and decorations, invitations, what snacks you should have, do you need party games; etc.? Should you have alcohol at your party? What about kids? There are so many things that you have to think about when you decide to host a Halloween party, that you probably have no idea where to even begin.

Thankfully, I have written this article for those who want to host a Halloween party, but find the process daunting and overwhelming. Think of this article as a reference or guide to keep you on track when planning your party. We will go over a few of the bigger aspects of a Halloween party that are critical for your party’s success, including Halloween party theme ideas, costumes, invitations, party games, snacks, and great Halloween decorations.

So, if you want to learn how to throw an amazing Halloween party, then keep on reading!

Choosing a Halloween Scary Theme

Before you can even think about buying Halloween decorations for your spooky Halloween party, you have to decide on the perfect theme. While hosting a generic Halloween party filled with various spooky decorations is possible, and can even be an amazing party however, it will not have that shine factor. You want your guests to have the time of their lives at your party and create some of the best memories of Halloween possible but, you cannot accomplish this feat without have a specific and unique theme.

Thankfully, for those who are having a hard time coming up with their perfect theme, there are hundreds of Halloween party themes out there, just waiting for you to snatch them up. Here are a few of my personal favorite Halloween party ideas that I have seen over the years: “Boos and Booze”, “A Fright Night”, “Monster Mash”, “Witches and Warlocks”, “Ghoul’s Night”, and “Horror Movie Night”, to name a few.

Once you choose your perfect Halloween party idea, then you can sit down and start planning out your invitations, your perfect Halloween costume, decorations, and snacks, to help make your party truly remarkable. Remember, once you have chosen your theme, all of your decorations, food, and invitations should fit in with the theme of your party.

  • Party Invitations

Alright, so you have chosen a theme for your creepy get together, now it is time to make, and send out, invitations. There are plenty of ways that you can go about making and sending your invitations: you can make a page on Facebook and invite your friends through the platform, you can send out mass texts or emails, or you can go old-fashioned by hand making your invitations and mailing them out.

A word of caution for those who want to hand write and mail out their invitations – make sure to allow yourself ample time to make them and send them out, as postal services can take longer to reach all of your friends. Therefore, using old-fashioned, hand written invitations should be used for parties that you have been planning for a while, and not for a last-minute type of party.

No matter what method you choose to send out your invitations, you must make sure that the invitations have these important details:

  1. Specific details of when and where: make sure you have the date of your party, where it is taking place, and the specific time, in absolute terms somewhere on the invite.
  2. Easily communicates the theme of your Halloween Party – your invitation should make the theme of your party very clear. Make sure to state the theme and give any specific details that are important to that theme.
  3. Make sure to state any important details for the guests on your invitation as well. This is the time to state if the party is BYOB (bring your own booze), if guests should wear their Halloween costume, or bring some snacks, or if there is a guest limit for your friends to bring.

Of course, you do not want to bombard your invitees with a full page of rules about the party, because that will be very overwhelming and not very inviting. Make sure that the invitations are short and sweet and contain an awesome hook that will entice your guests to come to your spooky bash. Your hook should be related to the theme of the party – for example, if your theme is pirate related, you can say “Yarrr invited”, or “be there or walk the plank”, use any reference that you want to that relates to pirates.

Remember that the hook is unique to your party and will help communicate the theme of the night and should reflect any details that you feel are necessary to convey.

  • Dressing the Part

Once you have figured out your theme and sent out the invitations, you are ready to plan out your costume. Figuring out the perfect costume for your Halloween bash is one of the more challenging and exciting parts of the entire process. Your costume should reflect the theme that you chose, with your own unique flair. Since you are the host, you can choose a costume that designates you as the host of the party.

For example, sticking with the pirate theme as noted previously, your costume could be reflective of a pirate with the highest authority, such as the captain of the crew, or war lord, or whatever you decide to dress up as. You should also keep in mind that your costume does not have to be scary or sexy, it can be whatever you desire. If you want to be a cute pirate, then be a cute pirate, if you want to be a sexy pirate, then so be it. The fact is that this is your party and your costume, and you can decide to wear any costume that you want, without worrying about anyone else.

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Halloween Spooky Party Decorations

Now it’s time for choosing the perfect decorations to set the mood for your Halloween party. Much like every other tip in this article, you should decorate your party space with your theme in the forefront of your mind. Make sure your party area has ample seating arrangements, enough room to dance, and a snack and beverage table!

Here are a few decoration ideas for various Halloween party ideas and themes – Pirate theme:

Awesome Tips for Hosting a Halloween Party-Spooky Party Decoration

Masquerade Ball:

Awesome Tips for Hosting a Halloween Party-Spooky Party Decoration -Masquerade Ball

If you are having a hard time decorating your space with your theme in mind, you can always fall back onto the more generic Halloween decorations to spook up your party. You can never go wrong with black and orange ribbons, plates, or cups, along with fishnets, white fuzz, and spider decorations to keep your party space creepy and festive.

Awesome Tips for Hosting a Halloween Party-Spooky Party Decoration -Masquerade Ball -Masquerade Ball-2

Halloween Unsettling Games

Make sure to have great game ideas to keep your guests entertained and having fun. There are plenty of games for adults and kids alike that will make sure every guest of your party will have the time of their lives! Here is a short list of great game ideas for both kids and adults to participate in during your bash:

  • Games for Adults

  1. Donut Races – see who can eat the most donuts in a specific period of time.
  2. Themed Scavenger Hunts.
  3. Don’t Say “Halloween” – for this game, your guests must refrain from saying the word “Halloween” during the party, if someone is caught saying the forbidden word, they will face whatever punishment that you have chosen. This game is not limited to the word “Halloween”, you can make any word the forbidden word during your party.
  4. Halloween Movie Trivia – For this game, you can have your guests get into teams of your choosing and make them compete in a trivia game about horror movies. For this game, the team that gets the most points will win a prize, such as a goody bag, gift card, or whatever you wish to use.
  • Games for Kids

  1. Halloween crafting station – you can make a designated area of your party space into a designated crafting area, where children can make spooky arts and crafts. The crafting station can have multiple sheets of various colors of construction paper, glue, fuzz and pipe cleaners, markers, and popsicle sticks, so the kids can make whatever spooky craft that they desire.
  2. Marshmallow toss – kids can partner up with another kid, with each child standing across from each other, down a designated line. From there, the kids will toss a marshmallow back and forth between themselves and their partner, until one of them drops it. The last team to drop their marshmallow wins the game and will get a prize.
  3. Pin a bone on the skeleton – this is the spooky version of the classic “Pin the tail on the donkey” party game. Essentially, the kids will try to pin a bow on a skeleton in its appropriate spot while blindfolded.

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Halloween Creepy Food and Drink Ideas

Awesome Tips for Hosting a Halloween Party-Spooky Party Decoration -Masquerade Ball - Food and Drink

Is a party really a party without a snack and beverage table? No! To really keep your party guests happy, you must have an arsenal of goodies, snacks, and drinks for each and every one of your guests. Your Halloween treats should consist of Halloween cupcakes and cookies, chips and dip, a fruit plate, and other Halloween food items that will make sure your guests will not go hungry during your Halloween party. Once again, you should plan your snack and beverage table around the party’s Halloween theme. You can have skull Halloween cookies and cupcakes, maybe a cocktail table filled with various colored “potions”, and finger-shaped snack foods.

Don’t forget to leave enough space on your snack table for various Halloween themed cocktails and non-alcoholic selections. You can have some terrifying alcoholic cocktails, such as the “Black Magic Halloween Cocktail” which combines orange juice, triple sec, and black vodka, for a Halloween twist on Screwdrivers. If your Halloween festivities will have children in attendance, you can have a well-stocked dry section of your beverage table, filled with ghost milkshakes and a variety of spooky punches.

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In conclusion, there are many things to keep in mind when you decide to host your own Halloween party. You should have ample time to consider various Halloween party ideas, decorations, themes, and costume ideas.

If nothing else, remember that this event is your party, and you can make it whatever you want. Make or buy a costume that you will love and remember to let loose and have fun – as your guests will do the same.

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