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Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas with Flower Wallpaper

Are you thinking of adding wallpaper to your kitchen? Wallpaper is not only low maintenance and highly durable (protect those kitchen walls) but also aesthetically pleasing. Very few paint designs can match the beauty exuded by kitchen wallpaper. Even so, you only get to experience this aesthetic appeal when you choose the right floral wallpaper for your kitchen design ideas. We cover some of the ideas you can implement and what you must consider before installing colorful wallpaper in your kitchen. That way, you can join many other homeowners who have embarked on this rewarding journey.

Colorful Wallpaper Ideas

You will enjoy the fact that flower wallpaper is quite varied. You’ve got the options to work with botanical designs, geometric patterns, or plain simple designs. To ensure that your choice meshes with the kitchen décor, you must consider the right color scheme for your kitchen space. Popular, yet highly appealing choices include:

  • Blue and Orange

With this flower wallpaper combo, you bring in the aspect of contrast. Think about it. Orange and blue are on different sides of the color wheel, yet they mesh so well with each other. Together, they introduce the aspect of energy, livening up your kitchen. To hack this combo, make one of the shades darker than the other. For example, blue can serve as the background color. Make it a lighter shade to ensure it does not overpower the orange floral accents. Or you can work with the opposite design, ensuring that the two hues do not compete for attention.

  • Green and Gold

Green is known for its calming effects and is a great addition to any kitchen. It inspires feelings of youth and renewal and brings on an energetic, modern, and fun vibe. On the other hand, gold brings in a reflective quality that makes it ideal for any kitchen that could feel dull owing to the dark green hue. Plus, it adds that bit of contrast to create a beautiful finish. So, which greens would work for your kitchen? We recommend lighter green shades that will not get in the way of your appetite. We all know that darker greens might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Finish off with some gold patterns, and the shimmering light will be what you need to perfect your kitchen’s appearance.

  • Red and Yellow

How about going bold with your color choices for your kitchen décor? Red is the color of life and passion. It also represents love and can stimulate appetite, among other positive reactions in the human body. Plus, it’s sure to garner the attention of anyone walking into the kitchen. Of course, there are tons of different shades of red. So, should you go warm or cool? We recommend going with deep shades and coupling them with yellow accents. Yellow has a reputation for inspiring warmth and happiness in any kitchen. It automatically makes the kitchen feel brighter. Of course, too much yellow can be a bad thing. That’s why combining these bold hues makes so much sense!

All you need is to pair a deep red background with yellow floral patterns, and your work will be as good as done. But if you want the kitchen to feel large, use a yellow background instead of red floral patterns.

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  • Black and White

This classic color combination has held strong for decades and does not seem to be on its way out. Black is one of the most versatile colors out there and this is true for black wallpaper too. It works great for clothing, shoes, accessories, and now, your kitchen. But how can you work black wallpaper into your kitchen? Of course, there’s the concern that it can make a kitchen feel smaller and darker than it is. But if you get it right, this should not be a problem. We recommend increasing the light in the space to counter this effect. Plus, using white floral patterns in combination with the black background works well. White distracts the eyes from the black background, and its floral patterns can take center stage in such a contrasting setting. With black wallpaper serving as the complementary hue, the kitchen does not get that characteristic cold effect of the white colors. So, you solve the concerns associated with both hues and get to execute an elegant, yet dramatic kitchen décor.

Are there other kitchen décor color schemes you can try? Sure, there are! Consider using one of these in your kitchen design ideas:

  • Gray and yellow
  • Blue and brown
  • Black and pink
  • Black and red
  • Blue and green
  • Blue and yellow
  • White and pink

Always consider the purpose of the patterns before choosing a color scheme. Is the wallpaper a focal point, or is it complementary to the accessories in the kitchen?

Flower Wallpaper Ideas

Flower wallpaper inspires feelings of calmness and helps you connect with nature, making your kitchen a haven. Whether you want to work with a bright colorful wallpaper combo with red and yellow accents or want a classic black and white vibe, you are sure to hack this aesthetic. But before you do, here are some factors to consider:

  • The Size of the Print

If you want to have more contrast in your kitchen, work with bigger scales. They trick the eye into thinking the contrast is much higher than it may be. They also make the prints look larger, making them more apparent to the eyes. But for a subtle addition to your kitchen, we recommend working with a small print.

  • The Density of the Print

When the print is sparse, people have more time to pick out the details in the design. For a focal point, this makes sense as you want people to enjoy every bit of the design. But a densely distributed print is hard to concentrate on, and people will glance at it, not paying attention to the details. The question is, how much do you want people to eye the design?

  • Your Personality

As much as flowery patterns exude positive vibes, we all relate to the patterns differently. You might enjoy something that your neighbor may not. So, given that you’re the one who’ll be in the kitchen often, think about what you like. Installing a colorful wallpaper that you find visually appealing will ensure you get satisfaction out of it. Take your time to gauge your attraction to a design.

Now that you have the selection down to an art, you can move straight to choosing the right colorful wallpaper combination for your kitchen. 

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