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Beauty Tips: 15 Easy 5-Minute Hairstyles to Look More Charming

Beautiful women are always looking for ways to look extra special, whether its for a day out or for a fancy event, such as a dinner or a party. If youre looking for the best and easiest hairstyles for all types of hair, dont miss out on these beauty tips. 

1. Knotted Bun

Beautiful women can showcase this hairstyle for a formal dinner. This low-knotted bun is perfect for hair with volume, but if you have straight and thin hair you can puff it then make this up-do.

  • You start by making a half up-do then twist it over itself.
  • Part the hair into two sections to create two low messy buns.
  • Pass one bun across the loop of the other one, then secure the new, bigger bun with bobby pins.

2. Braided Low Ponytail

Braided ponytails are some of the most popular hairstyles nowadays.

  • To create this up-do, start by parting your hair into three equal sections.
  • Take the middle section and make a low ponytail, then secure a strand of hair around it to cover up the hair tie.
  • Then, create two loose braids on the side sections and join them at middle length to create a braided half-up crown.
  • Before you tie the braid, make a loop and pass the ponytail through it.

3. Crossed and Twisted Bun 

Sleek and elegant beauty tips can be done on any type of hair.

  • For this bun, start by making a low ponytail, leaving two sections of hair on the sides of your face.
  • Part the ponytail into two sections and tie hair ties at middle length.
  • Twist each section into themselves, then tie them together and flip them upside, revealing a sectioned bun.
  • Take the left section that you didnt tie and twist it clockwise around the bun.
  • Then take the right section and twist it once over itself before wrapping the bun counterclockwise.

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4. Loop Fan Bun

To create this cool and fun hairstyle youll need a topsy tail tool.

  • Start by making a really sleek low ponytail, then take a small strand of hair from the far-right section of the ponytail and, using the topsy tail, pass it through your scalp at a 45º angle.
  • Repeat this process 5 times and your hair will look like a fan or a peacock tail, standing up.
  • Take the hair thats looking up and braid it until you reach the bottom, then secure the remaining braid beneath the bun.

5. Mermaid Tail Half Up-Do

Beautiful women and girls can also try fun and playful hairdos!

  • To create this mermaid hairstyle, take a small portion of hair from the top middle of your head and create a half up-do.
  • Part the hair you just tied into two sections and braid them into 2 different braids.
  • Using a topsy tail, start taking small strands of hair from the side section and pass them through the two braids all the way to the bottom.
  • Youll be left with several strands of hair pointing at the middle of the head, so take them and braid them together at the middle then tie the end with a hair tie.

6. Squared High Bun

This hairstyle is one of the most useful beauty tips for women with very straight and thin hair who want something with a little volume.

  • Start by making 2 high ponytails and 2 low ponytails, placed to form a square in the middle of the back of your head.
  • Take the upper two sections and tie a knot with them, then do the same with the lower two ponytails, making sure to secure them with bobby pins.
  • Now make another knot with the lower left and upper right strands, then lower right with upper left.
  • When youre done, twist the remaining strands and secure them around the messy bun.
  • Add some pretty and colorful hair accessories!

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7. Butterfly Bun

Heres a cute hairstyle for your little girl.

  • Start by making a high, sleek ponytail, then tie a hair tie a couple of inches below the first one.
  • Place your fingers, or a topsy tail, in the middle of these 2-inch strands and twist the hair over itself.
  • Part the remaining hair into 2 and cross them from the top, shaping the knot into butterfly wings.
  • Braid the remaining strands and place them between the butterfly wings.

8. Messy Pigtails Bun

Sometimes perfecting a messy bun can be difficult, thats why these hairstyles are very popular among women.

  • Before you begin, leave some hair at the front to act as a fringe.
  • Start by creating two high pigtail buns, as messy as you can.
  • Combine them, passing one of the buns through the loop of the other one.
  • Using several bobby pins, secure the looser strands of hair and fluff” your bun so it looks even messier.

9. Bulky Bun with Hair Bump

A bulky bun is ideal for people who have very little hair volume, or women who have a flat back of the head. To create this elegant and glamorous hairstyle youll need a magic bun maker, which is a thick sponge.

  • Create a high ponytail.
  • Tie two hair ties around the donut to create a long, oval shape, then pass your ponytail through the donut, pointing at the left.
  • Pass a hair tie over the hair and the donut to secure it and place some bobby pins at the base of the bun.
  • Now comb the remaining hair to the right (leave a small strand at the left), passing over the donut and covering it completely.
  • Tie the hair at the right and secure the remains, then braid the strands at the left and twist them to create the shape of little roses.

10. Layered Bun with Fork

Beautiful women with thick and straight hair will enjoy this hairstyle for an elegant party.

  • Take a fork and pass it through the top of the ponytail, leaving only the prongs visible.
  • Start pulling apart sections of the ponytail and crossing them over the ponytail and the fork, one at the left, one at the right, and so on.
  • Once youre left out of strands, take the loose strands below and tie them together twice, one at the base and once more a few inches below.
  • Twist the small section of hair inwards, then take out the fork. Youll be left with a beautiful updo in the shape of a beehive.

11. Braided Low Bun

A simple hairstyle that a woman with any level of expertise can make.

  • Start by making two long regular braids on both sides of your head.
  • Take a hair tie and place it at the base of the braid so you can take the end of the braid and also place it there, youll be left with two braided loops.
  • Combine these two loops by passing one through the other, then use several bobby pins to secure the remaining strands.
  • Finish by applying some setting spray.

12. Sleek Half Up-Do

Women with straight and thin hair have a harder time looking for beauty tips to create elaborate up-dos. If you want to look chic without much volume in your hair, give this hairstyle a try. The good thing about this hairstyle is that you’ll only need bobby pins, no hair ties!

  • Start by taking a small strand of hair right in the top middle section and puff” it then place a bobby pin.
  • Next, take a strand from the left and cross it to the other side, twisting it lightly so that the bobby pin your placing is not visible.
  • Repeat this process until you cover the whole upper part of the head, making it a half up-do.
  • When youre done, make sure to place extra bobby pins at the bottom to tightly secure the strands and brush the hair so no bobby pins are visible. This hairstyle requires a little practice to master a professional look.

13. Tight Bow Bun

Party looks can be easy to make, and this tight bun is perfect for a very formal occasion, or when you’re having a get-together with older people like your bosses or your in-laws.

  • For this up-do, make a half up-do and twist it over itself.
  • Then, take your hair and make a low ponytail including all of your hair, place another hair tie a couple of inches before you reach the ends, and twist that middle section over itself.
  • Now, take the whole section and flip it upwards, hiding the ends so you only see a heart-shaped bun.
  • You’ll want to finish by adding some fancy hair accessories.

14. Twist, Messy Low Bun

Again, one of the most popular hairstyles these days is messy buns, most fitting for younger women  (up to 40 years) and teens.

  • Start by making a low ponytail and loosening some strands of hair to make it look more relaxed.
  • Part your hair three ways and take the left section and start rolling it through the ponytail, securing the strand with bobby pins.
  • Now take the middle section and repeat the process, finally doing the same with the remaining strand of hair.

15. Medium Hair Up-Do

Sometimes women with medium hair have a harder time creating beautiful up-dos, but with this hairstyle, you’ll feel the most elegant in any room.

  • To create this look, create a loose half up-do.
  • Take another strand from your left side and pass it through the up-do, repeating the process with a strand from the right side.
  • Make sure to arrange your strands so that the hair tie is not visible, now take the center section of hair and gently braid it, then hide it by twisting it up below the bun.

As you can see, achieving a chic and even sexy look can only take you five minutes! With these simple and stylish hairstyles, youll look your best on any occasion and all without being an expert.

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