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Become a Master Griller with The Best BBQ and Grilling Apps

Barbecuing is a delicious staple of southern comfort food. Many families have their own BBQ sauce recipes along with their own unique twist to BBQ chicken and BBQ ribs. Unfortunately, many of these delicious meals and recipes go to waste when no one in the family knows how to properly use their BBQ grill. In fact, many people dream of becoming proficient grill users in order to diversify the kinds of meals they can make. Many people wonder how to gain valuable grilling experience without taking expensive and time-consuming classes. Thankfully, there is an easy solution to this problem – grilling apps. Grilling apps can provide crucial information about becoming a master griller and how to start preparing the best BBQ recipes around. The website AppGrooves is a great resource for uncovering the top 10 apps for all things BBQ, to make the journey from budding grill user to master griller, easier.

Best 10 Apps for BBQ & Grilling Recipes by AppGrooves

After playing around with a number of apps listed on AppGrooves, here is a list of the three best apps found from the website. These apps provide valuable information on creating delicious and juicy ribs, chicken, and everything in between.

Begin Your BBQ Journey with StoryQue

StoryQue is a great starting point for grilling beginners because it’s in partnership with a BBQ magazine app of the same name. Its goal is to help beginners master BBQ with fun, educational stories from grilling experts. You can find stories from grillers from all walks of life, including competitors and professionals in various culinary fields. It’s truly a fun and informative way to learn how to improve your BBQ and grilling skills. This app also provides helpful insights from professionals, even for the simplest recipes.

Unfortunately, StoryQue is a magazine and requires a paid subscription to continue receiving new issues of the magazine. This app is not the best choice for people on a tight budget, or for those who want to casually read the magazine from time to time. It is also important to note that back issues and special issues have an additional fee on top of the subscription cost, so those who do wish to subscribe to this service should be sure to read the fine print and know exactly what they’re subscribing to. With that being said, most will find StoryQue to be well worth the price, especially for those who are grilling enthusiasts.

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Discover Thousands of Unique Recipes with Barbecue Grill Recipes

For Android users who are looking for something more akin to a book of barbeque recipes, Barbecue Grill Recipes is another good app that may be more fitting. There are a plethora of recipes just waiting to be found in this app, including recipes for Korean and Hawaiian BBQ recipes. One amazing aspect of this app is that all content is well organized and categorized by both ingredient names and the names of the recipes. This app reaches a worldwide audience and has the recipes (that go far beyond salt, pepper, and meat) to show for it.

Another pro about Barbecue Grill Recipes is that it allows users to download the recipes to their phone for offline use and allows sharing particular recipes with friends. Barbecue Grill Recipes also includes approximate nutritional values and calories for all recipes, which is really helpful for users who are watching what they eat for weight loss or diet restrictions.

Unfortunately, while Barbecue Grill Recipes does have a surplus of recipes, it doesn’t really have any educational features that can help users become better grillers. With that being said, Barbecue Grill Recipes make for a great supplemental app to add to any grilling resource arsenal. With a plethora of recipes, users are able to practice their new grilling techniques on recipes they find through this app.

Make Sure to Have Great Grill Timing with Weber Grills

With the previous app being available to Android users only, this next app is only compatible with iOS users. This grilling app named “Weber Grills” has more than 250 recipes for users to experiment with, from making delicious BBQ sauce, to mouth-watering BBQ chicken, and even fall off the bone BBQ ribs, Weber Grills will always have something new to try. A huge pro for this app is its functionality and streamlined user interface. When using Weber Grills, users are able to search for recipes easily and provides the opportunity to add the ingredients to a shopping list and ensuring a more efficient BBQ grill plan.

This app also has built-in timers that can assist in making sure nothing burns and is being cooked on schedule. With this app being on a smartphone that is usually always on someone’s person, the built-in timer becomes a lifesaver for busy grillers.

Something to note: while 250+ recipes can seem like a lot at first, depending on the frequency of app use, some users may find themselves wishing for more recipes available in the app. On the plus side, Weber Grills also has really helpful educational videos that will teach budding grillers the best techniques for BBQ, making it easy for users to download additional, recipe only, BBQ apps that can provide great opportunities to practice the techniques learned from Weber Grills.

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For those who want to give their favorite barbeque joints a run for their money, download these three BBQ grilling apps to learn the top techniques to become a master griller. With these amazing apps, anyone can create the best BBQ sauce, chicken, and ribs in the neighborhood. Obviously, like every other skill, remember that grilling skills take time to develop, but with passion, learning will be a fun and delicious experience for all involved.

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