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Bedroom Design Tips to Create an Awesome Room

Your bedroom should work for you. The bedroom is the most private and intimate space in the home, especially the master bedroom. Unlike other parts of the house, the bedroom functions only for your comfort.

Although a bedroom should reflect your tastes, feelings, and preferences, there are several fundamental rules to follow when decorating a bedroom. It should be noted that a bedroom is a sanctuary and should have a peaceful and calm vibe. If you want to know how a great bedroom should look like, look no further than hotel rooms to get an idea of what luxury and having an awesome bedroom means. Hoteliers know all the elements that are needed to make a great bedroom.

The following are some bedroom design tips to create an awesome room:

1. Indulge In Luxurious Fabrics

Bedrooms are places of comfort and, yes, luxury. Indulge with a bit of luxury by getting beautiful and high-quality fabrics for your bedroom furniture. Get beautiful linens to cover your bed or be used as throws on sofas. You can also get a great mattress for ultimate comfort. If you’re having trouble with choosing one, you can read some online reviews, such as beautyrest reviews, to help you out.

Get the ultimate quality and buy cotton or linen with high thread counts of 350 or more. So, if you truly want your room to feel like a hotel, start with the bedsheets. Have them dry cleaned for professional washing and pressing. The investment doesn’t cost much, but the outcome is crisp smoothness.

You can add other sensual fabrics in your bedrooms, such as mohair for sofas and chairs or even cashmere. Cover your canopy bed with silk or textured patterned fabrics and upholster chairs with rich and warm velvet.

2. Put Some Artwork on the Bare Walls

People often forget to put some artwork in their bedroom. Since bedrooms are not public places, people think that they shouldn’t put any decorative art on the walls or have any bedroom décor.

Bare walls can be boring and uninspiring without wall art, which results in a drab looking bedroom. Thus, it’s important to add some color and interest to a bedroom by decorating walls with artwork. You sleep and wake up in your bedroom, so you should see something wonderful on your walls first thing in the morning. So, indulge in some wall art for greater aesthetics.

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3. Choose Colors That Inspire Calmness and Serenity

If you have a favorite color, chances are you want to incorporate it into your bedroom. Depending on what your favorite color is, it may not be a wise choice.

The bedroom should help you calm down by the end of the day, so you should choose soothing shades instead of bold primary colors; choose monochromatic tones. Cool colors like blue, lavender, and green give calmness and serenity. Rich deep tones of browns, pomegranate, and topaz make the surroundings cozy.

If you have a favorite color that’s on the bright and vivid side, you should use toned-down versions of it in your bedroom design, such as mauve instead of red or pumpkin instead of orange.

4. Furniture Should Be the Right Size

Your bedroom furniture should complement the size of your bedroom. You should have a floor plan ready with measurements to make sure the furniture you buy will fit in the room.

As a rule, don’t use heavy and large furniture for a small bedroom. If your bedroom is large, you should fill it with furniture. Otherwise, the sparse furniture will look small in a large room. Accessorize a large bedroom with ottomans and chairs.

There are visual tricks you can use to give a certain effect in your bedroom. For example, if you have a high ceiling, a tall headboard can make the ceiling look lower and make the entire space look cozier.

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5. The Ceiling Is the Fifth Wall of the Room

The ceiling is a wide expanse of space in the room, and it shouldn’t be overlooked. Many decorators consider it as the fifth wall in the room. The ceilings should be dressed up like the rest of the room.

To brighten up your ceilings, add a subtle pattern or soft color. You can paint the ceiling with a lighter color than the ones on the wall. The effect makes the ceilings seem lower and adds to a cozier and more intimate feel.

You can also glam up your walls by adding stencils or wallpapers to the ceilings. You can likewise add architectural elements, such as moldings or beams. You can also use a decorative paint treatment, such as a mural.

For ultimate luxury, you can have a gold leaf or silver leaf for your bedroom ceilings or add a mold medallion, or even a canopy.

Doing these types of decoration will keep you from waking up and staring at an empty and sterile-looking ceiling.


6. Decorate the Windows

Decorated windows add color and design to a bedroom. A beautifully dressed window can also help frame otherwise plain windows and enhance the view.

Sheer curtains can help filter natural light, creating a soft glow within the bedroom. You can dress your windows with roller blinds so you can have privacy at night and block harsh morning and afternoon light. Opaque blinds and drapery linings are good choices if you want to keep the sun out and sleep late.

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7. Include A Private Nook for Relaxation

Give yourself the ultimate pampering by including a private nook in your bedroom. Make this a reading or lounging area where you can just sit quietly or enjoy the view in your bedroom.

Equip this space with luxurious chairs and a footstool so you can literally put your feet up. If you have enough space, this nook can be a window seat under the bedroom window so you can enjoy the view and take advantage of the natural light.

8. Be Generous With Lighting

As mentioned, a bedroom maybe your private space, but it really doesn’t mean you shouldn’t glam it up. Even if you’re the only one using your room, there’s no reason not to have a chandelier to create sparkling lights.

It’s important to have several lighting options in your bedroom since you do a lot of tasks in this room. Some people read in their bedroom or even do their work. Thus, it’s essential to have specialized lighting for these tasks other than the ambient lighting, which light up the entire room.

Get a reading light and a bedside lamp with a moveable arm. Make sure that these lights have a dimmer. You can also include accent lights to be installed in the nooks and recesses of the room to create soft illumination on the walls.

Having specialized lighting also reduces the possibility of eye strain and fatigue, so you’ll get a beautiful ambiance and also maintain healthier eyes.

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Final Thoughts

Your room is a private sanctuary. It should fulfill your needs for privacy and comfort before anything else. Thus, create an amazing space that invites you to relax and has enough aesthetic pieces and bedroom décor to make it luxurious and exciting.

Color, artworks, patterns, textures, and lighting all work hand in hand to make an awesome bedroom or master bedroom. Use these elements to create the ultimate space to make coming home to your bedroom feel like a rewarding experience each time you retire after a tiring workday.

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