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Benefits of Installing Water Filters in Your Plumbing System

Plumbing systems in commercial and residential buildings are vital to its occupants’ hygiene, health, and well-being. A plumbing system ensures occupants have access to one of the most essential resources in the world – water.

Aside from the quantity of water, you should also heed its quality. Your plumbing system should provide clean and potable water. This is something that water filters can help you with.

Regardless of how clean you think the water is from your plumbing system, it can still contain impurities invisible to the naked eye. When you hire a plumbing expert and have water filters installed in your plumbing system, pollutants and particles from water will be filtered thoroughly.

Installing a water filtrations system isn’t a luxury. It should be considered a necessity in every commercial and residential building as it provides the following benefits:

1. Promotes Healthy and Clean Water for the Family

Water filters ensure that your family will have access to clean drinking water. Regardless of your water source, keep in mind that contaminants, such as chlorine, fluoride, and lead, can still be present. Your family has a higher chance of consuming these chemicals if the household drinks tap water. These chemicals can become a health risk and can cause increased blood pressure and hypertension.

Using a water filtration system provides assurance that your entire family will be safe from any of these chemicals.

2. Helps save Money from Buying Bottled Water

Bottled water might be a convenient solution to have a supply of clean water, but, over time, relying on bottled water can actually do more harm than good. Regularly buying bottled water can cost money from your pocket.  And because it’s made from plastic, its disposal can adversely affect the environment. Bottles can pile up on your landfills or damage the natural habitat of animals.

You can basically get clean water from your home and use reusable water containers. For this, water filters can be a great solution to save money and the environment at the same time.

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3. Helps Reduce Damage to Appliances

Tap water doesn’t only harm human health. It can also have adverse effects on your appliances. If you regularly use tap water in cleaning them, the lifespan of these items will shorten.

Tap water contains chlorine. When it’s used in your dishwasher, water heater, and washing machine, it can oxidize the rubber components of your appliances. Chlorine oxidation can ruin your appliances and cause the rubber parts to become mushy and lose its density. Also, the colors from clothes can easily fade if it’s washed with chlorine.

Water filters will not only produce cleaner drinking water, it can also provide chemical-free water that you can use all around the house. By using water filters, you can be sure that your appliances and clothes will last for the longest time possible.

4. Cost-Effective Investment

Installing water filtration will cost roughly $750 to $2500. This price range is already expensive for many, which is why people opt to look for cheaper alternatives, like buying bottled water or disregarding the need for water filters.

Depending on your financial situation, this price range can also be expensive. However, looking at the bigger picture, paying for a water filtration system is a cost-effective investment.  When you install water filters, you and your entire family can enjoy lifelong benefits from a one-time investment. With its benefits and minimal maintenance requirements, the money you paid for water filter installation will surely be worth it.

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5. Minimizes Plant Damage

Just like human beings, plants depend on water. They need to be watered so they can continue to grow. However, watering your plants with tap water will only cause them to wilt and die.  Tap water contains fluoride, salt, and sodium. These chemicals can be deadly to plants, especially if you have highly sensitive plants, such as palms and dracaenas.

Filtered water is the purest and the best kind of water you can feed to your plants. Regularly giving filtered water to your plants will ensure their growth and life.

6. Minimizes Allergies and Other Skin Conditions

The chemicals found in tap water can cause several skin problems, namely acne breakouts and dry and itchy skin. Suffering from these skin conditions can lead to stress and expenses. When left untreated, these skin conditions can even degrade the quality of your life.

The chemicals in tap water can trigger or worsen all of these skin conditions. Although the human body is built to cope with a lot of things, it can’t do the same in filtering chemicals from tap water; it’s too taxing for the body.

Installing water filters can save you from these skin conditions. Filtered water is free of any pollutants, making it safe to be used for any skin type.

Choose Carefully

Water filters come in a wide variety. When having these installed, assess the size of the building, how many people are using the plumbing system, and the overall condition of your local water supply. Any contaminants usually found in the local water should also be considered.

This information allows you to choose a water filter that’s best suited to your needs and lifestyle.

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