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The Best 7 Free Video Conferencing Tools

In the history of business there has always been the need for timely communication. Business meetings are a critical part of business success and today’s web conferencing software allows us to communicate easier, faster, and from farther away than ever before. There are many free web conferencing options but choosing the correct one that fits your business needs is essential and can depend on many factors, such as weighing the number of people joining the conference and call quality.

1. anymeeting

A fantastic website with great quality. One of most used conferencing tools it has a great variety of features which is comparable to many paid tools. This marvelous website can support conferences up to 200 people, screen sharing, phone conferencing, recording, and even a follow up feature. This is a web based application so there is no need for any downloads. Since it is a web service, firewalls will not block conferences, making it the perfect service for small business.

2. GoToMeeting

Offering many tools that let the users have a lot of features but the free version only allows 3 participants per conference. GoToMeeting has a paid version but for the free version, no username or password is needed. As soon as you select the free version, the website takes you to a private room. For Google Chrome users, the website offers a plug in for screen sharing. There is no time limit for your conference so you can be in the meeting as long as you need. When your private room is created, it will generate a link that you can send to the other meeting participants.

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3. MeetingBurner

This is a good conferencing website with a very intuitive design but the number of features are very limited. The conference allows 10 participants in the room and has good video and audio quality. However, if you are transferring files during the meeting, the quality does degrade. It allows to screen sharing but is limited to just one program. It is an easy tool to use and a great choice for meeting if it only involves talking.

4. Cisco WebEx

A great conferencing tool that has both free and paid services. WebEx has many features like using webcams, IM chatting, and speaking with the other participants. The meeting duration is not limited. The only downside is that there can only be 3 participants in the conference. If you are looking for a quality conferencing tool this one is a great choice.

5. Mikogo

A free and paid conferencing tool that allows as many as 10 participants per call. It also has many essential tools such as webcam, IM chats, screen sharing, plus it allows the meeting to be recorded for future play back. It is a powerful tool giving you many options for you and your group.

6. Vyew

Allowing a conference up to 10 participants and offers a variety of features that goes from voice chat to screen sharing and recording. It offers a friendly interface for users and it is also fast. There are a variety of plug-in that unlock sharing videos and many more.

7. ReadyTalk

Another great website app that gives a fantastic conference experience. It features many functions from webcam to recording and many more. It allows users to pass controls of the conference from one participant to another.

There exist many more tools in the market with some that can bring more or fewer features than what is listed. It is always important to know what is needed for your particular video conference to that you can select a programs that will make for a great meeting experience.

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