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Best Massage Therapies for Mothers and Babies

Massage is certainly the best way of relieving tired muscles, or easing the tension, or pain, one is troubled by. Although people have been uncertain about therapeutic massages, it has now been scientifically proven that they lessen stress levels and muscle tension. An expert review of obstetrics and gynecology proves in two studies that have been conducted that women reported decreased depression and anxiety as well as less leg and back pain. Cortisol levels declined which led to lower excessive fetal activities, further lowering the prevalence of premature birth.

There are numerous massages for pregnant women, with some being super effective. Let us see what those are, and how they benefit them.

Prenatal Massages for Pregnant Women

  1. Thai Pregnancy Massage

The Thai pregnancy massage is very safe and does not include any pressure, twists or work on the belly. It relaxes the body and mind and releases endorphins that make you feel good. Plus, blood flow increases, and the heart rate improves, which eventually is very healthy for the baby.

  1. The Swedish Massage

The second on our list is the ‘Swedish’ massage that aims at, firstly, relaxing tension muscles, and secondly, improving the lymphatic system, as well as blood flow, by soft pressures applied to the muscle groups of the body.

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  1. Full Body Massage

Third on our list is a top-quality massage recliner that aims at reducing back aches and frequent cramps. It does so by vibrations, which help to increase the blood flow in the body. It is absolutely safe to be used, as the massage chair does not let the baby feel vibrations and cause discomfort. The aim of the massage chair is to prepare for easier birth, enhance normal body functions and relieve pressure on the nervous system.

  1. Shiatsu – A Japanese Therapy

This is a Japanese-based acupuncture-like therapy in which pressure is applied to certain points of the body to relax pregnant women. This also includes stretching, joint manipulation and mobilization, to ease pain and tribulation.

  1. La Stone Therapy

The fifth technique is ‘La Stone therapy’ known as hot and cold stone therapy, which involves a massage consisting of heated and cooled stones that relieve stiffness, soreness and also revitalize aching muscles and joints.

Massages not only help pregnant women, but they can also help babies in their growth and nourishment as well. Here are a few massages that benefit infants greatly.

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Massages for Babies 

  1. Oil Massage

Helping babies through massage is a vital component for their healthy growth. Some of these methods include an oil massage. It’s performed in dim light involving stroking that begins at the baby’s forehead and then proceeds down its neck, shoulders, legs and arms, ignoring the spine.

  1. Colic Massages

Second on our list is colic massages which may improve digestion. This is achieved  by moving the baby’s legs in a clockwise motion and applying slight pressure on the baby’s abdomen.

  1. Reflexology Massage

Reflexology has the parent apply gentle pressure on certain areas of the feet providing relief for the crying baby.

  1. Back Massage

Massaging the baby’s back with a warm blanket may help them to sleep, thus improving a baby’s metabolic activity at night.

  1. Scalp Massage

Oil massages on the head are not only beneficial for hair growth, but also induce greater blood circulation and relaxe the delicate nerves of the baby, as well as providing a soothing effect for the baby.

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The benefits of these massages have been underestimated although research and studies prove otherwise. So, expecting mothers should take this into account and this idea of massaging more will eventually become more widely practiced.

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