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Best Netflix Shows and Movies for Kids

As a responsible parent, you want to teach your kids morals and values – like honesty, friendship and generosity. You give them responsibilities, make them recognize their mistakes, and teach them to say “please” and “sorry”. However, you are not the only source of information they have. In fact, they learn a lot more about everyday life from TV.

That may or may not be a problem. It all depends on what you allow them to see. But, what if you can make the television your ally? Actually, you can do it. You just have to make them watch the right movies and shows. Luckily, Netflix has a lot of shows for kids that can help you out with this. Here is a list with some of them.

The Short Game

Best Nextflix shows and movies for kids1It is a show that parents and kids can watch together. It is a documentary about 7 and 8-year-old golfers who give their best in competing in the World Championships of Junior Golf have their parents as their coaches. It doesn’t matter if your children rather play soccer or the piano. The show teaches to work hard for the important things you want to achieve in your life. Also, they will learn that you, as their parent, will be there to help them any time they need it.

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Best Nextflix shows and movies for kids2A DreamWorks creation that shows an alien that can’t fit with their own species, so he makes friends with a girl from Earth. This movie will teach your kids the value of friendship and to care about other people. Also, you can talk them a little bit about colonialism, since the alien race of the story makes an invasion to the planet. This is also a movie that every member of the family can watch, since it is funny and enjoyable.

Justin Time

Best Nextflix shows and movies for kids3This is a TV show that displays the adventures of a young boy called Justin. Basically, he is a kid with a strong imagination that faces and solves problems from real life. He and Squidgy – his imaginary friend – use a time machine to travel wherever Olive – another imaginary friend – need their help. At the end of each episode, your children will learn about different topics, like teamwork, friendship and even about bullying.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Best Nextflix shows and movies for kids4The classic Steven Spielberg’s movie is perfect for a cinema night with your family. The story is about a child that is brave enough to make friends with an alien and help it to go back to his home world. This plot will show your kids to be brave by facing their fears. Also, it will teach them that it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from, you deserve respect.

Ask the StoryBots

Best Nextflix shows and movies for kids5This is an educational TV series that have five tiny bots as the main characters. These funny StoryBots travel around the world – and even go to the space – to find the answer to a “big question”. Parents can watch it with their kids because it has some hilarious events that can make both children and adults laugh. At the end of each chapter, your kids will learn something new, like why is the sky blue or how do airplanes fly.

Lilo & Stitch

Best Nextflix shows and movies for kids6This movie tells the story about a little Hawaiian girl who wants a dog, but gets an alien instead. The worst part of it is that her extra-terrestrial pet is one of the most-want fugitive of the universe. This awarded play shows that family comes first, giving your children the value of love. Also, they will learn to accept people just the way they are.

Beat Bugs

Best Nextflix shows and movies for kids7It is a TV show that portrays five young bugs who have adventures that make them learn useful life lessons. The series is filled with music composed by the Beatles sung by special guest stars like James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, and Regina Spektor. By watching this show, your kids will learn about friendship and teamwork. Also, they will realize that every problem has a solution.

Again, all these TV shows and movies can be found on Netflix. However, if you are out of US you may have to use a VPN to bypass geo-blocked content and access US Netflix from any country. Go there and you will find a way to both entertain your kids and teach them morals, values, and interesting information to face everyday life.

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