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Best Online Gambling Apps for Android in 2020

If you have a smartphone and you like playing games, there is always an opportunity to earn a lot of money if you are aware of the online gambling market. Given the fact that there are thousands of apps and websites you can visit to play with your money, the decision of choosing one of them becomes a tough deal. Even though different apps offer different games, and some of them offer multiple games, you must get apps which are online casinos in themselves and any decent app will have blackjack, slots, roulette and video poker available on various platforms, predominantly android and IOS.

One of the problems you might face is that Google has restricted the use of real money for Android apps on the Play Store, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use those apps because they are readily available on the corresponding company’s website, casino online or independent game forums. Some will help you earn real money while others might give free comps in a real casino like free stay, food or drinks. So, let us look at some of the most popular apps which will offer a great gaming experience as compared to the desktop setup and will earn you real money in 2020.

Ignition Casino

Ignition is a popular mobile app, nothing less than a casino online, which allows you to play a lot of different games once you register yourself with them. Mostly, users like this app for its attractive graphics and simple user interface. The slots and the poker room are its star performers as is testified by this report on Florida by USGS. To begin with, you will have to get yourself registered and then add money to your gaming account, then you are ready to go and hit the screen. Cyberpunk City is one of the most popular slot games in the app. Ignition is a popular app within gaming circles and players have never had a problem with cashing out at any point of time. The software speaks for itself; it runs without any lags, never slows down and keeps itself up to date.

The app never forgets to introduce new games and slots, just like a casino online would do, and it would be counterproductive to launch such an incredible app and lose all the customers just because you lack the more modern trends. The network and servers never slow down, and you can do as low as two-dollar bets on slot games like Cyberpunk City. On the bottom left corner of the screen, there is a small tag which will display your total money so that you keep track of how much you are winning or losing. Cyberpunk City is famous for its techno music and neon glazed symbols, and some are signs.

In contrast, others are space-human figures and, apart from that, there are symbols from wild cards which lets you gain a bonus by deflecting the rows. However, the biggest bonus can be taken by simultaneously clicking on two logos, cyber and punk. It is a five-slot game, and you can bet as much as up to 20 dollars if you trust a slot game that much.

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Bovada Casino

Bovada is one of the biggest rivals of Ignition casino, and they race neck to neck in any competition, it has been in business for the last seven years. The way to begin is similar to that of ignition, and you create an account with your name, provide necessary details, get some cash in, and you are good to go. Bovada offers you a varied range of games, the most popular ones being video poker, sports betting and slots. Slots are the most played online casino games, and this genre never seems to retire.

Since Bovada runs on the same network and server as Ignition, it is evident that there will be a lot of similarities in the games they host. Yet there will be some stark differences like, those in the choice of gaming lineup and the time interval and eligibility of getting a bonus. The most popular slot on this gaming platform is 777 Deluxe, and this is a slot game with a futuristic theme. The game runs on 5*3 slot line ups, and all symbols are made to resemble fruits. The bonus on this game is also one of the primary reasons for its popularity, you can easily earn up to 10 times the original bet, and the sounds are very similar to that candy crush.

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Slots.Lv Casino

Slots.Lv is one of the most prominent places to look for casino slot games in the casino apps market. The user interface is straightforward, and there are no tacky colors and the design is simplistic and easy to view. You will find what you need, given its secure scrolling mechanism and bold letters. It hosts many standard looking slot games and the most commonly played is the ‘Big Cash Win’. This casino game is straightforward, like any other game found on casino online, and is designed to look at like the classic 3*3 slot game with the traditional symbols like ‘bar’, ‘7’ and ‘cherries’.

The background score of the casino game does not offer anything out of the box, but the whole idea is to keep the game very simplistic and focused on moving the slots. The background is just the green dollar bills all around the slot machine and on the lower end of the screen there are information nodules. To the bottom left is the total cash you own in your gaming account, in the bottom centre is your bet and win counts while on the far right is your slot lever.

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Tips and Tricks

All smart gamblers are aware of the ‘house edge’ factor in any casino, for those who are new to this, the house edge is basically the casino’s chances of defeating you in any game. All casino games have different house edge percentages. A slot machine has the highest house edge running up to 17 %. The most important tip for a gambler is to work on games which don’t entirely depend on luck; in this, you will be able to minimise the house’s edge on the game. Go for games whose results can be altered by your skills – poker and blackjack are the most famous games in this section. An experienced gambler will never invest in slots where the only skill to be applied is pulling the lever.


The primary objective of casino apps is to earn money, and that is only possible when the players lose their earnings. It is essential to be wholly informed about the gaming platform, and you must make sure that your country and local authorities allow online gambling. Go through the terms and conditions of the casino apps thoroughly so that nothing could be used against you in case of a legal issue.

Useful gambling apps will not make you wait long to draw your money, so choose wisely. Gather information and research on how these apps work and decide if online gambling is the thing for you as gaming takes a massive toll on the personal and professional lives of the players. As long as it is a form of entertainment, it is enjoyable, and anything further is termed as addiction.

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