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Blogger Outreach Service

What is Blogger Outreach?

Are you struggling with brand building, website traffic, revenue growth, or SEO rankings on Google? BiggieTips can help you out with our Blogger Outreach Service. It is Quick, Easy, and Affordable!

Blogger Outreach is about establishing relationships with influential marketers in your niche industry. Since potential readers are more likely to trust your brand when it is referred to them by someone they already trust, Blogger Outreach helps to reduce customers uncertainty.

Why You Should Invest in Blogger Outreach

  • Cost-Effective and Suitable for Most Budgets
  • Connects You with Your Target Audience
  • Improves Your Brand’s Visibility & Building
  • Acquiring Quality Backlink
  • Improves Website’s Ranking on Google (Your website is more easily found on Google)
  • Improves Website Traffic
  • Natural Contextual Links Generation

What We Can Do for You

We provide SEO agencies, website marketers, website owners, and product sellers with high-quality link-building services through relevant blogs with real traffic. These sites have DA/PA between 20-90.

  • Our Partner Sites: Our services can be customized to suit your needs and budget. Please use our Partner Website Search Tool to find specific websites that meet your needs.
  • SEO Content Writing Service: If you want to submit an article but are short on time or manpower, our expert content writers can help you create high-quality content with our content writing service.
  • Affordable Rates: We offer dofollow link-building services at about half the price compared to others providing similar services.

Disclaimers & Conditions

1. Sponsored posts on our partner sites should stay live as long as the blog is live. In rare cases, if your link and post disappear within the first 6 months, we will replace them with another site/post at no charge.

2. No refunds after the article/anchor text goes live.

3. If you have a bulk purchase discount but cancel a partial order due to your issues or unaccepted content by our partner sites, we will cancel the discount and only refund the remaining amount.

4. Each partner’s site admin determines if your content is published, not BiggieTips. If your article doesn’t go live on a site, there is no refund on our Content Writing Service. The refund will only be for the dofollow URL fee. You are welcome to resubmit your article to other sites as you own the rights to the article.

5. If you cancel the sponsored post for but we have already begun working to process and publish the post, you will be charged $20/hr for our time.

Here is our Sponsored Post Publishing Process

a) You offer the article title and bullet points for our review first before you submit/compose the article content

b) We will provide brief feedback regarding the title and bullet points

c) You submit the article and payment (via PayPal)

Submission cancellations after step c) will result in a $20/hr charge for work that our editors have done.  

d) Initial article content review by our editors and additional feedback is provided

e) Content modification from you based on initial editor feedback

f) Our editor makes final article edits

g) Article is scheduled for publication (go live on our website)

i) It will take up to one week to publish your article after Step e)