Carpet Cleaning: 6 Ways to Deep Clean Your Carpets

Carpet Cleaning: 6 Ways to Deep Clean Your Carpets

Carpets and rugs make great additions to any home, especially for homes with kids. Carpets provide a soft, plush underfoot, and can be used to accent different rooms around the house. However, due to the size and position of the carpet, it is often difficult to clean thoroughly.

Like any flooring, carpets need to be cleaned to keep them in good condition. Carpet fibers can trap debris deep in the carpet, and the dust that accumulates in the carpet can cause skin and respiratory allergies.

You can prevent your carpet from getting dusty with the DIY ways as below, or have professional cleaners deep clean your carpets for you for a completely hassle-free solution.

Dry Cleaning Methods

When washing isn’t an option, dry cleaning can get your carpets feeling fresh and pristine using a few household cleaning implements.

  • Dry Clean with Baking Soda

Baking soda is great for cleaning most things around the house: from cleaning out stains from pots and pans, to getting rid of mold trapped deep in grout. Baking soda is a safe and effective dry cleaning powder for carpets, especially when you have kids and pets around that you wouldn’t want to inhale commercial dry cleaning products.

Cleaning is as simple as sprinkling baking soda all over your carpet, brushing the powder into your carpet fibers for a deep clean. The dirt and dust latch onto the powder particles, and the baking soda deodorizes any odors as well. Vacuum up the excess baking soda, and repeat the process weekly for a full clean!

  • Dry Vacuum Loose Dirt

You may already be using a vacuum cleaner  on your carpets every now and then, and for good reason – vacuuming is an excellent way to keep your carpets clean and dust-free. Both natural and synthetic carpet fibers can often create a static electricity charge that attracts dust like a magnet. Vacuuming breaks the attraction, and sucks up the loosened debris from your carpet.

Make using a vacuum cleaner  a daily routine, particularly if you wear shoes around your carpet or if you tend to walk around the carpeted area frequently. Have a vacuum cleaner handy for dry spills, and remember to remove the beater bar when vacuuming carpets with shag fibers or long fibers like wool carpets.

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Wash Cleaning Methods

For an even deeper clean, go for the wet method of cleaning your carpets as these tend to get into cleaning the areas that dry methods can’t reach. However, washing carpets should not be done every day, but rather once every few months for carpets, or every one or two weeks for rugs.

  • Deep Clean with a Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Grab a bucket, carpet shampoo, and your wet vacuum to clean out all that gunk from your carpets! There are plenty of commercial carpet shampoo options available in the market, but you can create your own cleaning solution with a small amount of castile soap in a bucket of water. Use the solution directly on your carpets or in a carpet cleaning machine.

After washing your carpets with a carpet shampoo, use some diluted vinegar in the final rinse to break down the soap particles and leave your carpet completely clean and deodorized.

  • Rug Cleaning in the Laundry Machine

Rugs, on the other hand, can be placed in the laundry machine if they fit. To prevent the fibers from getting everywhere, place the rug in a mesh bag or thin pillowcase before tossing in the laundry machine. Let the machine run a full cycle of washing and rinsing, then tumble dry in the dryer.

Use wool balls to keep the rug fluffy and remove static electricity charges from the fibers before hanging the rug to air dry. When you are finished your rug cleaning let the rug completely dry, drying the material in a straight-down hanging posture to keep it from curling up at the corners.

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Disinfect Your Carpets

After vacuuming and cleaning your carpets, it is always a good idea to disinfect the carpet as you do any surface. Depending on the material of your carpet, you may use alcohol sprays to clear away bacteria and viruses, but for the safer options do these methods instead:

  • Steam Clean the Germs Away

The steam cleaner uses high heat to clean germs away, as most microbes can’t withstand the heat of the steam cleaner. You can opt to rent out a steam cleaning machine, or have a professional handle it as the steam cleaner needs to be used with care. Run the steam cleaner across the carpet once or twice to disinfect it.

  • Make a DIY Disinfectant Spray

Disinfectant sprays can be harsh on some sensitive carpet fibers. Instead, mix together a few tablespoons of Dawn dishwashing soap, 6-10 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle of water. Use the mild yet powerful solution as a spray to disinfect your carpets.

Make Carpet Cleaning and Rug Cleaning a Routine

Carpets can last for decades when properly cared for, never losing their texture or color. The type of carpet you choose will determine how long the material will last, and how to care for it. Make the most out of your carpets and rugs, and keep that soft, plush feel with proper maintenance.

Cleaning your home carpets and rugs should become part of your routine, as cleaning these are as easy to do as vacuuming your floors, and are important to keep allergens out of your home. Go for a full-on cleaning, and get rid of the debris in your carpets with a good vacuuming.

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