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Conversion Rate Optimization Guide to Boost Sales

Customers are the ones who are supposed to make a business a hit. But the question arises; how to bring customers to your business? Implying marketing strategies to the company that actually helps in goal conversion is not as easy as it seems.

This is the era of the internet. Almost every business is online. Whether it is about booking a hotel or consulting a doctor, everything can be done online. Getting a website for any business is a necessity today. Creating a website is not a difficult task, but getting traffic to that website surely is.

A renowned eCommerce website might get a lot of traffic daily, but the real concern is not about the traffic. It is about getting those visitors to be paid customers.

There are various easy methods to get customers to your website and become a conversion.

Before I begin with telling you about how to increase traffic, let me first tell you about what conversion rate optimization is.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization, commonly known as CRO, is a way to improve your website to increase traffic so that they can take the necessary action to complete a company’s conversion goal.

The conversion goal for every company is different. For example, an eCommerce would consider conversion if any website visitors end up in purchasing a product, and for a magazine, a goal conversion would be if the website visitor signs up for the newsletter.

Every business has a different audience which requires different strategies to obtain the conversion rate. But what is the conversion rate, and how to know if any company is reaching the required goal?

What is Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who have taken the required action on your site over time. If any valuable participation of your visitors matches the purpose of your page, it can be considered as the required action. Remember that every page should have its main goal.

How to Calculate Your Conversion Rate?

You can calculate the conversion rate by dividing the number of conversions by the number of people who visited the page.

Formula: Conversion/Number of Visitors X 100 = Conversion Rate

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important for Online Business?

Here are 5 reasons why conversion rate optimization is necessary for online business

  1. It will increase your website traffic, and it’s 99.9% true.
  2. It can help you to acquire a new customer at a low cost.
  3. The conversion rate is the easiest way to increase the brand’s value and profile.
  4. CRO is not about web traffic; it is always about getting the desired revenue.
  5. Investing in tools that help you in achieving goals can cost you a lot, but the result is twice the investment.

This was pretty much all about conversion rate optimization. Still, all this theoretical knowledge is of no use until we know about the tools to increase the conversion rate because, in the end, it’s all about gaining revenue.

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What are the Conversion Optimization Tools?

  1. AB Testing

AB testing is the way of testing two or more variants of a page to know what suits the best for your customers. There’s a report which states that only 17% of businesses have implemented AB tests into their business, but those who do have seen a drastic improvement in their web traffic and goal conversion.

The AB testing of your webpage can be a change of either a one-liner or any image. You can experiment with different images or headlines. Also, you can try using some text or create an urgency that can attract customers to be a conversion instead of just a visitor.

Keep changing your webpage once or twice a month to know what variant is getting you more profit.

Conversion Rate Optimization Guide to Boost Sales-1
  1. Heatmaps

What better can there be than a tool which shows customer behavior in real-time? Heatmaps are colorful graphical representations of the customer’s activity on a webpage. A heatmap uses different colors from light to dark to show the most active and the least productive part of the webpage.

Customers’ feedback should always be prioritized. There might be a CTA that leads to the goal conversion page and that CTA is getting the least interaction. Thus, by using heatmap, you get to know which CTA is the part that needs to be changed to get the desired results.

Conversion Rate Optimization Guide to Boost Sales-2
  1. Push Notifications

How would you feel if your favorite online shopping website doesn’t notify you about a sale? I am sure you will be disappointed.

A customer has the right to get notified every time there is a new update. Whether it is about a new sale or about an order placed, notifications should always be sent to the customers.

To keep your customers engaged and to let them keep coming back to you, it is good practice to send them  push notifications on every new update on the webpage.

Regularly sending push notifications increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Because when they are notified every time of a new sale, their trust level will increase.

These are some of my favorite conversion optimization tools that have proven to increase the optimization of a brand.


Marketers often focus on getting the traffic to increase the customer base, but that should not be the situation. As they say, put your money where your mouth is! The priority should always be to retain your customers and then think of how to increase this.

Optimize your existing customers, then the new customers will follow on their own. Targeted SEO and Google Adwords are a good way to get traffic, but it can take forever to do so. Also, their success rate is much lower than the conversion optimization tools.

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