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Creative Home Decor Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Avoid the cliché of decorating with red roses.  Everyone wants to treat their lover to special decorations for Valentine’s Day and the best way to achieve this is by coming up with new ideas. The following is a list of creative ideas that one can use this Valentine’s Day and avoid the same old décor.

Valentine Felt Trees

Creative Home Decor Ideas for Valentine1

These are suitable for people who just want to make their homes appear more festive on the Valentine’s Day.

To create one involves the following;

  • Red and pink felt
  • Several pins
  • Styrofoam cones
  1. First, cut out a heart in a card stock to work as a template to help trace others
  2. Fold them to help cut a heart shape freehand and ensure they are the same sizes
  3. Pin the hearts onto the cone now from the bottom in an upside down manner creating a layering effect.
  4. Carry on until all the gaps of the cone are all covered.

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Valentines Ruffles Heart Wreath

Creative Home Decor Ideas for Valentine2

It’s a simple wreath wrapped in a ruffle trim. The wreath is heart shaped to capture the main theme of the holiday. It is usually hung outside the house on the main door to act as a welcome for guests.

To make one you’ll need:

  • Small strips of felt
  • Several pins
  1. Cut felt into small strips and pin them back to back ensuring you make use of each and every piece of trim.
  2. Wrap some satin at the top using a different color to provide some contrast.
  3. Finally, pin it on a bright background to make it look festive.

The Ombre Love Yarn Letters

This is a two-toned bright LOVE letters for the Valentine’s Day.

You’ll require:

  • Several pieces of yarn
  • Glue
  • Wood letters that you can purchase from a crafts store
  1. Apply glue to the beginning of the yarn before you start wrapping to hold the yarn in place
  2. Wrap the yarn around the wood letters
  3. Glue the end of the yarn
  4. You can use different colored yarn to create a stripped or a two-tone effect to the letters

Valentines Day Countdown

Creative Home Decor Ideas for Valentine4

It’s a group of fourteen envelopes, that are all sealed with a heart or a kiss. Each envelope contains a little love note for your significant other.

To make this you need:

  • Small envelopes, preferably mini craft envelopes
  • Heart of lip shaped paper cutouts
  • Love notes to slip into the envelopes
  1. Write sweet messages to each of the 14 notes and slip them into each envelope
  2. Use glue to seal the envelope with hearts or kisses. Use only a small amount of glue and lightly sealed the envelope so that they are easily opened each day.

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Kisses Artwork

Creative Home Decor Ideas for Valentine5

It involves displaying kissing lips on a canvas.

To make this you’ll need:

  • A canvas
  • Lipstick in various shades
  • A frame for the canvas
  1. Apply a thick coat of lipstick to your lips.
  2. Now, kiss the canvas deeply, making sure the lipstick is transferred onto the canvas
  3. Repeat with different lipstick colors to create a collage effect
  4. Apply lighter lipstick colors before darker colors
  5. Place the canvas in a frame of your choice to display your kisses

Heart Strings

Creative Home Decor Ideas for Valentine6

It’s a heart made of string tried around decorative nails on a wooden board. The materials required includes:

  • A wooden board, stained
  • Nails, with a decorative head preferred but regular carpenter nails will do
  • Red or pink yarn or string
  1. Using a pencil, draw a heart on the wood
  2. Hammer out an outline of the heart using the nails.
  3. Once the outline has been made, wrap the string on the nails to create a pattern

No-Sew Valentines Burlap Heart Pillow

Creative Home Decor Ideas for Valentine7

It is a non-sewed pillow with glued-on hearts.

To make one, gather together:

  • A burlap pillowcase
  • A pillow or pillow stuffing to fill the pillowcase
  • A glue gun
  • Felt or fabric cut out into hearts
  1. Insert your pillow into a burlap pillowcase.
  2. Glue the fabric hearts onto the pillowcase with the glue gun. Glue the hearts so that they form a pattern
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