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Creative Uses of Condoms Relevant in Our Daily Survival

The main use of condoms is for having protected sex. However, as we shall see, condoms have many other uses outside the bedroom.

Pro-tip: You may prefer to use non-lubricated condoms for most of these.

A Storage Jar for Water and Booze

It’s possible to store up to 2 liters of water in a single condom. However, it is important to first rinse it if it’s a lubricated one. Storing water in condoms has proven to be quite effective especially, where other options are lacking. You can decide to slip the condom into a sock, once you have already poured the water in it. This will increase its chances of surviving in case it is pricked. Interestingly, you can also store booze in condoms. You can even go on and sneak the booze in airplanes or in the movies.

A Waterproof for Watches, Phones and Regular Microphones

A condom can actually waterproof a watch. You only need to wrap the watch in it. This can be particularly helpful if you are caught up in the rain. It will ensure that your watch is protected. A condom is equally effective, in waterproofing a phone. This is because nothing can go through the latex shield, that a condom provides. It is even possible to use a touch screen through the condom. This makes it an effective and affordable way of protecting your phone during emergencies. A condom can also be used to waterproof a regular microphone. Especially, in outdoor ceremonies, when an abrupt downpour sets in.

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Emergency Socks

As surprising as it may sound, condoms can be used as emergency socks. This is very practical especially, in flooded places. All you have to do is wear a single condom on each of your feet. It may not feel comfortable at first but it will, in the long run. This will keep your feet away from water, leaving your toes relaxed. This can help you move across flooded places, rather comfortably.

Used to make play toys for kids

Did you know that you can actually make a balloon using a condom? All you need to do is to pump air into it. You can do this using your mouth or an air pump. It is even possible to make a play ball using condoms. It’s actually so simple. You just need to fit in rags into many condoms overlapped together.

Used as Rubber Bands

Rubber bands can be produced, once a condom is carefully cut horizontally. If done properly, one condom can produce up to around 18 bands. These condom rubber bands can be put into various uses. They can be used as hair ties. They can even be wrapped around a remote control to protect it when it falls. One can also use a condom rubber band as a bag sealer. To keep chips or cereals bagged. By folding the top of the bag and wrapping the rubber band over the whole thing.

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Used as Gloves

Condoms can be used to perform similar functions that gloves would. For example, a condom can be useful if you want to retrieve something from a toilet. You just need to wear it in any of your arms. It will prevent your skin from coming into contact with chemicals.

Used as a Waterproof Bandage

If you are wearing a bandage and you still need to take a shower, a condom may be useful. Just cut the tip of a non-lubricated condom. Then stretch it over the leg or arm until it is completely over the bandage. It will act as a tight seal that will keep the bandage dry.

Used as a Fruit Saver

If you are halfway eating your fruit, you don’t have to throw it away. All you need to do is wrap it with a non-lubricated condom. This will prevent it from oxidizing and turning brown. This may work best for a fruit like a banana. This is particularly useful in ensuring that the remaining portion doesn’t go to waste.

Used as a Swim Cap

A condom can be used as a swim cap. All you need to do is wear the condom gently on your head. Ensure that all your hair fits inside, as you wear it. The lesser the hair you have, the less complicated it is likely to be. You need to wear it as gently as you can to ensure that it does not burst. Its latex material will make sure that the water doesn’t get to your hair.

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Used to Tie Things Together

Condoms are elastic. When many of them are tied to each other, they form a rope. The condom rope can be put into many uses including tying things.

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