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Different Ways to Consume CBD You May Not Know

Marijuana has been touted as one of the best medicines you can use for a plethora of illnesses. Although it has some anti-cancer properties, cannabis has not been proven to cure anything specifically. However, certain cannabinoids work together to help give you certain effects to help ailments. For example, people use marijuana during chemotherapy to help with the side effects of chemotherapy like nausea of loss of appetite or ingest edibles infused with CBD oil for pain.

Although it was discovered back in the early 1940’s, CBD, much like marijuana, has had a big resurgence in the media and in people’s consumption. CBD is known to have most of the medicinal properties people look for.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the 110+ cannabinoids in marijuana. It is one of the more prominent ones right next to THC, the active ingredient that gives you the euphoric feeling people smoke weed for. However, CBD does not have any euphoric effects. It is usually coupled with THC because of the elevated effects. CBD can come in the isolate form or full spectrum. Isolate is when the product only contains CBD and full spectrum can be coupled with other cannabinoids.

CBD works differently than THC. Your body has an endocannabinoid system with 2 different receptors. THC and CBD connect to different receptors and both combined can give you effects don’t get from only one.

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CBD Method of Intake

Cannabidiol can come in many different forms from an oil to a dry herb flower. It also comes in a wax form which you can use a dab rig for. This is a stronger, more concentrated form of the dry herb. You can use CBD just about the same way you use marijuana. A popular method of intake for CBD is through edibles or a drink. Just like how people make pot brownies, you can make edibles with CBD oil. Most are snacks or treats like CBD gummies. There are also drinks with cannabidiol in it.

CBD Oil Benefits

There are multiple benefits to CBD as a whole. Some people take CBD oil for pain. Some take it to reduce anxiety which is a great way to reduce the anxiety that comes with THC. Certain CBD to THC ratios will help reduce certain side-effects that come from smoking too much THC.

Epilepsy is another big reason why people gravitate towards CBD oils. There are multiple anti-seizure properties that CBD can give. Helping with epilepsy is the reason why CBD had a resurgence in the past 10 years.

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CBD Products

Not everyone likes to smoke or even take oils. Lucky for them, CBD is very versatile and can be used in multiple different ways. Here are a few different ways you can take it without having to smoke the herbs or take the tincture oils under your tongue.

  • CBD Edibles

Edibles are a great way of taking your active ingredients. Many people don’t prefer to take edibles because it takes so long for the effects to kick in. It can take 30 minutes to an hour for the effects to be noticed but the good part is it lasts longer than any other form of ingestion. You can make anything into edibles with the right ingredients. For example, CBD sweets and desserts are popular. The most popular types of edibles are gummies. They’re perfect to chew on without having to take CBD pills.

  • CBD Dog Treats

If you have ever seen your dog with hip dysplasia or arthritis, CBD has many health benefits for dogs as well. If you have a cat that cannot stay home alone and scratches your personal belongings, cannabidiol is the perfect remedy for it. CBD helps cats and dogs alike for many of the same issues. Whether it’s a mental issue or a physical one, CBD can help really well.

They often come in different forms. You can either use a tincture oil and put it on their treat or you can buy snacks and dog treats that come with specific dosed potency.

  • CBD Lotion and Cream

Generally, lotions and creams are topical to help with spot treatment. For example, ingesting an ibuprofen for inflammation can take a long time for it to take effect but applying a cream to the right spot can be a much faster alternative.

One of the biggest reasons people are using CBD is to control inflammation. Inflammation can be deadly but only indirectly as inflammation in parts of the body can cause many other symptoms. If you have ever felt some sort of pain or have swollen feet, ankle, knee, back, wrists, arms or neck, there is a very good chance you are inflamed. Certain things can make inflammation worse like dairy or not getting enough rest.

  • CBD Drinks

Drinks with CBD are the least common form to ingest it. It has a fairly quick absorption process compared to edibles. You can make just about any drink out of cannabidiol. Recently, the biggest craze has been kombucha and cold brew coffee CBD. Simply make the drink and add your CBD extracts to it. Another popular drink is just plain water. Many athletes drink CBD infused water after a worki out to relax the body.

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