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Don’t Get Ripped Off! How to Avoid Counterfeit Watches

Everyone wants to look like their favorite celebrities and stars! For this, they take inspiration from their clothing and accessories. One of the common ways in which people try to be like their favorite stars is by sporting similar watch models. This is where the increased sale of counterfeit watches starts online.

Name brand watches provide a stylish design, excellent performance and durability. All these come at a high cost. You can never have a cheap branded watch. At best there might be sales or discounts. Hence, an original Michael Kors watch will sell for a particular amount and not everyone can afford this. The online world is replete in counterfeit watches of famous brands that sell for much lower than the actual watch. Sometimes people obsessed to replicate their celebrities, opt-in for it.

However, if you are one who wants to invest in a quality watch, it is necessary to steer clear of fake watch models. Sometimes the difference is hard to tell, but the following pointers will help you detect the counterfeit watch models.

  • Be Familiar with the Look of the Watch

The first tip for avoiding counterfeit watch models is to research and learn more about the genuine item. When you read articles and browse through websites, you get to see the pictures of particular branded watches. To get an overall idea, you need to check out videos and observe the finer details. It is essential to know that the counterfeit watchmakers don’t have information on the watch dimensions. Hence, there’s going to be a minute differences in the look of the watch. You need to be careful and detect it.

  • A Price that’s too Good to be True

Websites that sell name brand watches at a steep discount are likely selling counterfeit products. It is essential to have a basic idea about the branded watch model that you wish to buy. If you find the price reduced by 10% to 30%, you can consider that to be a promotional offer or other discounts. However, when the price is about 80% less, you’ll need to get cautious. Even if the website suggests excellent discounts or other fancy offers, it is better to research about the site and the seller than to buy right away.

  • No Documents or Warranty

If a website doesn’t provide the necessary documents and the product warranty, chances are they are selling fake products. You need to ask for the warranty and after-sales service as well to check if the website is selling authentic branded products.

  • Check the Brand Placement and Logo

Every branded watch has a specific way the brand is displayed inside the dial. There’s a unique font or logo style that counterfeit service providers can’t copy correctly. You will find some differences that are easy to spot.

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  • Will not Keep Accurate Time

There are only a few replicas that accompany quartz movements and may actually keep time longer than the case remains flawless. Notwithstanding, many of the counterfeit watches have unreliable mechanisms powering it. In most cases, you’re getting a mass-delivered watch made in China that will start to lose track of time rather quickly.

  • Counterfeit isn’t Water Resistant

A genuine Rolex Submariner can be worn for diving however you wouldn’t want to take a fake Rolex into the showers with you. Why? Since it isn’t likely to be water resistant by any means.

  • The Bracelet is Worse than the Watch

As a general rule, the watch bracelet found on a counterfeit watch is far worse than the watch itself. Counterfeit watches also fake the watch bracelets and, “shockingly”, these fake bracelets break easily. The bracelet is the most vulnerable connection in the chain, in a manner of speaking, and on a counterfeit watch, the bracelet will age quickly, seriously cutting short the watch’s usability.


The typical counterfeit watch can be spotted as a fake by any person who has ever owned or seen a watch by that brand. Even the better quality fakes can be sniffed out 20-feet away by an experienced authority or an expert. When somebody sees that your watch is fake, they may start to wonder what else is fake about you. Your reputation will be shot in a moment.  Following these guidelines will allow you to avoid counterfeit watches.

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